British Go E-Journal: July 1997

Issue 17. July 1997

Tournament News

Bracknell 17/05/97

79 players went to Bracknell to its new venue at a village hall on the edge of town. Antonio Moreno (3 dan Bristol) won. Roumanian 1 kyu Nick Mandache won 3/3 as did Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester), Ross Ingliss (2 kyu Bracknell), Mike Nash (3 kyu London), Mark Graves (10 kyu Reading), Dave Cohen (15 kyu Royal Holloway), Yvonne Margetts (16 kyu Epsom Downs) and Carl Bate (22 kyu Brakenhale); Carl also won the 13x13.

Scottish Open 24/05/97-25/05/97

33 players went to Glasgow University, the new home of the Scottish Open. Winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) who is now expected to go on to win the Stacey GP in traditional style. Second on 5/6 was Andrew Jones (3 dan Wanstead), third was Colin Adams (1 dan Lancaster) and fourth Paul Margetts (1 dan Epsom Downs) both on 4/6. The mid-kyu prize for 4/6 went to J-Y Kwon (3 kyu Stirling) and the low kyu prize went to Phil cash (10 kyu Dundee). Also on 4/6 were Nick Bethell (9 kyu Dundee) and Gordon Reid (10 kyu Dumfirmline).

Challenger's Tournament

Played over four rounds Swiss system and the Nippon Club in London: 1 Macfadyen, 2 Matthews, 3 Cann, 4 Shiu, 5 Thornton, 6 Rickard, 7 Roads, 8 Holton. Charles Matthews and Matthew Macfadyen therefore are playing the title match (since Shutai Zhang is retiring). Macfadyen won the first game in London on 12/07/97. The second game is at Freud's in Oxford on 27/07/97.

Leicester 14/06/97

46 players took part at the last Leicester to be organised by Eddie Smithers. Matthew Macfadyen won as expected. Local 6 kyus Richard Thompson and Peter Fisher both won 3/3 and the team prize; Dave Skidmore (14 kyu Nottingham) also won 3/3. The quiz was won by Swindon+ ahead of Brakenhale&Simon.

Welsh Open 28/06/97-29/06/97

48 players made the weekend at Barmouth. Continuing his winning run was Matthew Macfadyen. 4/5 was claimed by Geoff Kaniuk (2 kyu London) and Ron Bell (11 kyu Reading). Mike Bending of Hursley (6 kyu) got 3 wins and 1 jigo. Klaus Blumberg (1 dan Germany) won the Lightning and Leamington the team prize. Although Alistair Brooks won the being Alistair Brooks prize, it was Yvonne Margetts who won the being Francis Roads prize. Dave Phillips was rewarded for his long journey, Helen Harvey for best accident and Brian Timmins for entering first.

Devon 13/07/97

19 player attended the Moorland Hotel on the edge of Dartmoor. Winner on three wins was Antonio Moreno (3 dan Bristol). Also on 3 were Paul Hunt (3 kyu West Cornwall) and Richard Helyer (9 kyu Oxford). Best on 2/3 were Nobuyoshi Takagi (4 dan Japan) and Sax Impey and Tim Varley (both 14 kyu West Cornwall).


World Amateur

Held in Sapporo Japan = 46 countries. 1st Jun Liu (China) on tie-break from Sakai (Japan) and Mun (DPR Korea). Matthew Cocke (UK) was 26th; Paul Donnelly (Ireland) was 36th.


Jim Sadler - 1 dan, Paul Hankin - 2 dan, David Ward - 3 dan.

European Results

Amsterdam GP was won by Guo Juan on 6/6, second Park 5/6 and third Farid Ben Malek the best on 4/6. Hamburg was won by Park (5 wins & 1 jigo), second Zhao Pei (5/6) and third Danek (4 wins & 1 jigo). Helsinki was won by Lazarev from Bogdanov and Siivola. Francis Roads was 6th and Alison Jones 9th. Germany won the first European Pairs in Amsterdam. UK's Matthew Macfadyen and Kirsty Healey were second.

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