British Go E-Journal: May 1997

Issue 16. May 1997

Tournament News

Wanstead 01/02/97

Correction: The alternative Wanstead Tournament held in St. Anton Austria was won by Clive Hunt (not Paul Hunt) of South Africa.

International Teams 08/03/97

Held at the Nippon Club 7 teams of 6 players battled for the six monthly title.

Winners at their first attempt was Cambridge. Second were Reading and Wanstead.

Only Mr Nishida of the Japanese team won all 4 games.

Korea-Britain Match 15/03/97

Held at the Toby Jug in Tolworth Surrey this 18-a-side match saw a tie after three rounds at 27-27. A lightning play-off saw Britain win 3-0.

Irish Open Events 14/03/97-17/03/97

The Fast Play was won by Des Cann (4 dan Reading) ahead of Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead). The Open was won by Alistair Wall; second was David Ward (2 dan London) and third Des Cann. Only 13 players attended. Other GP places went to Noel Mitchell, Tony Atkins, Colin Adams, Stephen Flinter, Baron Allday, Fred Holroyd and Fergus O'Connell. The Irish Handicap was won by an Irishman: Noel Mitchell (2 dan Dublin). John Gibson (2 kyu Dublin) was second and Des Cann was third.

Coventry 23/03/97

80 players attended. Matthew Macfadyen both won the event and lectured on go ethics at lunch time. Winners of three games were Bob Bagot (2 dan Manchester),

Ian Marsh (1 kyu Bracknell), Henry Segerman (3 kyu Manchester), Anna Griffiths (8 kyu Furze Platt), David Bennett (12 kyu Culcheth), Jonathan Reece (12 kyu Oxford) and Young Kim (18 kyu Brakenhale). Leamington Beards won the team prize and David Bennett the 13x13.

Thames Valley Team Tournament 31/03/97

This was won by Reading again with runners up Furze Platt.

Bournemouth 05/04/97

38 players attended the resurrected Bournemouth Tournament held this time at West Parley village hall. Winners of engraved glasses were Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead), Martin Solity (3 kyu Wanstead) and Paul Betty (20 kyu Bournemouth).

British Go Congress 18/04/97-20/04/97

Players of the Thames Valley hosted the 30th British Go Congress at Royal Holloway College, Egham. In the Open Matthew Macfadyen lost to Alex Rix who in turn lost to Des Cann. On SOS tie-break Alex kept the championship for a second year. Others on 5/6 were David King (1 kyu Brakenhale), Paul Clarke (2 kyu High Wycombe), Mike Bending (8 kyu Hursley) and Paul Hyman (14 kyu Brakenhale). On 4/ 6 were Jay Rastall (2 dan London), Mike Harvey (1 dan Hursley), Jonathan Chin (1 kyu Reading), Simon Rosenblatt (2 kyu North London), Jackie Chai (2 kyu Bournemouth), Joe Beaton (5 kyu Furze Platt), Richard Thompson (6 kyu Leicester), David Cohen and Justin Pearson (both 17 kyu Royal Holloway). Hursley won the Nippon Club Cup.

The British Lightning was won by Des Cann. On 4/5 were Paul Hyman, Jonathan Chin, T. Mark Hall, Francis Roads, Colin Southern and Simon Goss. The continuous 10x10 prizes went to Emma Marchant, Jonathan Chin, Jo Hampton, Graham Brooks and Tony Atkins.

Grand Prix 1996-1997

The Stacey Trophy for most games won above the McMahon bar was won by John Rickard. The Weak Knee Dan (two dan losing the most games) went to Simon Goss. There was no Youth Grand Prix so a special prize went to Thomas Blockley.

Pair Go 27/04/97

Held again at the Crossroads Hotel Weedon this was won by Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen, who get to play at the new Euro-Pairs in Amsterdam. On 2/3 were Alison Jones and Tony Atkins, Jackie Chai and Francis Roads, Sue Paterson and Des Cann. Alison Cross and John McLeod will be going to Japan. In the handicap section the best of the 14 pairs were Yvonne and Paul Margetts, Jennifer Healey and Toby Manning. Best dressed pairs were Alison and Tony, Laura Coe and Paul Hyman. Best (only) beginners were Sue Pitchford and Martin Harvey.

Des Cann won the mascot competition with his and hers bunnies.

Bar-Low Cambridge 05/05/97

33 kyu players competed in the adjacent room to the Candidates. Winner was Jonathan Chin (1 kyu Reading). On 4.5 was Robert Jack (18 kyu Cambridge). On 4/5 were Nick Wedd (1 kyu Oxford), Emma Marchant (9 kyu Brakenhale) and Cambridge players Mark Worthington (8 kyu), Matthew Reid (12 kyu), David Firth (17 kyu) and Stephen Wells (15 kyu). Jean Michel did lunch time game analysis of the Candidates games.

Candidates Cambridge 04/05/97-06/05/97

1 (6/6) Des Cann, 2 (5/6) Alex Rix, 3 (4/6) Simon Shiu, 4 Francis Roads, 5 David Ward, 6 Alistair Wall, 7 Edmund Shaw, 8 (3/6) Bob Bagot, 9 Matthew Holton, 10 Alex Selby & Alison Jones, 12 Alan Thorton. Reserves (2/6) Ian Marsh, David Woodnutt and Simon Goss.


European Results

Vienna, Bled and Milan were all won by Alexei Lazarev of Russia. Paris was won by Guo Juan ahead of Shutai Zhang and Andre Moussa. Francis Roads was 13th out of 253. Under 12 Youth champion is Antoine Fenech (1kyu France). Under 18 Champion is Dmitri Bogatsii (5 dan Ukraine).

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