British Go E-Journal: May 1999

Issue 28       May 1999

UK Tournament News

Trigantius 07/03/99

HITACHI Europe Ltd again sponsored the Cambridge Trigantius and 95 players attended. Kim Seong-June (6 dan Cambridge) won all three games to take first place ahead of Mr. Y. Kim (5 dan London) and Piers Shepperson (5 dan London). Those also winning all three were Daniel Calvelo (29 kyu Brakenhale), Shawn Hearn (18 kyu Brakenhale), Mike Thomas (9 kyu Cambridge), Mark Dalgarno (5 kyu Cambridge), Frank Visser (4 kyu Cambridge) and Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester). Also on three and sharing the best kyu prize were Nick Wedd (1 kyu Oxford) and Jonathan Chin (1 kyu Cambridge). Brakenhale B won the team prize scoring 80 percent. In the now traditional afternoon novices 13x13 event, 12 players aged 5 to adult (including two who dropped from the main) were organised in battle by Paul Smith. Winner was 11 year old Sam Wakeford (Cambridge), ahead of 13 year old Ross Chapman (St. Albans).

Candidates 13/03/99-14/03/99

The first stage of the British Championship was held at the Daiwa Foundation opposite Regent's Park in London. 34 players took part. Toby Manning (3 dan Leamington) and John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) finished unbeaten. Those on three in order of tie-break were Simon Bexfield (1 dan London), Harry Fearnley (2 dan Oxford), Alison Jones (2 dan Wanstead), Andrew Grant (2 dan Open University), Robert Salkeld (1 dan), John Fairbairn (2 dan London), Bob Bagot (2 dan Manchester), Paul Margetts (1 dan Epsom Downs) and Alex Rix (4 dan London). The top four were sure to qualify for the next stage, as would most of the rest taking up reserve places.

International Teams 21/03/99

Held in London at the Nippon Club, a joint Chinese/Korean team won with 15, ahead of Japan on 9, Reading 8 and Central London's 4.

Coventry 28/03/99

54 players attended and could hear Matthew Macfadyen's entertaining lunch talk on the rarity of the species known as the British six dan. As usual Matthew also won the event. Those on 3/3 were: John Lowe (3 kyu Leamington), Thomas Erker (5 kyu Germany), Malcolm Walker (10 kyu Worcester), Nicola Hurden (14 kyu Brakenhale), and Ian McAnally (25 kyu Manchester). Brakenhale school mates Dan Calvelo and Shawn Hearn won the 13x13 prizes. As Brakenhale tied with Leamington for the team prize, Matthew and Nicola played a lightning play off; despite Matthew winning, the youngsters still got their prize.

Thames Valley Teams 05/04/99

Six teams made it to Great Missenden for the traditional Easter Monday Thames Valley Team Tournament. Reading regained lost form (helped may be by the handicapping scheme) despite having to field a reserve and Jim Clare (3 dan) losing to Christian Scarff (1 dan). Second was the Jet Lagged team, followed by West Surrey.

British Go Congress Abingdon 09/04/99-11/04/99

Abingdon School was the attractive location of the British in the historic Thames-side town. 37 players arrived to play the British Lightning. Seong-June Kim was the winner, beating Piers into second. The others with 4/5 were T.Mark Hall, Des Cann, Simon Goss and Chris Dawson. In the lower division, first was Ian McAnally (23 kyu) with 5/5, ahead of Daniel Calvelo (25 kyu).

80 players took part in the main tournament, the British Open. The prizes in the Open went to: 1. S-J. Kim (6 dan Cambridge) for 6/6, 2. M. Macfadyen (6 dan Cambridge) for 5/6, 3. T.Mark Hall (4 dan London), 4. Y. Kim (5 dan CLGC) for 4/6, and those on 5/6 Tim Hunt (1 kyu Cambridge), Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester), Philip Beck (3 kyu Cambridge), Konrad Scheffler (4 kyu Cambridge), Theo Elliott (16 kyu Brakenhale) and Roger Peck (20 kyu unattached). The Nippon Club Cup for the best BGA club team went to Cambridge for their 63 percent. Winners in the continuous 13x13 were Nicola Hurden (13 kyu Brakenhale) and Daniel Calvelo (25 kyu Brakenhale). Dr Evan Harris MP presented the prizes.

1998-1999 Grand Prix

The 1998-1999 Stacey Grand Prix (for the most top tournament games won) went for the first time ever to Matthew Macfadyen (39 points), ahead of Francis Roads (33 points) and S-J. Kim (28). The WKD Grand Prix (for the two dan with the most losses) went to worthy winner Alan Thornton (31 points), ahead of Alison Jones (25) and Simon Goss (23). Alison Jones was highest placed woman in the Open and so scored the most qualifying points towards trips to the Women's World Amateur, ahead of Kirsty Healey, Lena Morrish and Sue Paterson. In addition for the first time, Challenger's places were awarded to S. Shiu, A. Rix, T. Hunt, T. Atkins and M. Charles from the Open, and A. Thornton and B. Bagot from the Stacey.

Devon 18/04/99

The fifth Devon Tournament moved west to the ancient sea port of Plymouth. The venue was a pub, the Three crowns, on the Barbican. Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading) took his first even game title. Losing finalist was Tony Putman (1 dan Swindon). The best of the bottom half of the 16 were Corrina Finnis (12 kyu West Cornwall) and Richard Helyer (7 kyu Oxford) who beat Corrina in the last round.

Bar-Low 02/05/99

The Bar-Low tournament for kyu players was held at the usual venue of the Cambridge University Centre. The number of players taking part was the same as the last three years at 32 plus the organiser. Cambridge's 1 kyu Jonathan Chin won all five games against his fellow kyu players to end in first place. Phil Beck ended second as a 3 kyu by winning 4/5. Two other prize winners were Brakenhale's Briony Staines (27 kyu) and Emma-Jayne Fairbrother (22 kyu).

Challenger's League 01/05/99-03/05/99

This was again a 24 player tournament, held as last year at the Nippon Club in Piccadilly. 12 players from last year, anyone 5 dan or stronger and those qualified from the Candidates' Tournament, the British Open or the Stacey could take part. Making a welcome reappearance this year was the British Champion from the sixties and seventies, Jon Diamond. A three way tie between Matthew Cocke, Des Cann and John Rickard will mean a play-off having to be arranged. Those on 4/6 taking places 5 to 8 were: Matthews, Hall, Shepperson, Ward and Jim Clare.



At the BGA AGM Alex Rix stood down as President after nearly 8 years. He has been replaced by Alison Jones. The meeting decided to increase subscriptions to 12 pounds (UK) for 2000, but not to introduce life membership. Other topics discussed included overseas travel grants and kyu gradings. Full details on the BGA Web pages.

Dublin 19/03/99-22/03/99

A record 32 players from 14 countries took place in the Open. Matthew Macfadyen remained unbeaten to win and take the maximum 15 European Grand Prix points. Eduardo Herrero (6 dan Argentina) lost to David Ward (3 dan) but held on to second place. Third was Andrew Grant (2 dan) who beat David Ward back into fourth. Fifth was Michael Marz (2 dan), sixth Francis Roads (4 dan), then Paul Smith (2 dan), Tony Atkins (2 dan), Ruud Stoelma and Ralph Tiefenthalia (both 1 dan). Best lady, scoring 4/5, was Paula Maneggia (13 kyu Italy), the same score as Peter Nuebel (5 kyu Germany).

22 players contested in the Rapid for prizes donated by keen local go player, Daniel Dulzin, Mexican Ambassador. After five rounds there was a four way tie, so after play-offs Tony Atkins (2 dan) and Peter Nuebel (5 kyu) were third, Ralph Tiefenthalia (1 dan) was second and Ruud Stoelma (1 dan) was first. 12 players played in the Irish Handicap. Placed third on tie-break was Colin Adams (1 dan), behind Andrew Grant in second and Ruud who took his second Irish title.

Other GP

The Austrian GP was in Velden this year. First was Victor Bogdanov (6 dan Russia) ahead of Gabor Szabic (5 dan Hungary). 210 attended Paris at Easter. Guo Juan (7 dan Netherlands) was first on tie-break (she lost to Farid Ben Malek). Second was Gerlach, third Colmez and fourth Malek who lost to Danek. Top Brit was Piers Shepperson in 12th place with 3/6. Milan was won by Christoph Gerlach (6 dan Germany), ahead of Victor Bogdanov and Tonny Claasen (5 dan Netherlands). At this point Bogdanov was ahead in the GP points with 47.5, then Danek (38), Gerlach (37), Florescu (36) and Guo (35).


To 1 dan: Jonathan Chin, Tim Hunt and Nick Wedd. To 3 dan: Nick Mandache.

Teach Yourself Go

This new book from Hodder by Charles Matthews is ideal for a beginner trying to teach themselves go and is available from BGA Books. Local libraries should be encourage to stock it.

Pair Go Promotion Partners

A new scheme has been launched to support Pair Go, the British PGPP. For a minimum donation of 50 pounds members get benefits that include free entry to the Pair Go Championships at Stokenchurch on 23/05/99 and acknowledgement as supporters of Pair Go. For details contact Tony Atkins.

Go Tuition

Guo Juan is to return for a strong players' day in London 19/06/99. Contact Alison Jones.

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminar days and a scheme to teach by email. He hopes to be teaching a Summer School Course at Marlborough School again in 1999.

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