British Go E-Journal: March 2000

Issue 33       March 2000

Tournament News

HITACHI Furze Platt, Maidenhead, 15/01/00

82 players made their way to HITACHI Europe's headquarters at Maidenhead on the Middle Saturday of January for the Maidenhead Tournament and a free lunch. Only four players won all three games: winner Seong-June Kim (6 dan Cambridge) Paul Margetts (1 dan Epsom), David King (1 Kyu Swindon), Shawn Hearn (12 kyu Berkshire Youth). Best team was Loads of Berks (from the Youth Go Club) and the continuous 9x9 winner was Nicola Hurden (13 kyu Berks Youth). All on 2 wins won a bottle of wine thanks to the sponsorship.

British Youth, Cambridge, 16/01/00

The day after Maidenhead was the British Youth Championships at Milton near Cambridge. 26 youngsters took part. This year the top group was four players between 3 and 5 kyu. Tom Blockley (3 kyu Worcester) was over all Youth Champion and U16 Champion. Overall runner up and U18 Champion was Philip Marshall (4 kyu Isle of Man). Jimmy Mao (5 kyu Bristol) was the U16 runner up. U18 runner up was Philip Tedder (4 kyu Epsom). Also in the Under 18 section Emma Marchant was the best girl, at 8 kyu, despite losing to Ben Morris (11 kyu Cambridge). The U14 group was between four players between 11 and 13 kyu. Winner was Adam Eckersley-Waites (12 kyu Cambridge) who beat runner up Shawn Hearn (12 kyu Brakenhale) and Theo Elliott (13 kyu Brakenhale). U12 winner was Ian McAnally (11 kyu Manchester) who beat the higher graded William Brooks (10 kyu Cambridge). U10 winner was Paul Blockley (26 kyu Worcester) and runner up was Luise Wolf (30 kyu London). U8 winner was Ben Parker (Cambridge) who was also the youngest player.

Prizes for all games played (including handicap ones), winning 5/6 was Hereward Mills (25 kyu Bedford) and Tom Blockley, for 4/6 Adam Eckersley-Waites and Andrew Gale (25 kyu Berks Youth), Simon Jones (20 kyu Berks Youth), Ben Morris (11 kyu Cambridge) and James Heppell (30 kyu Norwich). Winning 3/6 in the beginners' group were Charles Heppell (Norwich) and Oscar John (Cambridge). The 1999 Youth Grand Prix Trophies were awarded to first Ian McAnally (1633 points), second Shawn Hearn (1536) and third Nicola Hurden (1240). Next places were taken by Theo Elliott (986), Lucie Elliott (894) and Tom Blockley (887). Points are awarded for both tournament attendance and wins.

Oxford, 12/02/00

102 players attended the 2000 Oxford Tournament on 12/02/00. Winner was S-J Kim (6 dan Cambridge); he beat Young Yim, Des Cann and Ebukuro Tamotsu. Prize winners on 3/3 were Ruud Stoelman (2 dan Bradford), Sue Paterson (2 kyu London), Frank Visser (3 kyu Cambridge), Natasha Regan (7 kyu Epsom), Andrea Casalotti (9 kyu London), Kenneth Wilcox (10 kyu Plymouth), Andrew Slough (13 kyu Epsom) and for 2.5/3 Wenbo Mao (2 kyu Bristol) and Paul Blockley (26 kyu Worcester).

Edinburgh Club, 13/02/00

At the Edinburgh Club Tournament on 13/02/00 ten players took part. Best was Art McKendrick (1 kyu) who beat Donald McLeod and Jim Cook, but lost to Howard Manning.

Cambridge Trigantius, 04/03/00

73 players took part in the 24th Trigantius, this year held in St Paul's Church. Thanks to Alistair Wall beating Seong-June Kim the tournament was a four-way tie: Cambridge's S-J. Kim (6 dan) and David Ward (3 dan), and Wanstead's Francis Roads and Alistair Wall (both 4 dan) shared the cash prize donated by HITACHI. Sharing the Best Kyu cash prize were: Mike Nash and Geoff Kaniuk (London) and Wenbo Mao (Bristol), all 1 kyu. On 3/3 were: David Ward, Paul Russell (6 kyu), Roger Murby (8 kyu), Jonathan Medlock (13 kyu) all from Cambridge, Martin Cook (19 kyu York) and Simon Jones (19 kyu Berks Youth). On 2.5/3 were William Brooks (9 kyu Cambridge) and David Firth (10 kyu Leamington) and on 2/2 was Hoi Ping Mok (14 kyu Cambridge). 13x13 winner with 10/10 was Shawn Hearn (12 kyu Berks Youth).


Tournament Coordinator

Tim Hunt has now taken on this job.

Journal Editor

After more than ten years as Journal Editor, Brian Timmins has stepped down from this position. The BGA will be recognising his contribution to British Go as Editor, Membership Secretary and Publicity Officer at the AGM. The new editor is David Woodnutt.

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the BGA will be at 20:00 on 29/04/00 at the Novotel Ipswich during the British Go Congress.

European Results

Barcelona, 19/02/00-20/02/00 was won by Miyakawa Wataru (6 dan F) on 5/5. Second was Du Jingyu (7 dan D). Two UK players won 3/5: Natasha Regan (6 kyu) and Matthew Selby (7 kyu).

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