British Go E-Journal: July 1999

Issue 29       July 1999

UK Tournament News

Bracknell 15/05/99

70 players attended at the new venue which was actually in Wokingham and not Bracknell. Winner was Y.K. Kim (5 dan CLGC) who beat S-J. Kim (6 dan Cambridge) in the last round. Winners on 3/3 were Simon Bexfield (1 dan CLGC), Granville Wright (1 dan Brighton), Alan Metz (2 kyu Portsmouth), Tony Lyall (7 kyu Norwich), Thomas Wolf (9 kyu Twickenham), Neil Moffatt (10 kyu Portsmouth), Richard Barnes (15 kyu), Ian McAnally (22 kyu Manchester) and Andrew Gale (29 kyu Brakenhale). The 13x13 winner was Daniel Calvelo (21 kyu Brakenhale).

Pair Go 23/05/99

31 Pairs attended the Championships held this year at Stokenchurch near High Wycombe. Competition was in three sections: the British Championship, the Open Handicap and Youth Handicap. Winners of the Youth were Brakenhale's Nicola Hurden and Shawn Hearn, with the runners up being a scratch team of Andrew Gale and Gary White. Handicap winners were Jini Williams and Fred Holroyd, with runners up Yoko Sone and John McAnally. In the Championship section winners for the third year running were Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen, with runners up Alison Jones and Tony Atkins. It looks like the latter pair will be our representatives in the World Pairs Championships in November. Other pairs on two wins were Emma Marchant and Simon Goss, Sue Paterson and Des Cann. Best dressed pairs were Sylvia Kalisch and Richard Parkins, Luise Wolf and Thomas Wolf; Emma-Jayne Fairbrother and Tom Blockley had the best dressed feet. Various prizes were awarded in the top ten go songs competition.

Scottish 29/05/99-30/05/99

23 players attended this year's Scottish Open, held for the third time at Glasgow University. Winner this year was Simon Shiu (4 dan Bristol) who won all 6. Second on 5/6 was Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading). Ian McAnally (20 kyu Manchester) also won 5/6.

Leicester 12/06/99

54 players attended the Leicester Tournament, again held in its church hall venue. A change from recent years was that the trophy actually arrived, after a rescue from Matthew Macfadyen's trophy cupboard by Des Cann. Actually it was Des who took it away again as he was the winner. Playing at 4 dan, he did well to beat Seong June Kim (6 dan Cambridge) in the last round. Kim was second and David Ward (3 dan Cambridge) was third despite having to play two other Cambridge players including the 6 dan and beating the Bracknell winner Young Kim (5 dan London). Prizes of 3/3 went to Dan Micsa (1 dan Reading), Steve Bailey (2 kyu West Surrey), Malcolm Walker (9 kyu Worcester), Theo Elliott (14 kyu Brakenhale), Chris Jones (20 kyu Unattached) and Nick Calvelo (29 kyu Brakenhale). Dan Calvelo (the elder brother) won the continuous 13x13 ahead of school mate Shawn Hearn.

Welsh Open 26/06/99-27/06/99

54 people also attended the Welsh Open at Barmouth. This was a record attendance possible caused by predictions of fine weather or by the events reputation for a fun atmosphere and the beautiful sea and hills around. As ever the winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington). A creditable second place was Andrew Grant (2 dan Open University) who placed ahead of several 3 dans. Prize winners for 4/5 were Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester), Tom Blockley (3 kyu Worcester), Peter Fisher (5 kyu Leicester), Richard Moulds (8 kyu), Jil Segerman (12 kyu Manchester), Shawn Hearn (15 kyu Brakenhale) and Dan Calvelo (17 kyu Brakenhale).

Portsmouth 04/07/98

The first ever Pompey Tournament was held in the small village of Southwick high on the Downs above the city. 46 players attended and despite a large number of Brakenhale children turning up none one prizes. May be this was caused by the distraction of football luring them away from the 13x13; Dan Micsa (1 dan Reading) won this event earning himself one of the new BGA Books tokens. Winner of the event was local member Alistair Wall (4 dan) who one a go cabinet. Runner up was Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading). Those winning engraved glasses for three wins were: Neil Moffatt (9 kyu Portsmouth), Greg Lane-Serf (10 kyu Winchester), Michael Davis (12 kyu Plymouth), Ian McAnally (18 kyu Manchester) and Gary White (28 kyu Wildridings School Bracknell). Kevin Drake (1 kyu Bournemouth) also won a glass for 2 wins and a jigo. Portsmouth declined to win the fan that was the team prize and offered it to Winchester instead.


World Amateur

55 countries took part in Oita, Japan. Winner was Jae-sung Yoo of Korea (8/8) and second was Sakai of Japan (7/8). Top European was Diane Koszegi of Hungary who was 9th with 6/8. Britain's Matthew Macfadyen was 16th on tie-break scoring 5/8; he lost to Korea, South Africa (Victor Chow) and Romania (Sorin Gherman). Ireland's Noel Mitchell was 44th with 3/8.

Yuki Shigeno Children's Tour

Yuki Shigeno (2p) is planning on spending 10 days touring south-east England teaching children in the autumn. She plans to visit from 15-25/10/99. Also Wanstead will probably run a small board event along side a tournament in this period. Anyone knowing a school that would like to have Yuki visit to teach go should contact the editor.

European GP Results

Bled         1. V. Danek      2. V. Bogdanov   3. D. Yatsenko
Budapest     1. D. Bogatskii  2. L. Soldan     3. T. Pocsai (all 4/5 + B. Nagy)
Amsterdam    1. F-J. Dickhut  2. C. Gerlach    3. Guo Juan
Hamburg      1. Guo Juan      2. C. Gerlach    3. F-J. Dickhut (all on 5/6)
Zagreb       1. L. Matoh      2. M. Zakotnik   3. Z. Mutabzija
Warsaw       1. R. Nechanciky 2. A. Gomenyuk   3. D. Yatsenko

How to Play Go

This book from Hodder by Charles Matthews is ideal for a beginner trying to teach themselves go and is available from BGA Books. Local libraries should be encourage to stock it.

Go Tuition

Guo Juan returned for a strong players' weekend in London 19/06/99-20/06/99. 14 players 42 dan in strength attended.

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminar days and a scheme to teach by email or post.

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