British Go E-Journal: November 1996

Issue 13. November 1996

Tournament News

Northern 07/09/96-08/09/96

The annual two day go bash at Manchester had an entry of 57 plus a couple more who went to see the sights of the North-west rather than playing. In an exciting finish three top players ended up on 5/6 having beaten one of the others. On tie break Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) behind the two 4 dans who were joint winners: T.Mark Hall (Bristol) and Matthew Cocke (Norwich). Other prize winners for 4/6 were: Peter Yim (1 kyu Manchester), Ed Blockley (2 kyu Malvern), John Walsh (4 kyu Manchester), Richard Thompson (6 kyu Leicester), Mike Vidler (6 kyu Manchester), Adam Atkinson (9 kyu Brighton), Tom Summerscales (9 kyu Culcheth), Jason Fisher (12 kyu Manchester) and Adrian Abrahams (15 kyu). A special prize went to Catherine Schille (25 kyu Chester) for beating all within 11 grades of herself.

Milton Keynes 14/09/96

56 players attended the Open University for this years tournament, though only a few were wise enough to play their games outside in the sun. Winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). Others on 3/3 were Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading), Alex Selby (2 dan Cambridge), Geoff Kaniuk (2 kyu CLGC), Joe Beaton (5 kyu Furze Platt) and George Haig (10 kyu Swindon). Elinor Brooks (8 kyu Swindon) won 2.5/3. Also thanks to the tournament subsidy prizes were awarded to the large number of players on 2/3. Prizes also went to the winners in the youth writing and drawing competition: Laura Coe, Neil Ings and Anna Griffiths.

Bank of China Cup London 22/09/96

Thanks to very generous sponsorship by the Bank of China, this tournament was able to be held in empty office space in the London Branch in Cannon Street. A very nice buffet lunch was provided and all entrants came away with a free compact disc and details of the bank's services. 88 players was a lucky number, but it was not so lucky for the sponsors who were not among the prize winners. Another unusual feature was the McMahon bar being set a five dan not the usual four. Winner was Shutai Zhang (7 dan) taking the cup and cash prize. Second place on 3/3 also was Harold Lee (4 dan CLGC), third was H. Nishikawa (4 dan Nippon) and fourth was T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). Prizes went to all on two wins and the following on 3/3: Alex Selby (2 dan Cambridge), Vic Morrish (1 kyu CLGC), Martin Smith (1 kyu Middlesex), Jackie Chai (3 kyu Bournemouth), George Haig (10 kyu Swindon), Denis Rowntree (13 kyu Baldock), Andrea Smith (15 kyu Cambridge) and Nicola Hurden (22 kyu Brakenhale). Cambridge won the team prize.

Shrewsbury 06/10/96

The sighting of a kingfisher on the adjacent River Severn must have been an omen as the reign of Leamington Club at the top of this event finally came to an end. Matthew Macfadyen did not defend his title as he had played Shutai Zhang in a title match the previous day and Des Cann did not come either. Leamington's hope laid with Toby Manning (3 dan), but he dropped a game as did Wanstead 4 dan Alistair Wall. This left two 2 dans in the final: Bob Bagot of Manchester and Jo Hampton of West Wales. It was the latter who went away with the go ban trophy, but Leamington were consoled by the Midland Muddlers winning the team trophy. Tankards for those of the 40 players who won 3/3 went to Kunio Kashiwagi (1 dan Bradford), Henry Segerman (6 kyu Manchester) and Jamie Harrod (12 kyu Brakenhale).

International Teams 13/10/97

Seven teams of six players played in this event held at the Nippon Club in London. Unfortunately there was no Korean team and the Chinese had to borrow a few of the weaker Londoners. Playing for the first time Reading surprised themselves by winning 16/24 games to take the trophy. Second on 13 points were Nippon 1, Nippon 2 and CLGC 2; Wanstead got 12, CLGC 1 got 10 and China 8. The only player to win four was Shutai Zhang (7 dan China). Those on 3/4 were K. Okubo, B. Okamura, N. Uda, H. Naka, U. Nagoa, Piers Shepperson, David Ward, Martin Smith, Andrew Jones, Jim Clare, Tony Atkins, Simon Goss and Clive Hendrie.

Wessex 27/10/96

106 players battled through the drizzle to a newly refurbished Marlborough Town Hall for the 27th Wessex. Winner was John Rickard of Cambridge (4 dan) whose stamina coped with the four rounds and the end of summer time. The other 9 division prizes (engraved tankards) went to: Jo Hampton (2 dan West Wales); John Hobson (1 dan Bath); Christian Scarff (1 kyu Swindon); Jackie Chai (2 kyu Bournemouth); Pauk Clarke (3 kyu High Wycombe); David Stephenson (6 kyu HP Bristol); Pete Johnson (8 kyu Hursley); Keith Osborne (12 kyu Reading); Michael Talyanski (15 kyu High Wycombe). Of these winners divisions 5, 8, 9 and 10 won all 4 games. Not suprisingly High Wycombe won the team prize. Yound Carl Bate (25 kyu Brakenhale) won thw Fred Guyatt prize for 13x13. Both Jackie and Christian qualified for the 1997 Candidates' Tournament.


British Championship 1996

The first two games of the best of five final have been played. Matthew Macfadyen won the first, whilst Shutai Zhang won the second. Future games are planned for during the Swindon Tournament and West Surrey teaching day.

Professional Visit

Having had a tour of four European countries one of the top lady players from Japan, Kusunoki Teruko (pro 7 dan), visited Leamington Spa Go Club on 08/10/96. She beat four players at simultaneous and saw Warwick Castle in the rain.

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