British Go E-Journal: March 1997

Issue 15. March 1997

Tournament News

Furze Platt 18/01/97

93 players attended the Furze Platt Tournament, held again thanks to Hitachi Europe at their Maidenhead offices. Winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan) who continued is winning run in one day events by beating Toby Manning (3 dan) in the last round. Thanks to the sponsors all on 2/3 got prizes as did the following on 3/3: Jiri Keller (2 kyu GLCG), Sue Paterson (2 kyu CLGC), Terry Wright (4 kyu Bristol), Francis Weaver (8 kyu Brakenhale), Anna Griffiths (9 kyu Furze Platt), Pauline Bailey (14 kyu West Surrey), Nicola Hurden (20 kyu Brakehale) and Oliver Edwards (29 kyu High Wycombe). High Wycombe won the team prize and prizes in the 13x13 went to a quartet of youngsters: Neil Ings, Carl Chapman, Alistair Brooks and Nicola Hurden.

Youth Championships 19/01/97

A recent record of 32 players attended the Youth Championships, held again at Brakenhale. Attending for the first time were the Isle of Man and Cambridge juniors. Winner was David King (1 kyu Bracknell).
U18: David King (1k Bracknell) r/u: Anna Griffiths (8k F. Platt)
U16: Laura Coe (13 kyu B'hale) r/u: Emma Marchant  (9k B'hale)
U14: Tom Blockley (5k Worcs.)  r/u: Francis Weaver (7k B'hale)
U12: Clare Franklin (35k IOM)  r/u: Alistair Brooks (28k Swindon)
U10: Adam Eckersley-Waites (24k Cam)  r/u: Tom E-Waites (19k Cam)
A special prize went to Luise Wolf (37k London) for the under 5 section. Many prizes were awarded for handicap games won and for 13x13, so that most youngsters won something.

Wanstead 01/02/97

44 players attended the Wanstead Tournament at Mornington Hall in Chingford with an age range from 4 to 73 years. Winner was Hyung-Soo Park (5 dan Korea) on 3.5/4 narrowly beating John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) on tie-break. Jim Sadler (1 kyu Brighton) won 4/4. Those on 3/4 were: Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead), Geoff Kaniuk (2 kyu CLGC), Martin Solity (3 kyu Wanstead), David Hall (4 kyu Camberley), Tony Lyall (8 kyu Norwich), Paul Hyman (15 kyu B'hale), Carl Bate (24 kyu B'hale) and Ross Chapman (30 kyu Hemel). Mike Charles (2 dan) won the 13x13 and Tony Atkins won the Mornington Crescent prize awarded in honour of the hall's name. The alternative Wanstead Tournament held in St. Anton Austria was won by Paul Hunt of South Africa (who was also quite good at the skiing).

Oxford 16/02/97

106 players attended Freud's Cafe, enjoyed a buffet lunch and go by candle light as it became dark. Winner was a visitor, Walthar Warnaar (4 dan), from the Netherlands. Oddly four 2 dans won all three games: Simon Goss (Bracknell), David Ward (CLGC), Yang-Sheng Wang (Reading) and Paul Smith (Cambridge). Also on 3/3 were Dave King (3 kyu Swindon), Jonathan Reece (3 kyu Oxford), Steve Smith (17 kyu Hursley) and Graham Horsley (25 kyu West Surrey).

Cambridge 02/03/97

74 players took part in the Trigantius this year. Also there were the 8 women competing in the British Women's and about a dozen beginners in their own event. One of the local Cambridge teams won the team prize, but it was Norwich's Matthew Cocke (5 dan) who won beating Jean Michel (5 dan F) in the last round. On 3/3 were David Ward (2 dan CLGC), Matthew Holton (1 dan Tees), Howard Manning (3 kyu Cambridge), Richard Mullens (5 kyu Stevenage), David Smith (Tees), Paul Hyman (15 kyu B'Hale) and Graham Horlsey (22 kyu West Surrey). Highest placed kyu players were 1 kyus Nick Wedd and Simon Bexfield. Nick Wedd also won the 13x13.

Women's Qualification Tournament 02/03/97

Alison Jones finished first ahead of Helen Harvey, Alison Cross, Kirsty Healey, Sue Paterson, Elinor Brooks, Lena Morrish and Anna Griffiths. Points are scored towards trips to the Women's World Amateur; currently in the lead is Kirsty Healey. Sue Paterson was our representative in 1996.


Go Tuition

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminars at weekends in Leamington during 1997, cost 40 pounds/session. The first next is on 12/04/97. Matthew is also running a scheme to teach by email.

European Go Journal

This has now stopped publication and will be replaced by a Newsletter.


Hennie Groot-Lipman (Reading/Netherlands) is now 2 dan. Martin Smith (CLGC/Middlesex) is now 1 dan.

European Results

Fujitsu Cup: 1 Rob van Zeijst 2 Hans Pietsch 3 Guo Juan/Catalin Taranu (all 7 dan)
GP Bucharest  1 Cristian Pop        2 S Gherman  3 D Cioata
GP Belgrade   1 Cristian Pop        2 V Bogdanov 3 M Stankovic
GP Brussels   1 Guo Juan            2 W Miyakawa 3 F Ben Malik
GP Kharkov    1 Alexei Lazarev      2 A Bogatsky 3 D Bogatsky
GP Gothenburg 1 Matthew Macfadyen   2 E Nijhuis  3 Matti Siivola
GP Locarno    1 Vladimir Danek      2 V Bogdanov 3 Enzo Pedrini
GP London     1 Guo Juan            2 Lee Hyuk   3 Shutai Zhang
GP Prague     1 Dmitri Yatsenko     2 A Lazarev/L Soldan
GP Barcelona  1 Murakami
Danek leads the GP on 56 ahead of Bogdanov (39) and Pop/Guo on 30. Noteworthy is Alan Held on 8 points and only 3 kyu!

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