British Go E-Journal: November 1999

Issue 31       November 1999

Tournament News

Milton Keynes Tournament 18/09/99

66 players took part in this year's tournament at the Open University. As an extra bonus this time was the visit of professionals Umezawa Yukari (3p) and Inori Yoko (4p). They who played some teaching games with the children, made origami and analysed British Championship Game 2.

Winner of the tournament was Young Kim (5 dan CLGC). On 3/3 were Alison Jones (2 dan Wanstead), Steve Bailey (2 kyu West Surrey), Matthew Reid (3 kyu Cambridge), Peter Fisher (4 kyu Leicester), Jimmy Mao (6 kyu Bristol), Richard Thompson (6 kyu Leicester), Garry White (22 kyu Berks Youth) and Matthew Selby and Stephen Streater (playing in this first event). Ian McAnally (15 kyu Manchester) won 2.5.

Shrewsbury Tournament 03/10/99

56 attended Shrewsbury. Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) won in his club's tradition. On 3/3 were Tony Atkins (2 dan Bracknell), Henry Segerman (1 dan Manchester), Richard Moulds (5 kyu Manchester), Jil Segerman (11 kyu Manchester), Matthew Selby (18 kyu Epsom), Stephen Streater (22 kyu Epsom), and Natasha Regan (25 kyu Epsom). Manchester won the team prize.

Wanstead & Youth Small Board 16/10/99

46 adults took part in the Wanstead Tournament, resurrected at new a venue: Walthamstow Friends' Meeting House. Winner on 4/4 was Seoung-June Kim (6 dan Cambridge). Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) was second with 3/4. Also on 3/4 were Andrew Grant (2 dan Open), Tim Hunt (1 dan Cambridge), Dave Artus (1 dan London), Konrad Scheffler (2 kyu Cambridge), Mike Cockburn (2 kyu St Albans), Roger Daniel (4 kyu Hampstead) and Christian Nentwich (6 kyu CLGC). On 4/4 were Thomas Wolf (8 kyu Putney) and Matthew Selby (15 kyu Epsom).

In the British Youth Small Board winner and under-18 champion was Philip Tedder (6 kyu Epsom). Runner Up was Nicola Hurden (13 kyu Berks Youth). Winner in under 14 section was Shawn Hearn (12 kyu Berks Youth) and Under 10 winner was Luise Wolf (30 kyu Putney). Winner of the Handicap prize was Gary White (20 kyu Berks Youth). All the kids had a chance to play Yuki Shigeno (pro 2 dan).

30th Wessex Tournament 31/10/99

88 players. Winner was Young Kim (5 dan GLGC) ahead of Antonio Moreno (4 dan Bristol). Other winners were in divisions: Division 2 Dan Micsa (2 dan Reading); Division 3 Bob Hitchens (1 dan Bristol); Division 4 Steve Bailey (1 kyu West Surrey); Division 5 Ian Sharpe (2 kyu Bath); Division 6 Tom Blockley (3 kyu Worcester); Division 7 Philip Tedder (6 kyu Epsom Downs); Division 8 Toby Anderson (10 kyu Bournemouth); Division 9 Natasha Regan (18 kyu Epsom Downs); Division 10 Paul Blockley (28 kyu Worcester). Of these Kim, Hitchens, Anderson and Regan won all 4 games. The FG Cup for 13x13 went to Shawn Hearn (12 Kyu Berkshire Youth). The best team was Epsom Downs.

European GP Dates

The European GP circuit has ended to be replaced in 2000 by the Toyota European Go Tour. Details of major european events are available via the egf web site or the page shown above. Major tournaments:
Gothenburg   06/11/99-07/11/99
Prague       20/11/99-21/11/99
Kiev         27/11/99-28/11/99
London       31/12/99-03/01/00
Barcelona    19/02/00-20/02/00
Austria      25/03/00-26/03/00
Dublin       01/04/00-02/04/00
Paris        22/04/00-23/04/00
Milan        29/04/00-30/04/00


Professional Visits

From 14/09/99 to 19/09/99 Miss Umezawa Yukari (Japan 3p) and Miss Inori Yoko (Japan 4p) were in England. They were at Wanstead Club on 16/09/99 and the Nippon Club on 17/09/99. At Milton Keynes Tournament on 18/09/99 they commented on British Championship game 2. Matthew Macfadyen came back from behind to beat Matthew Cocke by 2.5 points.

Shigeno Yuki (Japan/Italy 2p) taught go to children in south east England between 15/10/99 and 24/10/99. She was at the Wanstead/Youth Small Board on 16/10/99, at the Teach the Teachers day on 17/10/99, at schools/clubs in High Wycombe, Bracknell, London and Cambridge, and on 23/10/99 she commented on British Championship game 3 where Matthew Macfadyen beat Matthew Cocke to retain the title (3-0).

European Results

Copenhagen   11/09/99-12/09/99: 21 players. Janick Rassmussen (DK) won on
                                tie-break from Farid Ben Malek (F).
Bucharest    02/10/99-03/10/99: 80 players. Won by Lucretiu Carlota (Ro).
Bratislava   09/10/88-10/10/99: 46 players. Won by Vladimir Danek (Cz).
Brussels     30/10/99-31/10/99: 68 players. Won by Guo Juan (NL).

AGI Ski Trip

16/12/99-02/01/00 at "milky way" Sestriere.

Go Tuition

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminar days and a scheme to teach by email or post.

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