British Go E-Journal: November 1997

Issue 19. November 1997

Tournament News

Northern Go Congress 06/09/97-07/09/97

54 players met at Allen Hall Manchester University on the weekend of Diana Princess of Wales' funeral. 1st was Simon Shiu (3 dan Bristol) 6/6; 2nd Matthew Cocke (5 dan Liverpool) 5/6; Colin Adams (1 dan Lancaster) beat John Rickard and Toby Manning, but lost to Simon Shiu in the last round to end with a creditable 4/6; also on 4/6: John Rickard and T.Mark Hall; 5/6 John Walsh (3 kyu Bolton).

Kyu players winning prizes for 4/6 were: Chris Kirkham (1 kyu Manchester), Mike Cumpstey (3 kyu Manchester), Tom Blockley (5 kyu Worcester), Jim Edwards (7 kyu High Wycombe), John Turner (11 kyu Manchester), Paul Callaghan (18 kyu Durham).

Milton Keynes 13/09/97

56 players attended the Open University and played next to the room where the third and final British Championship game was taking place. 1st was Simon Shiu (3 dan Bristol) who beat David Ward, Des Cann and John Rickard. On 3/3 were Geoff Kaniuk (2 kyu CLGC), Mike Russell (2 kyu OU), Richard Mullens (5 kyu Stevenage), Neil Hankey (15 kyu Epsom Downs). The 13x13 was won and organised by Emma Marchant (8 kyu Brakenhale).

Shrewsbury 05/10/97

50 players attended the Severn-side setting of the Gateway Centre. Returning to claim his normal first prize was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington); runner up was David Ward. On 3/3 were: Nicholai Mandache (1 kyu Bristol), Tom Blockley (5 kyu Worcester), Ron Bell (10 kyu Reading). A special prize went to Kath Timmins for 10 years of doing the draw. Thames Valley won the team prize despite Toby Manning not returning the trophy (as he was in Nepal).

International Match 12/10/97

In September Cambridge, as Sonoyama League champions, took on and beat Reading, Thames Valley Champions, by four boards to two. As they had also won the previous London International Team Tournament, all eyes were on them at the autumn edition at the Nippon Club in October. Indeed their top board S. Kim and Oliver Riordan headed the team to victory by winning all four games. The team's 16 points put them ahead of the 13 of the CLGC Oldies, the 11 of Wanstead and Reading and 10 of the CLGC Upstarts and Nippon A. Winners of three games were Messrs. Selby, Shaw, Goss, Leenders, Goddard, Hall, Fairbairn, Ward, Uda, Oe and Takahashi (Ayzen). In the 1997 Sonoyama League Cambridge were again the champions beating Wanstead, Stevenage, CLGC and OU scoring 37 wins out of 50.

Wessex 26/10/97

As tradition the day the clocks went back was the day for the annual pilgrimage to Marlborough Town Hall for the Wessex. Only 100 players attended this year despite the arrival of a new batch from Brakenhale School. One of them, Darren Fairbrother, was rewarded with his first prize by winning the Fred Guyatt 13x13 competition. In the main tournament Tony Goddard showed his strength by winning, beating John Rickard in the last round. The other division winners were: 2 Simon Goss (2 dan Bracknell); 3 Gerhard Stettner (1 dan CLGC); 4 Nick Mandache (1 kyu Bristol); 5 Barry Chandler (2 kyu Reading); 6 David Elsdon (3 kyu West Surrey); 7 Peter Johnson (7 kyu Hursley); 8 George Haig (8 kyu Swindon); 9 Graham Horsley (16 kyu West Surrey); 10 Emma Fairbrother (30 kyu Brakenhale). Of these Simon, Barry and Graham won all 4.

Three Peaks 08/11/97-09/11/97

This was held at the Marton Arms in the Yorkshire Dales. This year it was won by Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead) on tie break from organiser Toby Manning (3 dan Leamington).


British Championship

Matthew Macfadyen beat Charles Matthew 3-0 in the best of five final. The first games were on 12/07/97 at the Daiwa Centre London and 27/07/97 at Freuds Oxford, the final game was played during the Milton Keynes Tournament on 13/09/97.

Central London Club

[ These venues are no longer used. ]

The new meeting place for the CLGC is the Daiwa Centre, 13-14 Cornwall Terrace NW1 (near Regent's Park/Baker Street) on Saturday afternoons. Players in smart dress will still be welcome to the Friday evening meetings at the Nippon Club but the club will no longer be meeting at the Rosemary Branch in Islington. Note there is now also a Docklands Club at the Henry Adlington on Canary Wharf Tuesdays from 18:00.

European Results: Obayashi Cup

The first week end in September in Amsterdam is now the time and place for one of Europe's biggest and most important tournaments, the Obayashi Cup. 240 players took part on the first day, but only the best 16 survive to the second day for the knock out stage. The English-born US professional Michael Redmond was at the EGCC to do commentaries. In the final Zhang Shutai, 7 dan from London, beat Miss Zhao Pei, 5 dan Germany, by resignation after 155 moves.

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