Purbrook Go Club

Purbrook Go Club began in 2001 as a repsonse to the demise of the Portsmouth Club. We currently have five regular members, with frequent visitors, and aim for a very relaxed atmosphere and a wide range of discussion, not always only about Go. One new member was intrigued to hear, on his first visit, speculation about how much matter, converted to energy, would be needed to boil a cubic kilometre of water (not as much as one might think!). Players range from under 20 to over 70, and 29 kyu to 2 dan.

As a group we tend to play mainly on 19×19 these days, due in part to our taking up Mike Harvey’s excellent Go Ladder, which works beautifully. If you like a game by an Aga or log fire in the winter, or by Japanese maples and bamboo in Summer, then we’d be delighted to see you.

We ask everyone to bring some form of contribution to refreshments. We are one of the lucky Go Clubs to have two venues—usually at our house, but as our Go activities mean we’re often ‘on the road’ Mike and Suzi kindly offer their cottage around the corner when we’re away. Thursdays 6:30 onwards, but you don’t have to stay the whole evening.

Contact: Peter Wendes

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