British Go E-Journal: March 1995

Issue 3. March 1995

Tournament News

Furze Platt (21/01/95)

Sponsored again by Hitachi Europe at their Maidenhead Headquarters. Won By T.Mark Hall (4dan) who beat the sponsor and Macfadyen. Other with three wins: Andrew Grant (2dan OU), Charles Leedham-Green (1dan Wanstead), Simon Butler (1kyu Reading), David King (2kyu Brakenhale), Bill Rivers (2kyu Oxford), Charles Bockett-Pugh (5kyu West Surrey), Paul Clarke (13kyu High Wycombe) and David Bennett (16kyu Culcheath).

Schools 1994 (22/01/95)

Brakenhale School won the 1994 Team event again. Newcomers Commonweal School, Swindon, won the Lightning Championships.

Wanstead (04/02/95)

Despite the original organiser and seven other go players missing the tournament for a skiing holiday, Wanstead went well. Winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6dan Leamington) who beat London's Jonathan Chetwynd (2dan) in the last round. C.Weeks of West Surrey won four games and prizes were also awarded to those with 2.5 or 3: Messers M.Hall, S.Barthropp, H.Lee, P.Collins, D.King, E.Hall, W. Walters, R.Mullens, R.Finking, J.Lewis and Miriam Brod and Emma Marchant.

Cambridge (26/02/95)

62 players attended the University Centre on a sunny spring day. Norwich's Matthew Cocke (4dan) won beating Cambridge's Miss Xiashua Jiang in the last round. Winners on 3 were: J.Chetwynd, S.Goss, G.Mills, B.Allday, O.Riordan, D.King, R.Mullens and V.Milner.

Ing Cup (03/03/95-05/03/95)

Britain's Matthew Macfadyen had perhaps his best tournament ever beating Bogdanov and Shen and others to come joint first with John Lee (USA), Shen Gruangji (D) and Catalin Taranu (Ro). Shutai Zhang also competed.

International Team Match (12/03/95)

Held in a rather stuffy Indian Restaurant, the CLGC team profited from the good food to win ahead of Wanstead, the Nippon Club and London University.


Feng Yun

Miss Feng Yun, Chinese professional 8dan, was only able to spend a few weeks in Britain. She attended a receptions and open afternoon at the Central London Go Club and did a little touring. She came with the Pingding Mountain Coal Team, which included Wang Dongliang professional 4dan. However she had to return to play the China-Japan SuperGo Match - a great honour for a mere 8dan!

British Championship

At the International Match on 12/03/95 Shutai Zhang, the Chinese Doctor from London, beat challenger Matthew Macfadyen to take a 2-0 lead.

Irish Championship

Steven Flinter beat Noel Mitchell 2-0 to take the Championship off off Noel after a Macfadyen-esque reign at the top.

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