British Go E-Journal: March 1999

Issue 27       March 1999

Tournament News

Furze Platt Tournament   16/01/99

78 players attended this year's HITACHI sponsored Furze Platt Tournament, held as usual in Hitachi's plush European headquarters in Maidenhead. The Furze Platt School Club may be no more but the former pupils and local Maidenhead members ran a good event as usual.

Winner this year was C.S. "Charlie" Park (4d Wanstead), a Korean businessman spending three months in London. He beat London Korean Y. Kim (5d CLGC) in the last round. Winners of 3/3 were Damir Nola (3k CLGC), Graham Lamont (4k Portsmouth), Malcolm Hagan (8k Portsmouth), Rolland Halliwell (14k Epsom Downs), Si Chan (22k Furze Platt), Ian McAnally (28k Manchester).

Bottles of wine went to all on 2 wins: Y. Kim (5d CLGC), Piers Shepperson (5d CLGC), T.M.Hall (4d Bristol), Andrew Jones (3d Wanstead), Michael Zhang (CLGC), Mike Charles (2d St. Albans), Tony Atkins (2d Reading), Jo Hampton (2d Barmouth), Alan Thornton (2d St. Albans), Dave Artus (1d CLGC), Dan Micsa (1d Reading), Marcus Bennett (1d Bournemouth), Simon Bexfield (1d CLGC), Gerry Mills (1d Monmouth), David Woodnutt (1d OU), Mathias Kegelmann (1k Birmingham), Barry Chandler (2k Reading), Sue Paterson (2k CLGC), Jiri Keller (2k CLGC), Brian Brunswick (3k Epsom Downs), David Pemberton (3k Epsom Downs), Nick Rogers (4k OU), Hiroshi Sakata (5k Japan), Iain Attwell (5k Maidenhead), Ron Bell (5k Reading), Pauline Bailey (11k West Surrey), Neil Moffatt (12k Portsmouth), Graham Brooks (12k Swindon).

Not surprising from the list of winners the best club team were Portsmouth. Aaron Dixson (21k Brakenhale) won the continuous 9x9.

British Youth Go Championships   17/01/99

35 children attended Brakenhale School, Bracknell, for the 1999 BYGC. Attending for the first time were Bloxham School; teacher Hugh Alexander accepted a special prize box of sweets on their behalf. Professional Liu Yajie was on hand to give teaching games to players receiving byes. France Ellul, Simon Goss Tony Atkins and Paul Smith were the main organisers. Brakenhale School were awarded the Castledine Trophy for the seventh time, unchallenged again. The Youth Champion was Tom Blockley again, with runner up Francis Weaver.

Age groupWinnersRunners Up
U18Philip Tedder (6k Epsom Downs)Emma Marchant (8k Brakenhale)
U16Tom Blockley (4k Worcester)Francis Weaver (6k Brakenhale)
U14Theo Elliott (20k Brakenhale)Shawn Hearn (20k Brakenhale)
U12Tom Eckersley-Waites (12k Cambridge)Adam Eckersley-Waites (12k Cambridge)
U10William Brooks (13k Cambridge)Paul Blockley (32k Worcester)
U8Luise Wolf (35k London)Alex Cherry (35k Bracknell)

Prizes for 4/5: Darren Fairbrother (20k Brakenhale), James Donald (20k Cambridge), Nick Calvello (34k Brakenhale), Lucie Elliott (24k Brakenhale), Lizzy Wayte (31k Brakenhale), Francis Weaver, Tom Blockley, Luise Wolf, William Brooks and Theo Elliott. 3/5: Shawn Hearn, Adam and Tom Eckersley- Waites. Quiz winners: Emma Marchant (16/18) and Nicholas Calvello (best low-grader).

Oxford Tournament   13/02/99

98 players attended the Oxford Tournament held as last year in St. Edmund Hall. To keep up the student tradition, the time limits to the last round were cut, thanks to a late start. Main organiser Henry Segerman was rewarded by being one of the players to receive his shodan diploma after the prize giving. Prizes were partly sponsored by Oxford Heritage, the nearby games shop, who had a sales stand present.

Winner for the second time running was Matthew Macfadyen (6d Leamington). Those also on 3/3 were Niculae Mandache (2d Bristol), Matthew Woodcraft (1k Cambridge), Barry Chandler (2k Reading), Bill Rivers (2k Oxford), Malcolm Hagan (7k Portsmouth), Neil Moffatt (10k Portsmouth), Keith Osborne (11k Norwich), Jimmy Mao (14k Bristol), Nicola Hurden (15k Brakenhale), Shawn Hearn (20k Brakenhale), Lucie Elliott (24k Brakenhale), Ian McAnally (26k Manchester).


European Results

Prague GP: 1. Radek Nechanicky (6d Cze), 2. Adrian Passau (4d D), 3. Leszec Soldan (6d Pol), 4. Christoph Gerlach (5d D).

Barcelona: Dominated by professional players: 1. Kong Xiangming (8p), 2. Zhang Zhujiu (9p), 3. Yoshioka Kaoru (7p), 4. Rui Naiwei (9p), 5. Kim (?p Korea), 6. Pierre Colmez (5d F), 7. Yoshida Mika (6p). Pierre played the top 2 so had a good SOS to be highest amateur. GP Ranking after Barcelona: 1. Dickhut 29, 2. Danek 28, 3. Florescu and Yatsenko 27, 5. Mero 25

Ing Youth Under 18: 1. Andrei Kulkov (2d Russia), 2. Diana Korzegi (5d Hungary), 3. Melijn Kuin (3d NL), 26. Tom Blockley (4k UK) on 4/6; 69 players Ing Youth Under 12: Natalia Kovaleva (3k Russia); 21 players

European Pairs (also in Cannes): 1. Germany (Britta Trepczik/Christoph Gerlach), 2. UK (Kirsty Healey/Matthew Macfadyen), 3. France (Marie-Claude Chaine/Farid Ben Malek). 15 countries.

French Ski Trip

18/04/99-24/04/99 in Isere. Go instruction by Guo Juan/Skiing instruction.


David Woodnutt has been promoted to 2d.

Pro Teaching Tour

Yajie Liu from China completed her three month visit to Britain to teach go and learn better English. She visited Bath, Plymouth, Cornwall, Cambridge and Scotland before leaving in early February.

Pair Go Promotion Partners

A new scheme has been launched to support Pair Go, the British PGPP. For a minimum donation of 50 pounds members get benefits that include free entry to the Pair Go Championships at Stokenchurch on 23/05/99 and acknowledgement as supporters of Pair Go. For details contact the Editor.

Go Tuition

Guo Juan held a women's weekend in Leamington at the end of February and is planning to return for a strong players' day in London in the early summer.

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminar days and a scheme to teach by email. He hopes to be teaching a Summer School Course at Marlborough School again in 1999.

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