British Go E-Journal: September 1997

Issue 18. September 1997

Tournament News

European Go Congress 19/07/97-02/08/97

Some 590 names appeared on the entry list for the main event at the 41st European Go Congress held in Marseille France. European Open Champion was Lee Hyuk, the Korean living in Moscow. Other places were 2 Miyakawa, 3 Guo Juan (European Champion), 4 Pei Zhao, 5 Kai, 6 Fujita, 7 Danek, 8 Gherman, 9 Soldan, 10 van Eeden, 23 Shepperson (top GB), 34 Hall, 37 Clare, 54 Cann, 90 Roads. The places in the weekend event were 1 Guo, 2 Lee Hyuk, 44 Jim Clare (top GB); Christian Scarff (1 kyu Swindon) won 4/5.

Isle of Man Go Week 17/08/97-22/08/97

This time the go week was held in the small southerly resort of Port Erin. As well as go there was the usual fun and games, with an outing to Peel, a quiz night and a music night, concluding with the banquet and prize giving. 47 players took part in the main event. Winner was Vesa Laatikainen (5 dan SF) with 5/5. Tie-break split the next positions into: Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading), Bob Bagot (2 dan Manchester), Richard Hunter (4 dan Japan), David Phillips (2 dan IOM). On 5/5 were John Walsh (4 kyu Bolton) and Anne Trinks (18 kyu D). On 4/5 was Ian Marsh (1 kyu Bracknell). The three round afternoon event was won again by Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead), second Richard Hunter, third Bob Bagot.

On 3/3 were France Ellul (3 kyu High Wycombe), Bill Rivers (3 kyu Oxford) and Leo Phillips (25 kyu IOM). Ian Marsh won the handicap. 13x13 was won by Gunner Bertram (3 kyu D), but he lost in the Lightning final to Richard Hunter. Richard also won the Rengo playing with Manx President John Atherton. The Team Tourney was won by "Finns and Trinks" who beat the "Dave Phillips Formation Dancers" in the final. In a kanji test set by Richard Hunter, Junior winner was Emma Marchant, Kyu winner was Nick Wedd and Open winner was Francis Roads. The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse won the quiz night. In the Junior event the places went to: Under 16 Philip Marshall, Graham Brooks, Emma Marchant; Under 14 Samantha Hughes, Alistair Brooks, Richard Atherton; Under 12 Katherine Cooper, Clare Franklin, Linda Stone; Under 10 Ronald Atherton; special prizes to Alice Pickering (2/2) and Chris Atherton (3/4); best newcomer Robin Betts.

Mind Sports Olympiad 18/08/97-24/08/97

Four Go events were held over the week of the Olympiad at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The main event had 20 players. Gold was Guo Juan (7 dan NL), Silver was Shutai Zhang (7 dan China) and Bronze Tony Goddard (5 dan England); Vladimir Danek (6 dan Czech) was 4th. The Weekend medals went to Guo, Zhang and Danek with Goddard 4th (26 players). Players doing well for their grade were: Geoff Kaniuk (2 kyu England), Patrice Vicente (6 kyu France) and Dong Jianli (9 kyu China). The medals for 13x13 were incorrectly awarded initially but finally went to Shutai Zhang, Guo Juan and David Ward (3 dan England). In the 9x9 the medal winners were Guo Juan, David Ward and Paul Margetts (1 dan England). Go players winning medals in other sections were Piers Shepperson (Bridge Teams), Paul Smith (Shogi) and Andrea Smith (Jigsaws). The winner of the Owari Gold was the oddly named Low Ten Que, who obviously thought that a "low 10 kyu" was too weak to play in the Go!


British Championship

Matthew Macfadyen leads Charles Matthew 2-0 in the best of five final. The first games were on 12/07/97 at the Daiwa Centre London and 27/07/97 at Freuds Oxford. The next game will be played during the Milton Keynes Tournament.

European Results

Warsaw was won by Bogdanov and Petrovodsk (Russia) by Lee Hyuk. Alexei Lazarev won the Grand Prix with his six tournament wins and 101 points. Other high scorers were Guo, Danek and Bogdanov.

EGF Presidency

Britain's Francis Roads was elected European Go Federation president at the meeting in Marseille.

Ing Chang-Ki

It has been reported that Ing Chang-Ki the Taiwanese millionaire and supporter of world-wide Go died on 27/08/97 aged 84.

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