British Championship - Candidates 2022

As the main part of the British Championship this tournament has restricted entry, and is for those who have met the qualification and eligibility requirements. These are outlined in the rules below, with some modifications for 2022 due to the impact of Covid on recent years events.

Championship Rules

2022 Qualification Changes - for 2022 only we have amended the qualification criteria to include any player who has finished an EGF rated tournament with a GoR of 1900 or more in the three year period 1st April 2019 to 9th May 2022 (this brings the British Open and the 'Not the London Open' into play for this year). GoRs calculated under either the old or new EGD rating algorithm are acceptable.

The venue is The Settlement at Letchworth (SG6 4UB) which many may recall has been successfully used for previous events. For those needing accommodation there are several hotels in the vicinity. Tea and coffee can be made in the kitchen which is adjacent to the playing room.

The event is a six round Swiss tournament, with seeding in Round 1 (as explained in the Championship Rules). All matches are played as even with no handicaps, regardless of grade differences. Note that all participants are expected to play in all six rounds. The top two players will go on to compete head to head later in the year for the British Championship.

June 2nd - Round 1 at 09:30, Round 2 at 13:45
June 3rd - Round 3 at 09:15, Round 4 at 13:30
June 4th - Round 5 at 09:15, Round 4 at 13:30
Note - Rounds must start on time as we have to vacate the building by 18:00 each day.

Time limits are using Fischer time, with 75 minutes basic plus 20 seconds per move.

Prizes - Thanks to private sponsorship we can offer significant prizes for the 2022 British Championship as follows:

2022 Champion - £500
2022 Runner-up - £250
3rd place in Candidates Tournament - £100
4th place in Candidates Tournament - £75
5th place in Candidates Tournament - £50
6th place in Candidates Tournament - £25

For all decisions concerning prizes the Tournament Directors ruling is final.

Entries - all entries are to be made by e-mail before the end of Sunday 29th May to tournaments-chair at and should include a statement to the effect that "I confirm I have met the eligibility and qualification requirements for this event".

Entry Fee - £25 for adults, £15 for juniors (U-18). Payable by cash at the event.

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