GoDraw Development


GoDraw V 6.5.0 is available for general use, as from its release date of 05/08/19.

In Version 6.5.0 there is a change to the grade of a player entered in the GoDraw register. The grade is now set to a value derived from the player's rating (GoR). Please see further details of this, and all other changes in the Improvements section for 6.5.0 below.

Player List is the latest list of known players. Please download the player list separately if you are downloading GoDraw V 6.5.0 more than a few days after the release date. It is best to save the file without opening it in the browser - as some might change the formatting.

The current GoPlayers.gdi file is updated regularly, and replaces the one issued with the program. Its location is the same as the installed location of GoDraw. This will be C:\GoDrawSys (the default in Windows XP), or C:\Users\Public\GodrawSys (default in Windows10).

Please ensure that the downloaded file has the correct name and extension (GoPlayers.gdi), as some browsers might append (.html). When you re-run GoDraw, newly-entered players will have names, grades and clubs as up-to-date as at the most recent tournament.


If this is your first use of GoDraw, or you have been having problems installing or running in Windows 10, then please have a look at the Install page.

Install The installation procedure for all Windows.
Download GoDrawV6.5.0 for Windows XP.
Download GoDrawV6.5.0-U for Windows 10.

Some users have experienced issues regarding installation in Windows 10. There has also been some problem loading a registration text file into GoDraw. These issues along with solutions are documented in the Installation page.


Linux users are able to run GoDraw in Wine. The GoDraw-Wine software provides utilities making it easy to run GoDraw in a Linux system, once you have installed Wine. It is available as a tar file, and comes with the GoDraw-Wine manual.

GoDraw-Wine is the software collection.
GoDraw-Wine manual describes how to install and use GoDraw-Wine.

In a nutshell, wine is a program run from the command line in a Linux system. The command: wine GoDraw.exe produces the GoDraw window familiar to Windows users.

I am grateful to John Collins for pioneering running GoDraw in Wine on an Ubuntu distribution. I have tested the scripts included in GoDraw-Wine on the Debian distribution and am running GoDraw in Wine regularly.


Online Manual Includes a quick tour of Godraw.
Download Club Names File of club codes and names.

Please see the Introduction and Quick Tour sections of the Online Manual to get a fast overview of the system. The manual is included in the download file. There is also extensive on screen help in GoDraw when running in XP.

If you have any issues concerning GoDraw, please contact draw-program at britgo dot org

IMPROVEMENTS IMPLEMENTED in version 6.5.0 released on 05/08/19:

The player list contains the latest player rating. This is used to calculate the player's entry grade. The player's strength and previous entry grade are shown in the Note field in the form [strength]<old grade>. Once a player is entered, further downloads of the player list will not change the entry grade of already entered players. All newly entered player grades will be adjusted as needed.

The Cancel button caption is now specific as to what process is canceled e.g. Cancel Draw, Cancel Manual, or Cancel Edit

The number of pairing trials that GoDraw makes to try to get the best pairing can be changed via the Advanced button in the Settings->Rules page. The default is 3, and the random number generator is seeded from a calculated value to ensure pairings are repeated for diagnostic purposes. In the special case of a single shot i.e. set the trials to 1, the random number generator is seeded from the current clock time. So repeated pairings should differ.

You now get a reminder that if you allocate too few boards for the current pairing, then extras needed will be added to the last of your numbered rooms.

BUGFIX IMPLEMENTED in version 6.5.0 released on 05/08/19:

Fixed corruption in calculated SOSOS tie-break for ratings export. Due to origin shift from shodan=0 to EGF's minimum mms=0

You can view past improvements and bug fixes in a separate page.

Last updated Mon Nov 08 2021. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.