Book List - Publisher Code Order

Most of the major publishers of Go books in English include a code number on each book. This page lists books by their publisher/publisher code/type code, title and approximate year of publication / copyright date.

Some books are also published in electronic format, as well as paper. Those only published electronically are not listed, nor are pamphlets and leaflets.

We also have lists of all the known books that have been published in English, sorted by:

AMTrouble Master Vol. 2 (Inseong Hwang)2024
AMTrouble Master Vol. 1 (Inseong Hwang)2023
AMBuddhist Philosophy and the Game of Go (Cobb)2021
AMAlphaGo Opening Research: From Joseki to the Middle Game 2019
AMDeep Learning and the Game of Go 2019
AMGo With The Flow (Cho Hunhyun's memoirs)2019
AMUsing AlphaGo's Enlarged Corner Enclosures (Yuan Zhou)2019
AMKe Jie vs. Park Junghwan: The Battle to be Number One (Yuan Zhou) 2018
AMPlaying AlphaGo's Early 3-3 Invasion (Yuan Zhou)2018
AM50 impressive moves at AlphaGo vs AlphaGo self-play games2017
AM20 impressive moves at AlphaGo Zero vs AlphaGo Master2017
BEGBeginning Go (Shotwell & Long)2008
BEGFour Great Games (Hoskins)1998
BEGGame of Go (Macfadyen)1998
BEGGo A Guide to the game (DB Pritchard)1973
BEGGo and Go-Moku (Lasker)1934
BEGGo Basics (Shotwell)2006
BEGGo For Beginners (Penguin)1976
BEGGo Fundamentals (Kishikawa) - was Steppingstones to Go2009
BEGGo More Than A Game (Shotwell)2003
BEGGo! (How to Play GO + Vital Points of Go) (Takagawa)1982
BEGGoh or Wei Chi (Horace F. Cheshire)1911
BEGHow to Play Go (Takagawa)1956
BEGHow to Play Go. A Concise Introduction (by Bozulich/Davies)2016
BEGInvitation to Go Vol 1 (Fairbairn)1977
BEGLearn to Play Go (Barrs)1962
BEGSteppingstones to Go (Kishikawa)1965
BEGTeach Yourself Go by Charles Matthews1999
BEGThe Book of Go (Cobb)2002
BEGThe Game of Go (Smith)1908
BEGThe Game of Wei-Chi (Pecorini and Shu)1929
BEGThe Vital Points of Go (Takagawa)1958
BEGThe Way of Go (Anderson)2004
BEGTheory and Practice of Go (Korschelt)1880
BEGWinning Go (Bozulich & Shotwell)2010
BNS(CART)Aji's Quest2021
BNSBlack to Play. Train the Basics of Go (30Kyu - 25Kyu)2013
BNSBlack to Play. Train the Basics of Go (25Kyu - 20Kyu)2013
BNSBlack to Play. Train the Basics of Go (20Kyu - 15Kyu)2015
BNSBlack to Play. Train the Basics of Go (15Kyu - 10Kyu)2019
BNSBlack to Play. Train the Basics of Go (10kyu - 5Kyu)2019
BNSHow to Play Go the AI Way!2020
BNSKeep Fit! with the 5x5 board2021
BNSSeven: The Go Super Match2021
BNSThe Elephant in the Paddy - Tsumego in Pictures 2013
BOORThe Protracted Game: A Wei-Ch'i Interpretation of Maoist Revolutionary Strategy (Boorman)1969
BTCommented Games by Lee Sedol Vol. 22013
BTCommented Games by Lee Sedol Vol. 32017
BT Commented Games by Lee Sedol Vol. 12012
BTVBaduk Classic: The Art of Closing Vol. 1 - 62014
BTVBaduk Classic: The Profound and Mysterious Vol. 1 - 42014
CARTAlmost Sente2002
CSFour-Stone Games Pt. 12014
CSFour-Stone Games Pt. 22014
CSGames of Wonder 2014
CSGo Book of Peach Blossom Spring 2014
CSGo Fundamentals 2016
CSPath to Go 2016
CSThe Celestial Arsenal2015
CSThree-Stone Games 2013
DMDiabolical: Life and Death Training, Problems Vol. 12021
DMDiabolical 1-50 Answers & Analysis Edition2021
EGF2nd EGF Ing Cup1991
EGO1Eurogo Vol. 1 (History to 1950)2004
EGO2Eurogo Vol. 2 (History 1949-1968)2005
EGO3Eurogo Vol. 3 (History 1968-1988)2006
EZGOOriental Strategy in a Nutshell (EZ-GO)1996
G46Cho Hun-Hyun: Life and Master Games (Ishi/Nemesis)1999
GGGRelentless: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li2015
H01Vital Points & Skilful Finesse for Sabaki (Yoda)2006
H02Pure & Simple Takao's Astute Use of Brute Force2007
H03Perceiving the Direction of Play2007
H04Catching Scent of Victory2007
H05Otake's Secrets of Strategy2008
H06Changing One's Conceptions2008
H07The Way of Creating a Thick and Strong Game2008
H08Zone Press Park2008
H09Breakthrough Attacking Power2008
H10This is Go the Natural Way2008
H11Shuko: the Only Move - Joseki Fuseki Collection2008
H12Shuko: the Only Move - Fighting Middlegame Collection2009
H13The Art of Positional Analysis (The Best of Kido)2012
H14The Ins and Outs of Life and Death (The Best of Kido)2012
H15The Theory and Practice of Tsumego (Shikshin)2013
H16The Theory and Practice of Semeai (Shikshin)2013
H17The Theory and Practice of Shapes (Shikshin)2013
H18The Theory and Practice of Analysis (Shikshin)2013
H5Mathematical Go Endgames (Berlekamp and Wolfe)1994
HK00Hankuk Kiwon Guide Book2000
HOPSo You Want to Play Go? 1 (Jonathan Hop)2008
HOPSo You Want to Play Go? 2 (Jonathan Hop)2008
HOPSo You Want to Play Go? 3 (Jonathan Hop)2008
HOPSo You Want to Play Go? 4 (Jonathan Hop)2012
HVGokyo Shumyo2022
HVAfter Joseki and Fuseki2022
HV100 AI Joseki2020
HVRational Endgame by Antti Tormanen2019
HVInvisible: The Games of AlphaGo2017
JF100 Games of Chen Zixian: and his place in China's go history2023
JFBrush, Ink, Go (1662) 2023
JFEminence grise: The Life and Times of SEGOE KENSAKU2023
JFFive-star Kita Fumiko2023
JFGo in old Okinawa2023
JFGreat Unexpectations: Go's first media match: Honinbo Shusau versus Nakagawa Senji2023
JFThe Survivors: Matches between Go Seigen and Iwamoto Kaoru 1948 ~ 19542022
JFOgawa Doteki, Go Prodigy2022
JFKamakura (2nd edition) 2022
JFGo Seigen versus Archers of Yue2021
JFWizadry from the Stone Chamber (1590)2021
JFEvergreen Go Records (1682)2021
JFEvening Fragrance Pavilion (1754)2020
JFThe Incident Room: Transgressions on and off the Go board2020
JFThe First Teenage Meijin2020
JFGames of Shuei2020
JFGenjo-Chitoku: Friends and Rivals at the Pinnacle of the Go World2019
JFMeijin of Meijins: The Life and Times of Honinbo Shuei 2015
K00Invincible: the Games of Shusaku (Paperback)1996
K00HInvincible: the Games of Shusaku (Hardback)1982
K01Modern Joseki and Fuseki Vol 11968
K02Basic Techniques of Go1969
K03Modern Joseki and Fuseki Vol 21970
K04International Handbook1970
K05The Middle Game of Go Vol. 11971
K06Strategic Concepts of Go1972
K07The 1971 Honinbo Tournament1972
K08Go for Beginners (Ishi)1972
K10In The Beginning1973
K1138 Basic Joseki1973
K13Life and Death1975
K14Attack and Defense1980
K15The Endgame1976
K16Handicap Go 1982
K17Kage's Secret Chronicles of Handicap go1975
K18Test Your Go Strength (What's Your Rating?)1991
K18 (G18)What's Your Rating?1975
K19The Breakthrough to Shodan1976
K20Essential Go Proverbs2023
K21Dictionary of Basic Joseki by Yoshio Ishida, Vol. 11977
K22Dictionary of Basic Joseki by Yoshio Ishida, Vol. 21977
K23Dictionary of Basic Joseki by Yoshio Ishida, Vol. 31977
K24Enclosure Josekis1983
K25Appreciating Famous Games1977
K26The Direction of Play1979
K27Kato's Attack and Kill1978
K28Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go1978
K29Reducing Territorial Frameworks1986
K30Introduction to Go1984
K31The Second Book of Go (Kiseido)1998
K31 (G31)The Second Book of Go (Ishi)1982
K32The Power of the Starpoint1988
K33The Chinese Opening1989
K34All About Thickness1990
K35Great Joseki Debates1992
K36Opening Theory Made Easy1992
K37Beyond Forcing Moves1994
K40Go Player's Almanac (2001 edition)2001
K40 (G40)Go Player's Almanac (1992 edition)1992
K4121st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki 12011
K41 (G41)The Magic of Go1988
K4221st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki 22012
K42 (G42)All About Life and Death, Vol. 11993
K43 (G43)All About Life and Death, Vol. 21993
K44The 3-3 Point1991
K45Positional Judgment1989
K46 / GGP1Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Vol. 11985
K47 / GGP2Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Vol. 21985
K48 / GGP3Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Vol. 31987
K49 / GGP4Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Vol. 41990
K50Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game1997
K51Get Strong at the Opening1996
K52Get Strong at Joseki Vol. 11995
K53Get Strong at Joseki Vol. 21996
K54Get Strong at Joseki Vol. 31996
K55Get Strong at Invading1995
K56Get Strong at Tesuji1996
K57Get Strong at the Endgame1997
K58Get Strong at Life and Death1997
K59Get Strong at Handicap Go1998
K60Get Strong at Attacking2000
K61Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 1 (300 Life-and-Death problems)2010
K62Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 2 (300 Tesuji Problems)2010
K63Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 3 (300 Joseki Problems)2010
K64Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 4 (300 Life-and-Death Problems)2012
K65Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 5 (300 Tesuji Problems)2012
K66Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 6 (300 Joseki Problems)2016
K67Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 7 (256 Opening and Middle Game Problems)2011
K69Cosmic Go1999
K70The World of Chinese Go by Guo Juan2000
K71Five Hundred and One Opening Problems2002
K72One Thousand and One Life-and-Death Problems2002
K73Making Good Shape2002
K74Five Hundred and One Tesuji Problems2005
K75The Basics of Go Strategy2007
K76All about Ko2007
K77Attacking and Defending Moyos2010
K78Fight Like a Pro: Secrets of Kiai2012
K79An Encyclopedia of Go Principles2015
K80Close Encounters with the Middle Game 2016
K81Dictionary of Modern Fuseki—The Korean Style2004
K82The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 1: Handicap-Go Strategy and the Sanrensei Opening2014
K83The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 2: The Basic Principles of the Opening and Middle Game2014
K84The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 3: The Basic Life and Death Positions2014
K85The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 4: A Survey of the Basic Tesujis2015
K86The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 5: Opening and Middle Game Go Problems for Kyu Players2019
K87Sabaki - The Art of Settling Stones2018
K88Attacking and Defending Weak Groups2018
K89Fuseki Revolution How AI Has Changed Go2021
K90Joseki Revolution Overthrowing Conventional Wisdom2022
K91Modern Master Games Vol. 1: The Dawn of Tournament Go2012
K92Modern Master Games Vol. 2: 2014 Ten-Game Match Between Lee Sedol & Gu Li Part 12014
K93Modern Master Games Vol. 3: 2014 Ten-Game Match Between Lee Sedol & Gu Li Part 22015
K94Weird and Wonderful Vol. 12022
K99An Asian Paradigm For Business Strategy1995
KBAThink Like a Pro, Vol. 1, Haengma (shape) - 2nd edition2023
KBAMastering Basic Corner Shapes - Step-by-step 2022
KPP1Tournament Go 19921996
LPG1Learn to Play Go, Vol. 1: A Master's Guide to the Ultimate Game1994
LPG2Learn to Play Go, Vol. 2: The Way of the Horse1995
LPG3Learn to Play Go, Vol. 3: The Dragon Style1996
LPG4Learn to Play Go, Vol. 4: Battle Strategies1997
LPG5Learn to Play Go, Vol. 5: The Palace of Memories2003
MOFFGames of Go (Moffatt)2009
MOFFLearn Go (Moffatt)2009
MOFFGo By Example (Moffatt)2011
MOFFMore Go By Example (Moffatt)2012
OHPOutside the Board: Diary of a Professional Go player (Hajin Lee)2016
ORO100 Tips for Amateur Players, Vol. 12007
ORO100 Tips for Amateur Players, Vol. 22008
ORO100 Tips for Amateur Players, Vol. 32010
ORO21st Century Baduk for Beginers2009
OROAfter Joseki2009
OROBaduk Made Fun and Easy, Vol. 12007
OROBaduk Made Fun and Easy, Vol. 22008
OROBaduk Made Fun and Easy, Vol. 32009
OROContemporary Go Terms2004
OROCreative Life and Death2009
OROCreative Life and Death, Vol. 22010
OROImagination of a Go Master2009
OROInspiration of a Pro (Kim)2009
OROJungsuk in our Time2000
OROKorean Style of Baduk: Vol. 12007
OROLevel Up 12008
OROLevel Up 22009
OROLevel Up 32009
OROLevel Up 42009
OROLevel Up 52009
OROLevel Up Review 12009
OROLife of 100 Years Seems like a Game of Baduk2008
OROMaster of Haengma2010
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Answers (1-3)2003
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Answers (4-6)2008
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Answers (7-9)2009
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Answers (10-12)2009
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 12003
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 22003
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 32003
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 42008
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 52008
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 62008
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 72009
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 82009
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 92009
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 102009
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 112009
ORO/HVSpeed Baduk for Beginners: Vol. 122009
OROThe Best Game Records of 20092010
OROThe Road to One Dan: Vol. 12006
OROThink Like a Pro, Vol. 1, Haengma (shape)2006
OROThink Like a Pro, Vol. 2, Pae (ko)2006
OROThis is Haengma2010
OROTrain Like a Pro, Answers2005
OROTrain Like a Pro, Vol. 12005
OROTrain Like a Pro, Vol. 22005
PAIRPair Go1996
PROVGo Proverbs (Mitchell)1980
PROVGo Proverbs Illustrated1960
PUZBGA Puzzle Book and Answers2002
RJBasic Endgame Problems Vol. 1 Gote2023
RJBasic Endgame Problems Vol. 2 Sente2023
RJCapturing Races 1: Two Basic Groups2011
RJCapturing Races 2: Tactical Problems2020
RJEasy Learning Joseki 2014
RJEndgame Vol. 1 Fundamentals 2014
RJEndgame Vol. 2 Values 2018
RJEndgame Vol. 3 Accurate Local Evaluation 2019
RJEndgame Vol. 4 Global Move Order 2021
RJEndgame Vol. 5 Mathematics2021
RJEndgame Problems Vol. 12019
RJFighting Fundamentals2013
RJFirst Fundamentals2012
RJFirst Life and Death 2016
RJJoseki Vol. 1: Fundamentals2009
RJJoseki Vol. 2: Strategy2011
RJJoseki Vol. 3: Dictionary2012
RJLife and Death Problems 1 Basics2013
RJPositional Judgement Vol. 1: Territory 2013
RJPositional Judgement Vol. 2: Dynamics2015
RJTactical Reading 2015
SONGBGA Song Book1989
SONGGo Player's Song Book1996
SSAD001New Moves2010
SSAG001400 Years of Go in Japan2006
SSAGA01Masterpieces of Handicap Go, Vol. 12001
SSAGA02Masterpieces of Handicap Go, Vol. 22001
SSAGA03Keshi and Uchikomi2002
SSAGA06Learning From the Masters, Vol. 11999
SSAGA07Learning From the Masters, Vol. 22003
SSDM001Go Proverbs (Mitchell)2001
SSFS001Dictionary of Basic Tesuji, Vol. 12004
SSFS002Dictionary of Basic Tesuji, Vol. 22005
SSFS003Dictionary of Basic Tesuji, Vol. 32006
SSFS004Dictionary of Basic Tesuji, Vol. 42007
SSFY001The Best Play2004
SSGF001Simple Tesuji2012
SSGJ001All About Joseki2004
SSGR001Improve Your Intuition, Vol. 12001
SSGR002Improve Your Intuition, Vol. 22001
SSGR003Improve Your Intuition, Vol. 32001
SSGR004Come Up To Shodan2001
SSGR005Life and Death: Intermediate Problems2001
SSGS101A Way to Play for the 21st Century (Whole Board Press)1999
SSIK001Invasions (2nd Ed: Invasion in Common Go Postions)2014
SSIK002Reductions (2nd Ed: Reuction in Common Go Postions)2014
SSJF001The Go Companion (Fairbairn/Hall)2009
SSJF002Kamakura (Fairbairn)2009
SSJF003The Go Consultants (Fairbairn/Hall)2009
SSJF004The Final Summit (Fairbairn)2009
SSJF0059-Dan Showdown (Fairbairn)2010
SSJF006The Meijin's Retirement Game (Fairbairn)2010
SSJF007Old Fuseki v New Joseki (Fairbairn)2011
SSJF008/9Power / Brilliance (Fairbairn)2012
SSJR001Mastering the Basics of Go2004
SSLH001Liping Huang's Problem Series Volume 12003
SSMJ001Punishing and Correction Joseki Mistakes2003
SSMR001The ABC’s of Attack and Defense2002
SSMR002Patterns of the San-Ren-Sei2011
SSMR003Modern Masters Vol. 12015
SSNN001Treasure Chest Enigma - Ed22005
SSRH001Cross Cut Workshop2001
SSRH002Monkey Jump Workshop2002
SSRH003Counting Liberties2003
SSRH004Key Concepts in Life and Death2007
SSRM001Magic on the First Line2010
SSSH001200 Endgame Problems2003
SSSH002200 Tesuji Problems2004
SSTW001Mastering Ladders2008
SSWC001Go Problems for Kyu Level Players, Vol. 12003
SSWC002Go Problems for Kyu Level Players, Vol. 22003
SSWC003Go Problems for Kyu Level Players, Vol. 32003
SSWC005Go Problems for Kyu Level Players, Vol. 42002
SSWC006Go Problems for Kyu Level Players, Vol. 52004
SSWC007Go Problems for Kyu Level Players, Vol. 62005
SSWC008Reflections on the Game of Go2004
SSWC0104-4 Point Joeski - A brief introduction2006
SSWC011Playing the Endgame a brief Introduction2007
SSYY001Yilun Yang's Go Puzzles, Vol. 12001
SSYY002Whole Board Thinking in Joseki (Vol. 1) (Fourth Line Press)1996
SSYY003Whole Board Thinking in Joseki (Vol. 2) (Fourth Line Press)1997
SSYY004Yilun Yang's Go Puzzles, Vol. 22002
SSYY006Fundamental Principles of Go2004
SSYY007The Workshop Lectures Vol. 12006
SSYY008The Workshop Lectures Vol. 22006
SSYY009The Workshop Lectures Vol. 32007
SSYY010The Workshop Lectures Vol. 42008
SSYY011The Workshop Lectures Vol. 52008
SSYY012The Workshop Lectures Vol. 62009
SSYY101Go as Communication2002
SSYY102Let’s Play Go2004
SSYZ001Understanding How to Play Go2001
SSYZ004How to Play Handicap Go2002
SSYZ005Master Play: The Style of Lee Changho2007
SSYZ006Master Play: The Style of Go Seigen2008
SSYZ007Master Play: The Style of Takemiya2008
SSYZ008Master Play: The Fighting Styles of Kato Masao and Seo Bong Soo2009
SSYZ009Master Play: The Territorial Styles of Kitani Minoru and Cho Chikun2009
SSYZ011How Not to Play Go2009
SSYZ012Understanding Dan Level Play2010
SSYZ014Master Play: The Playing Styles of Seven Top Pros2010
SSYZ015Learning From Pro Games (Yuan Zhou)2012
SSYZ016Single Digit Kyu Commentaries2013
SSYZ017Deep Thought2013
SSYZ018The Chinese Opening2013
SSYZ019Whole Board Opening Problems (2nd Ed: Lessons in Opening Strategy)2014
SSYZ020Master Play: The Style of Lee Sedol2015
SSYZ021The Young Chinese Go Masters2015
SSYZ022Deep Thought Vol. 22015
SSYZ023Master Play: The Style of Iyama Yuta2016
SSYZ024AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol 2017
SSYZ025The New Territorial Style 2017
SSYZ026AlphaGo vs Ke Jie2017
SSYZ027Rethinking Opening Strategy: AlphaGo's Impact on Pro Play2018
SurmaYou Won't Get Dumber While Thinking Vols. 1-62018
WAGC12th WAGC1990
Y01Killer of Go1994
Y02Trick Plays1995
Y03Nie Weiping on Go1995
Y04Fighting Ko1995
Y05100 Challenging Go Problems1995
Y06Tesuji and Anti-Suji1995
Y07Utilising Outward Influence1995
Y08The Thirty-six Stratagems Applied to Go1996
Y09The Art of Connecting Stones1996
Y10Dramatic Moments on the Go Board1996
Y11Master Go in Ten Days1996
Y12Golden Opportunities1996
Y13Pro-Pro Handicap Go1997
Y14Ingenious Life and Death Puzzles Vol. 11996
Y15Ingenious Life and Death Puzzles Vol. 21997
Y16Igo Hatsuyo-ron, Vol. 11996
Y17Beauty and the Beast1996
Y18Rescue and Capture1997
Y19Power Builder, Vol. 11997
Y20Cho Hun-hyeon's Lectures on Go Techniques Vol. 11996
Y21Winning a Won Game1998
Y22Essential Joseki1998
Y23Proverbs—NK Handbook Vol. 11998
Y24Strategic Fundamentals in Go1999
Y25The Art of Go: Capturing Stones1996
Y26Lee Changho's Novel Plays and Shapes2000
Y27Galactic Go2000
Y28Fuseki—NK Handbook Vol. 22000
Y29Tricks in Joseki2001
Y30Star Point Joseki—NK Handbook Vol. 32001
Y31Go for Kids2001
Y32Galactic Go Vol. 22002
Y33Handicap Go—NK Handbook Vol. 42001
Y34A Scientific Introduction to Go2002
Y35Power Builder, Vol. 21997
Y36Even Game Joseki—NK Handbook Vol. 52003
Y37Step up to a Higher Level2004
Y38Whole Board Living Tesujis2004
Y39Dictionary of Basic Fuseki, Vol. 12004
Y40Dictionary of Basic Fuseki, Vol. 22005
Y41Weichi in Culture2006
Y42New Go Proverbs Illustrated2006
Y43A Journey in Search of the Origins of Go2005
Y44Cho Hun-Hyun's Lectures on the Opening V12005
Y4521st Century New Openings2007
Y46Dictionary of Basic Fuseki, Vol. 32008
Y47Magic of Placements2009
Y48Cho Hun-hyeon's Lectures on Go Techniques Vol. 22009
Y4921st Century New Openings Vol. 22010
Y50Dictionary of Basic Fuseki, Vol. 42010
Y51Cho Hun-hyeon's Lectures on Go Techniques Vol. 32010
YGSGo Shapes Resolve2006
YPWGo: An Application of the Principles of War2002
ZEPTTop European Players Training2008

Codes shown are the publishers code if available or the publisher.
Beginners books from general publishers are shown BEG. Cartoon books are shown CART.

  • Books published by Hinoki Press are Hnn
  • Books published by Kiseido start K (Ishi code G)
  • Books published by Slate and Shell start SS
  • Books published by Yutopian start Y
  • Books published by Oromedia shown ORO
  • Books published by Robert Jasiek are shown RJ
  • Books published by Baduktopia shown BT
  • Books published by CreateSpace shown CS
  • Books published by Amazon shown AM
  • Books by John Fairbairn published by Amazon shown JF
  • Books published by Hebsacker Verlag shown HV
  • Books published by Board N'Stones shown BNS
  • Books published by Neil Moffatt shown MOFF
  • Books published by Old Hickory Press shown OHP
  • Books by David Mitchell shown DM
  • Books by Korean Baduk Association etc shown KBA
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