British Go E-Journal: July 1996

Issue 11. July 1996

Tournament News

Bracknell 11/05/96

66 players attended this year's Bracknell. Jim Clare (3 dan Reading) won the event again after a gap of some years. Others on 3 wins were Art McKendrick (1kyu Edinburgh), Paul Clarke (4 kyu High Wycombe), Mike Cobbett (6 kyu Hursley), Paul Hyman (16 kyu Brakenhale) and Steve Smith (23 kyu Hursley). Best on 2/3 were Antonio Moreno (3 dan Bristol), Francis Weaver (10 kyu Brakenhale) and Sarah Jackson (12 kyu Hursley). Oliver Edwards (29 kyu High Wycombe) won the continuous 13x13 prize.

Scottish Open 25/05/96-26/05/96

26 players made their way to Edinburgh in time the tournament. It was only the organiser, Stephen Tweedie, who arrived a day late. Thankfully his wife was there to get the event under way. Winner on six wins was Cambridge's John Rickard (4 dan). Francis Roads (Wanstead 4 dan) was second on four wins, having also lost to Tony Atkins (Reading 2 dan) who was third. Richard Philp (4 kyu) from Dundee won five wins. Simon Marlow (2 kyu Glasgow) and Chris Gathercole (15 kyu Scotland) also won four.

Ladies 01/06/96

7 of the best British women and the girls' champion met for a three round Swiss at the Nippon Club, played alongside the monthly Japanese tournament. Winner was Alison Cross, the artist from London, who beat top graded player Alison Jones in the last round.

Challenger's Tournament 08/06/96-09/06/96

16 players met at the Nippon Club in London for the new style seeded Swiss Tournament. Winner was Matthew Macfadyen who will have a chance to challenge Shutai Zhang for the British Championship again. On three wins were Matthew Cocke, John Rickard, Charles Matthews and Des Cann. Best on two were Francis Roads, Piers Shepperson and T. Mark Hall.

Leicester 15/06/96

58 players attended Leicester this year. The second annual quiz was won this year by the AJAx team that was mostly Tony Atkins. Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) collected a paper replica of the trophy and first prize. Players getting prizes for three were: Baron Allday (1 kyu West Wales), John Gardner (8 kyu Culcheth), Chris McConkey (10 kyu Birmingham), Tom Somerscales (10 kyu Culcheth), Dave Grimster (15 kyu Brakenhale) and Dave Knight (20 kyu Epsom Downs). Not surprisingly, Culcheth won the team prize with a score of about 90 percent.

Pair Go 23/06/96

25 male-female pairs of all aged attended the British Pair Go Championships at the Crossroads Hotel in Weedon, Northamptonshire. The top eight British Pairs played for the title. Winners were Alison Jones and Tony Atkins, playing together at short notice because Edmund Shaw had flu. Alison Cross and John McLeod currently have the most points towards winning the next British place in the World Pairs. A was a good day for Alisons, as Alison Ewers and David Woodnutt won three wins in the handicap sections, as did Yvonne Mao and Paul Margetts. Best dressed couples were Anna Griffiths/Simon Rudd, Emma Gale/Paul Hyman (juniors), Jennifer Healey/Matthew Macfadyen (mixed age). A special prize for coordination went to Elinor Brooks/France Ellul. The most compatible couple based on a questionnaire were Teruko Taguchi/ Simon Bexfield. Chocolate hearts were awarded to those who drove kids there and to those with witty questionnaire answers: Des Cann, Sally Prime, Alison Cross, James Harrod, Paul Margetts and France Ellul.

Welsh Open 29/06/96-30/06/96

42 players were in Barmouth for the fourth Welsh Open. As before the winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) winning all five. Second was Simon Shiu (3 dan Teesside) with four wins. Prize winners were for 5/5 Sean McPhail (15 kyu Cambridge) and Yvonne Mao (28 kyu Epsom Downs); for 4/5 Francis Weaver (10 kyu Brakenhale), France Ellul (3 kyu Brakenhale), Steve Jones (3 kyu Isle of Man); for 3.5/5 Martin Harvey (2 kyu Chester). Richard Thompson (6 kyu Leicester) won the continuous lightning. Best team were Leamington. Other prizes went to France Ellul and John Herman for managing a triple ko, Brian Timmins for the first entry, Charles Leedham-Green for not entering, Graham Brooks for playing early so someone could leave, Sue Pitchford for helping the organiser, Bob Brooks for "being" Francis Roads and Paul Margetts and Yvonne Mao for getting engaged. Neil Ings (20 kyu Brakenhale) and Ed Blockley (2 kyu Worcester) also got prizes for making their opponents happy.


Central London

[ These venues are no longer used. ]

Now meet Friday nights at the Nippon Club, Samuel House, 6 St Albans St SW1 near Piccadilly and Sunday afternoons in a pub in Islington (the Rosemary Branch junction of Southgate Road/Baring Street N1).

Sonoyama League

At the end of April, Cambridge were leading ahead of Stevenage and the London clubs and the Open University. By the end of June Wanstead had caught up and looked like winning.

World Amateur

46 countries took part in Omachi Japan.
1. (8/8) Jun Liu China 2. (6/8) Hirata Hironori Japan
3. Yong Man Lee Korea 4. Ying Kan Hong Kong 5. Thomas Ko USA
6. Hsiang Jen Huang Taiwan 7. (5/8) Myong Choe DPR Korea
8. Viktor Bogdanov Russia
Britain's Matthew Macfadyen was 19th on 4/8 due to a very tough draw system. His results: +Turkey +Germany (von Arnim) -Romania (Bisca) +Taiwan +Singapore -Canada -Hong Kong -DPR Korea

Epsom Downs Tournament

To celebrate the wedding of Paul Margetts and Yvonne Mao there is fun afternoon of go and other games at Driftbridge Toby Hotel Epsom 10/08/96 14.30-20.00. Free to Go players and partners. Will be a short time self-pairing, self-partnering doubles Go competition.

Korean Festival

New Malden Surrey 13/07/96


Congratulations to Colin Adams of Preston and Baron Allday of Barmouth who are now shodan (first dan).

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