British Go E-Journal: September 1999

Issue 30       September 1999

Foreign Tournament News

European in Slovakia

First was Alexander Dinerstein the 6 dan Russian who has been studying go in Korea. Second Ion Florescu (6d Ro), third Dmitrij Surin (5d Ru), fourth Lee Hyuk (7d Ru), 5th Leszek Soldan (6d Pl). At the weekend first was Lee Hyuk, second Dinerstein and third Florescu. 10 players from the UK (including Germans and Japanese) attended but won no prizes.

US Open in San Francisco

Francis Roads won the Bob High Memorial Song Contest. Simon Butler was third equal in the shodan band.

British Tournament News

Isle of Man 22/08/99-27/08/99

54 players took part in the main event and two more in the afternoon. Winner of the main event was Francis Roads (4d) ahead of Des Cann (4d). Neil Moffatt (8k Portsmouth) and Shawn Hearn (14k Brakenhale) won all 5. On 4/5 were Eric Hall (3k Swindon), Emma Marchant (8k Brakenhale), Gernot Belger (13k D), Ian McAnally (17k Manchester) and Garry White (26k Wildridings).

The afternoon event was won by Shigehiko Uno (5d London). On 3/3 were Ian McAnally and Emma Fairbrother (20k Brakenhale). On 2 and a jigo were Eric Hall and France Ellul (3k High Wycombe). Prizes for two and a bye went to Graham Brooks (12k Swindon) and Gustav Rober (17k IOM).

Pairs champions were Michael Marz and Gernot Rober, who beat Simon Goss and Chris White in the final.

After a play-off the team winners were the Fish, Spoon and Tea Set, ahead of Derby Leamings. Shawn Hearn beat William Brooks in the final to win the Continuous Lightning. 13x13 winner was Francis Roads (beat France Ellul in last round). Chris White (29k Brakenhale) was the best in the 35 player Handicap event. Tom Blockley (3k Worcester) was Junior champion.

Mind Sports Olympiad 21/08/99-29/08/99

The 13x13 event was won by Shutai Zhang, second Matthew Macfadyen and third Vladimir Danek. The 9x9 event was won by Seong-June Kim, second Shutai Zhang, third Gert Schneider. A beginners 9x9 was won by F. Prager, second T. Niccoli and third N. Regan.

The six round main event was won by Shutai Zhang on tie-break from Si Young Jang and Guo Juan. The fast play was won clearly by Si Young Jang, second Guo Juan and equal third Shutai Zhang and Sa Ryun Yoon.

Go players recorded medals in other events too such as poker, skat, Continuo and Countdown. Paul Smith took the gold in the Pentamind ahead of Demis Hassabis.

Northern 04/09/99-05/09/99

Only 40 players took part. Three top players all scored 5/6 and were broken by tie-break: 1. Francis Roads (4d), 2. T.Mark Hall (4d), 3. Shigehiko Uno (5d). Two Manchester 7 kyus won 5/6: Ken Primrose and Richard Moulds. Best player below 10 kyu was Ian McAnally (15k Chester).


Professional Visits

Cho Hun-Hyun (Korea 9p) attended the MSO and lectured and played 10 on 1 simultaneous. He was assisted in translation by Nam Chihyoung (Korea 1p).

From 14/09/99 to 19/09/99 Miss Umezawa Yukari (Japan 3p) and Miss Inori Yoko (Japan 4p) will be in England. They will be at Wanstead Club on 16/09/99 and Nippon Club on 17/09/99 and Milton Keynes Tournament on 18/09/99 to comment on British Championship game 2. Matthew Macfadyen beat Matthew Cocke in game 1 on 11/07/99 in Cambridge.

Shigeno Yuki (Japan/Italy 2p) will be teaching go to children in south east England between 15/10/99 and 25/10/99. She will be at Wanstead/Youth Small Board on 16/10/99.

CGF Cup 1999

The winner of this computer competition in Japan was Britain's Go++ by Michael Reiss. Second was a new Japanese program called Haruka.

European GP Results

Russia       1. A. Dinerstein 2. Lee Hyuk      3. V. Bogdanov
Helsinki     1. V. Bogdanov   2. M. Siivola
European     see above
Final placings: 1 Viktor Bogdanov (84.5), 2. Vladimir Danek (65), 3. Ion Florescu (63.5), 4. Christoph Gerlach (61), 5. Guo Juan (60), 24. M. Macfadyen

Obayashi Cup

05/09/99 and 06/09/99 in Amsterdam was won by Guo Juan. She beat Katsura Atsushi (2p) in the semi-final and Franz-Joseph Dickhut (6d) in the final. The other losing semi-finalist was Geert Groenen.

Go Tuition

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminar days and a scheme to teach by email or post.

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