Open University and Milton Keynes Go Club

An illustrative go position

Until we are comfortable meeting in person, after COVID is over, we are meeting online in the Milton Keynes group on OGS .

The Open University and Milton Keynes Go Club is about having fun while playing go. To this end we meet twice every Tuesday: from 12:15 in the cafe area of the catering hub on the OU campus, and from 6:15pm in the Wetherspoons pub, 201 Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes (map). We are affiliated to the OU club and the British Go Association.

Where we meet

On OGS we have our own group Milton Keynes Go Club which you are welcome to join. We play there on Tuesday evenings from about 18:00 until everyone has had enough games.

Where we used to meet

Obviously, in the current circumstances, we are not meeting in person, but when we did, the venues were:

These maps of the OU campus should let you find the Catering Hub, where we meet from 12:15 on Tuesday Lunchtimes (look for us on the sofas near the coffee bar). Alternatively here is a Google map.

This map of central Milton Keynes may help you to locate the Wetherspoons pub in Central Milton Keynes where we gather from 6:15pm on Tuesday evenings. The pub is the right-most brown rectangle, just under Bouverie Square. If you walk up Midsummer Boulevard starting at the station, it is on your left after a few hundred metres. As you go in the door to the pub, look for us on the left. Do not be confused by the fact that there is another Wetherspoons owned pub (The Secklow Hundred) also on Midsummer boulevard.

Other activities

Lots of club members go to lots of go tournaments. This means that wecan share the driving and then go out for a meal afterwards as a group. Our results in tournaments range from brilliant to disastrous.

Once a year until 2016 we ran our own tournament in Milton Keynes and hopefully will do so again sometime. You can see the results of the tournaments by following the appropriate links: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007more ....

In 2001 we introduced an innovation as a side event: the Milton Keynes go board.

We like to introduce new people to the game. Go is quite an easy game to learn, it is only winning that is difficult. We can teach you to play in a lunchtime or evening.

Contact us

To find out more just turn up to one of our meetings or contact Tim Hunt, 07850 119939.

We have an email group. If you want to be kept informed of our activities, please email Tim Hunt and ask to be added to the list.

Comments on this page to Tim Hunt.

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