British Go E-Journal: May 1996

Issue 10. May 1996

Tournament News

Irish Open 16/03/96 & 17/03/96

31 players attended the European Grand Prix event in Dublin over St. Patrick's weekend. The visitors won the Friday evening international match despite Shutai Zhang playing for Ireland. As expected Shutai won all his games in the Open. Second was Stefan Budig from Germany, and joint third were Des Cann from Coventry and Liu Si-Feng from Galway (all 4 dan). The other GP places went to Tony Atkins, Noel Mitchell, Paul Donnelly, Dave Phillips, David Ward and Hennie Groot Lipman. Rengo, zengo and kriegspiel rengo were also played. On the Monday the Fast Play championships were won by Colin Adams (1 kyu Preston) ahead of Noel Mitchell (2 dan Dublin).

Coventry 24/03/96

Highlight of the Coventry Tournament was a lunch talk by Matthew Macfadyen on how to succeed at Pair Go. Matthew also succeeded in the tournament, winning the first prize. Others on 3 wins were Alan Thornton (2 dan Stevenage), Jo Hampton (2 dan West Wales), Clive Wright (1 dan Notts), Tony Warburton (1 dan Cambridge), Robin Upton (1 kyu Leamington), Henry Segerman (11 kyu Manchester), James Harrod (15 kyu Brakenhale), Ged Farrimond (15 kyu) Epsom Downs, Dave Grimster (17 kyu Brakenhale). The best teams were Leamington Spa A and the Three Amigos from Brakenhale. 13x13 winners were David Bennett of Culcheth and Richard Helyer of Oxford (both 12 kyu).

TTTTTT 08/04/96

Held at Burpham Village Hall in West Surrey, Tony's Tideless Thames and Tributaries Team Tournament attracted 9 teams. Reading regained the Broken Go Stone trophy through beating Royal Standard in the last round. Second were Brakehale A and West Surrey. Those unbeaten were Paul Hyman, Steve Brooker, Tony Atkins and as usual Jim Clare. Winner of the 10x10 was Tony Atkins ahead of Alistair Wall and Jeremy Hawdon.

British Go Congress 12/04/96-14/04/96

The 29th British Go Congress was hosted by Teesside Club at van Mildert Hall, University of Durham. 78 players took part. T. Mark Hall won the lightning beating Joe Beaton in the final. Best team was Reading. Winner was Alex Rix, second T.Mark Hall, third Paul Smith. Prizes went for 5 wins to Laura Coe (15 kyu Brakenhale) and Adam Atkinson (10 kyu Hove); for 4.5 to Barry Chandler (2 kyu Reading).

Grand Prix

Winner of the Terry Stacey trophy for most wins above the McMahon bar was Francis Roads (45.5). Then T.Mark Hall (34), Andrew Jones (29.5), John Rickard (29) and Matthew Macfadyen (26).

Youth Grand Prix winner was James Harrod of Brakenhale ahead of Emma Marchant (Brakenhale) and Thomas Blockley (Worcester).

New Weak Ni-dans' Grand Prix (most games lost by a 2 dan) went to Tony Atkins (42) ahead of Alison Jones (41) and Bob Bagot.

Candidates' 04/05/96-06/04/96

26 players attended the Cambridge University Centre over the May Bank Holiday. It was comfortable, quiet and sunny for punting. Winning all 6 games was T.Mark Hall. Winning 5 were Bill Brakes, Alan Thornton, Alistair Wall. On 4: Andrew Jones, Charles Matthews, Alex Selby, Matthew Holton, John Rickard. On 3: Francis Roads, Alison Jones and David Woodnutt. These 12 all play in the new Challenger's Tournament on 08/06/96 & 09/06/96 at the Nippon Club. Reserves are Colin Adams and Alex Rix.

Not the Candidates' 05/04/96-06/04/96

33 different people had an enjoyable time at the last tournament to be held at the IVC in Covent Garden. Nobody did well enough on the first day to win a prize and in the end all with 4 or 3 wins out of 6 were awarded prizes at the end of the second day. On 4 were Vic Morrish, Geoff Kaniuk, Jiri Keller, Richard Mullens, Lena Morrish; 3 wins: Gerhard Stetner, Phil Achard, Roger Daniel, J-P. Schille and Laura Coe.


IVC Closure

From after 18/05/96 the Central London Club will not be meeting at the IVC in Covent Garden. Initial plans are to meet at the Nippon Club near Piccadilly on Friday evening.

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