British Go E-Journal: January 1997

Issue 14. January 1997

Tournament News

Three Peaks 09/11/96-10/11/96

40 players spent the weekend in the delightful Yorkshire Moors playing go at the Marton Arms. There were joint winners: Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead) won 4/5 (losing to Alex Selby) and Hennie Groot-Lipman (1 dan Reading) won 5/5 (he did not play Alistair). Young Philip Marshall (20 kyu IOM) won 4/5 as did Yvonne Margetts (21 kyu Epsom Downs).

Swindon 24/11/96

86 players took part in the Swindon held, as last year, in the Allied Dunbar Club. Winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). Due to confusion at the prize giving some won prizes who should not have, but the genuine 3/3s were Paul Clarke (3 kyu High Wycombe), Mike Talyansky (12 kyu High Wycombe), Darrell Sturley (20 kyu Monmouth), Yvonne Margetts (21 kyu Epsom Downs) and Youngik Kim (30 kyu Brakenhale). Youngik also won the 13x13 and Jiri Keller (2 kyu CLGC) won the lightning. A special prize for the youngest player went to Annabel Barnard (the organiser's daughter).

West Surrey Handicap 07/12/96

Three of the 50 players present at Burpham Village Hall won all their games: Alistair Brooks (27 kyu Swindon), France Ellul (3 kyu High Wycombe) and winner T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). The runner up was Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester). The others on 3/4 were messers Rickard, Atkins, Mills, Wright, Clarke, Weeks, Ashing, Talyansky, Farimond, Ing, Edwards and Jessica Ballyntine. Anna Griffiths and Tony Atkins won the BGJ-based quiz. Elinor Brooks (7 kyu Swindon) won the 13x13. The previous day over 25 pupils learnt from the dan experts at the teaching day (though of course the dans learnt a thing or two as well).

23rd London Open 29/12/96-01/01/97

150 players attended the 23rd London Open sponsored again by Hitachi. 92 players were from the UK and of the rest there were 11 French and 19 Germans (most of the latter winning prizes). As last year the GP points were awarded after 6 rounds when the top four players were selected to play knockout. The 10 GP placings went to Guo Juan, Lee Hyuk, Zhang, Danek, S.J.Kim, Macfadyen, Goddard, S. Bae, Cocke and von Arnim. In the semi-finals Guo beat Zhang and Lee beat Danek. In an exciting half-point final game Guo Juan won to claim the 1000 pound prize with a perfect 8/8. Lee was second, Matthew Macfadyen scraped up to third and equal fourth were Danek, Bae and von Arnim. Shutai Zhang was unplaced losing to Lee, Guo twice and Danek in round 8. British Prize winners were Martin Smith (1 kyu) on 6/8, Mike Charles (2 dan) on 5/8, Jim Clare (3 dan) on 5/8. Youth prizes went to David King (1 kyu), Youngik Kim, Samantha Hughes, Jessica Ballyntine and Abigail Molyneux (all from Brakenhale).

The Lightning was won by Lee Hyuk from Shutai Zhang and Jim Sadler (1 kyu). The rengo was won by E.Warkentin/A.Wettach/A.Knippel/ V.Bayle. 13x13 prize winners were Jo Hampton, Andrew Grant and Francis Roads. There were also prizes in the guess the move competition and many more in the lucky prize draw. A survey on the popularity of 1 stone in five minutes as the first over time period showed about 70% in its favour.


British Championship 1996

The final games of the best of five final have been played. Matthew Macfadyen was unable to win either the third or the fourth game. Thus Shutai Zhang, the Chinese doctor from London, retains the title for another year.

European Teams

The UK team of Matthew Cocke (since promoted to 5 dan), Alex Selby (now 3 dan), Paul Smith (2 dan) and Mark Wainwright (1 dan) drew all five matches and narrowly avoided a placing. Matthew won all his games including a win over Frank Janssen (6 dan NL).

Gothenburg GP

Matthew Macfadyen won this GP tournament; due to a mix-up it clashed with the Ukranian GP.

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