British Go E-Journal: November 1998

Issue 25       November 1998

Tournament News

Northern 12/09/98 & 13/09/98

Only 47 players took part in this year's Northern in Manchester. Winner was the young Chinese player from London, Michael Zhang (3 dan). He beat second placed player John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) in round 1 and then beat T.Mark Hall (4 dan London) in a crucial round 4 clash. T.Mark lost to John in the last round to take third place ahead of Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead). Richard Moulds of Manchester (12 kyu) was the only player apart from Michael to win all his games. All the kyu players on 4/6 were awarded prizes , namely: Steve Jones (1 kyu Isle of Man), Henry Segerman (1 kyu Manchester), Fred Holroyd (2 kyu Open University), Brian Timmins (3 kyu Shrewsbury), Tony Pitchford (6 kyu Chester), Jim Edwards (6 kyu High Wycombe) and Gary Beman (17 kyu Leamington).

Milton Keynes 19/09/98

64 players attended this Milton Keynes Tournament, held as usual at the Open University. Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) won this year; he beat John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) in round 3. Prizes for 3/3 went to Frank Visser (4 kyu Cambridge), Alexander Bell (4 kyu Portsmouth), Shawn Hearn (29 kyu Brakenhale). The lowest graded 2/3s got prizes too: Nichola Hurden (16 kyu Brakenhale), Gary Beman (14 kyu Leamington) and Yvonne Margetts (10 kyu Epsom Downs). In a room not far away the title match was held which give the players a chance to have help in analysing from the tournament participants after the game.

Shrewsbury 04/10/98

A record 64 attended Shrewsbury despite the dismal weather spoiling the attractive riverside setting for only the second time. Simon Shiu (4 dan Bristol) beat Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) in the first round, but Simon lost to Des Cann in round 3. Therefore Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) was the winner for the second time also. Simon was rewarded with a runner up prize. Prizes for 3/3 went to Niculae Mandache (1 dan Bristol), Henry Segerman (1 kyu Manchester). Paula Maneggia (17 kyu Birmingham), Darren Fairbrother (27 kyu Brakenhale) and Shawn Hearn (27 kyu Brakenhale). The team prize was shared between Brumgo and the young players from Brakenhale. Ian Sharpe won the first entry prize.

Wessex 25/10/98

The 29th Wessex Tournament was held as usual in Marlborough Town Hall on the day the clocks went back. The day was bright which was a lucky change from the wind and rain of the day before. The food and atmosphere was the same as ever, but there was more new faces than old ones this year. Nearly a fifth of the 100 players were from Brakenhale School for instance. This year Matthew Macfadyen was the top player; the previous two winners (Rickard and Goddard) were absent, Alex Rix did not shine, three times winner T.Mark Hall had a good try at beating Macfadyen and it was Cambridge's Song-June Kim who had the honour of playing the final. However the 6 dan from Leamington won the game and got his sixth entry on the Wessex Trophy. The rest of the prizes of ceramic black and white go stone tiles were awarded by division, mostly on very tight tie breaks. Winners with 3/4 were: Ian McAnally (30 kyu Manchester), Shawn Hearn (25 kyu Brakenhale), Richard Court (8 kyu Bristol), Francis Weaver (6 kyu Brakenhale). With 4/4 Paul Clarke (1 kyu High Wycombe) and Nick Mandache (1 dan Bristol). Tied on 3/4 in Division 2 were John Fairbairn (2 dan London) and Alan Thornton (2 dan St. Albans). The Fred Guyatt 13x13 Trophy went Alistair Brooks of Swindon for 14 wins. Portsmouth got the team prize with 70 percent.


British Championship

Matthew Macfadyen beat Challenger Edmund Shaw in the third game of the British Championship title match. Edmund lost by the closest of margins (half a point). This let Macfadyen retain the title winning the match 3-0. Game three was played alongside the Milton Keynes Tournament on 26/09/98.

European Results

The Obayashi Cup was held as usual in Amsterdam during the first weekend in September. Shutai Zhang, the Chinese living in London, was second this year behind France's Farid Ben Malek. Copenhagen was won by Vesa Laatikainen (5 dan Finland) and second was Vladimir Danek (6 dan Czech). Bucharest was won by Dragos Bajenaru (5 dan Romania) and Second was Ion Florescu (6 dan Romania).


This was held at the Northern Go Congress Manchester on 12/09/98. The agenda item was a change to the constitution that amended subscriptions from annual to twelve monthly, and adjusted some wording that needed tidying. A proposal to allow proxy voting at General Meetings was rejected at this stage.


Michael Zhang has been confirmed as BGA 3 dan. Steve Jones has been promoted to 1 dan.

Pro Teaching Tour

Yajie Lui from China is undertaking a three month visit to Britain to teach go and learn better English. Request for visits to clubs should be made to: Alex Rix.

Women Professionals at London Open

As well as Yajie Lui, Yuki Shigeno (2p Japan) and Chi-Hyoung Nam (1p Korea) are expected to be at the London Open and will undertake teaching/analysis.

Go Tuition

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminar days and a scheme to teach by email. He hopes to be teaching a Summer School Course at Marlborough School again in 1999.

BGJ Index

[ This service is no longer available. ]

The British Go Journal Index has been improved and updated to issue 112. Electronic version only available as .DOC or .TXT files. Send a 2MB disc to receive copy.

European Go Server (EGS)

[ This service is no longer available. ]

For your convenience the European Go Federation has set up a Go Server. Server software is adapted from the No Name Go Server and the server's principal purpose is the organization of internal European tournaments, matches and teaching. All members of EGF are encouraged to register on it. There will be a trial period until 01/01/99, with no automatic rating. After the trial period a rating system will be introduced for registered members of EGF only. Non-members of EGF are welcome as guests. For special arrangements and any other related questions please contact the server administrator. It is planned to organize 1st European Internet Go Championship next spring. You can connect to EGS through Windows-95 PC at telnet address " 6969" with WinIGC agent (File is zipped with WinZIP, to be unzipped in the root directory of PC's hard disk - use option "With Folder Names"; Terminal location would be directory "GoServer", program "WinIGC32.exe").

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