British Go E-Journal: July 2000

Issue 35       July 2000

Tournament News

Bar-Low at Cambridge 07/05/00

36 players took part at the Bar-Low held this time in an Internet Cafe. The bottom graded players played in their own group. Best results in the top group were winner Phil Beck (2 kyu Cambridge) with 5/5, Andrew Spray (11 kyu Cambridge) with 4/5 and Joe Walker (9 kyu Cambridge) and Martin Cook (16 kyu York) both with 3/3.

Bracknell 13/05/00

63 players attended the Bracknell Tournament, held for the second year running at Woosehill in Wokingham. Getting his revenge for last year was winner Seong-June Kim (6 dan Cambridge). The only other player on 3/3 was John Rae (9 kyu Internet). All those winning their first two were awarded prizes too: Des Cann (4 dan), John Fairbairn (2 dan), Simon Butler (1 dan), Steve Bailey (2 kyu West Surrey), Alexey Nemolovsky (2 kyu Ukraine), Paul Johnstone (8 kyu Twickenham), Steve Smith (12 kyu Winchester) and Simon Jones (18 kyu Berks Youth). Nicola Hurden (12 kyu Berks Youth) won the 13x13 and David Denholm (6 kyu High Wycombe) won the go puzzle competition.

Pair Go 21/05/00

This was held at a very pleasant hotel in Boars Hill near Oxford, but attendance was disappointing this time. Winners were Emma Marchant and Simon Goss (8 kyu/2 dan). On 2/3 were Natasha/Alex, Sally/Nick and Jackie/Francis.

Winners in the handicap section were Fiona Campbell and Jim Edwards from Aylesbury. Youth Champion's were Nicola Hurden/Shawn Hearn. Garry White organised a 13x13 event won by himself in a team called Giraffes. Jini Williams/Fred Holroyd were the best dressed pairs and special prizes for costume went to France Ellul, Jackie Chai and Lydia and Matthew Macfadyen.

Challenger's League 26/05/00-29/05/00

This was held as an all-play-all at the Friends Meeting House in Walthamstow. In order the scores were: Des Cann 7, Matthew Cocke 6, Young Kim 5, Alex Selby 3, T.Mark Hall 3, David Ward 2, John Rickard 1, Alistair Wall 1. Des Cann will challenge Matthew Macfadyen for the British Champion's title.

Leicester 10/06/00

A recent record of 74 players attended the Leicester Tournament. Winner for the second year running was Des Cann (4 dan) , who beat Niculae Mandache (3 dan) in the final round. Those on 3/3 were Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading), Richard Thompson (5 kyu Leicester), Natasha Regan (5 kyu Epsom), Matthew Selby (6 kyu Epsom), Satoko Takami (6 kyu Birmingham), Malcolm Walker (8 kyu Worcester) and Chris White (25 kyu Berks Youth). Best team was Epsom with 83%.

Winner of the 13x13 was Garry White (14 kyu Berks Youth) with 8 wins, and second was Nicola Hurden (12 kyu Berks Youth). First entry prize went to Tony Atkins.

Welsh Open 24/06/00-25/06/00

52 players attended the Welsh Open in Barmouth. Winner as always was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington). The next places went to Toby Manning (3 dan Leamington), Simon Goss (2 dan Bracknell) and Ruud Stoelman (2 dan Bradford). On 4/5 were: Richard Moulds (4 kyu Manchester), Natasha Regan (4 kyu Epsom), Emma Marchant (8 kyu Berks Youth), Gary Beman (10 kyu Leamington), Shawn Hearn (11 kyu Berks Youth) and Stephen Streater (17 kyu Epsom). Both Kirsty Healey (1 dan Leamington) and Elinor Brooks (6 kyu Swindon) won 3.5/5.

Fuseki Follow-On Experimental Tournament 08/07/00

Steve Bailey hosted this event in Guildford for 1 and 2 kyus to play through the rest of a game started by two pros. Winner was Jimmy Mao (Bristol) with 4/4, second Jackie Chai (Bournemouth), third Wenbo Mao (Bristol). 7 players attended.

European Results

Bled TT   06/05/00-07/05/00

59 players attended the second Toyota Tour tournament, held in Bled, Slovenia. Joint winners on 5/6 were Vladimir Danek (6 dan Cz) and Tibor Pocsai (5 dan Hungary); third on tie-break was Gert Schneider (5 dan Austria).

Budapest   13/05/00-14/05/00

58 players attended the major tournament in Hungary. Winner was Tibor Pocsai (5 dan) on 5/5 and second was Diana Koszegi (5 dan Hu) on 4/5.

Zagreb   27/05/00-28/05/00

The Croatian major was attended by 36 players and won by Zoran Mutabzija (5 dan), the best on 4/5.

Amsterdam TT   01/06/00-04/06/00

The third Toyota Tour tournament was held at the EGCC in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Four of the 148 players had travelled from the UK - Harry Fearnley (2 dan) scoring 4/6. Winner of the tournament was Du Jingu with 6/6, second was Guo Juan with 5/6 and third was Frank Janssen the best on 4/6. The only other player to win 6/6 was young Kei Shinada (3 kyu) who is living in Belgium.

Other News

World Amateur

56 countries attended the World Amateur in Sendai Japan. Britain's Charles Matthews was 32nd with 4/8. His results were -Netherlands +Mexico -Chile +Venezuela -Thailand +Spain -Slovenia +South Africa. First was Sakai of Japan and next places were DPR Korea, Korea, China, Singapore, Netherlands (Geert Groenen), Germany (David Schoffel), Romania (Ion Florescu). Stephen Flinter for Ireland was 46th.

European 2001- Help required

The BGA is helping to run the European Go Congress in Dublin in 2001. Volunteers are needed to help run tournaments, the book shop and help with the Journal. It may be possible to offer discounted entry to those helping out. The tournament runs 22/07/01-04/08/01 and sponsorship is being provided by Fujitsu-Siemens Ireland Ltd.

MSO 2000 - Help required

Anyone willing to help man the go stand at the MSO for a day or half day should contact Alison Jones.


John Fairbairn has been promoted to 3 dan and Tim Hunt to 2 dan.

BGA Newsletter

The paper newsletter is now edited by Jil Segerman

BGA Analyst

T. Mark Hall no longer runs the BGA Analysis service. If anyone can run this service or help with the analysis they should contact Alison.

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