British Go E-Journal: Sptember 2000

Issue 36       September 2000

Tournament News

Scottish Open 15/07/00-16/07/00

22 players converged on Edinburgh University's Pollock Halls for the 9th Scottish Open. Quentin Mills (3 dan) beat Wuge Briscoe (6 dan Australia), and also beat Francis Roads (4 dan), to finish with a perfect 6. Wuge had to settle for 5/6 and Francis for 4/6. Roger Daniel (3 kyu London) also won 4 wins.

Norwich 12/08/00

This was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

MSO 19/08/00-28/08/00

Mind Sports Olympiad, Alexander Palace, London

24 players took part in the Lightning which was won by Lee Hyuk with 7/7. Seong June Kim was second on 6/7. Xingwen Liao and Tim Hunt both finished on 4/7 with Xingwen taking the bronze medal on tie break. Other prizes went to Simon Bexfield with 6/7 in the McMahon section, Shawn Hearn (10 kyu) 5/7, Alistair Brooks (22 kyu, youth and 4.5/7), Chuck Smith (30 kyu) 6/7 and Mark Stretch (30 kyu ) 4/7 (beginners' prize).

The Youth Tournament had 13 kids from 3 dan to 30 kyu and 6 to 17. Ordering was full board result followed by 9x9 percentage result. It was won by Liao Xingwen (aged 6), second Jimmy Mao (1 kyu) and third Tom Blockley (3 kyu). U14 was Adam Eckersley-Waites (10 kyu), U12 was William Brooks (8 kyu) and U11 was Paul Blockley (25 kyu).

Main Event (40 players): Gold - Guo Juan (6/6), Silver - Zhang Shutai (4/6), Bronze - Lee Hyuk (4/6). Others on 4/6: fourth Du Jingyu (7 dan), fifth Geert Groenen (6 dan NL), sixth Chen Zhixing (5 dan). Prizes for 4 points to Paul Margetts (1 dan), Andrew Morris (1 kyu), Tom Cooper (15 kyu)

Rapid (42 players) Gold - Moon Il Do (6/6), Silver - Du Jingyu (5/6), Bronze - Lu Jinqiang on tie from Guo Juan (both 4/6) also on 4/6 Wang Xang Dong and Zhang Shutai. Prizes for 4/6 to Jim Clare (3 dan), Alison Bexfield (2 dan), Tristan Cazenove (1 kyu France), Sue Paterson (2 kyu), Alexei Nemolovskii (2 kyu Ukraine), Frank Prager (8 kyu, Youth) and Nicola Hurden (12 kyu)

Pair Go (12 Pairs): Gold - Guo Juan & Du Jingyu (7 dan), Silver - Sylvia Kalisch & Lee Hyuk (4.5 dan), Bronze - Alison Bexfield & Simon Bexfield (1.5 dan), Fourth Liu Yajie & Liao Xingwen (after half point play-off). 2/3: Anna Griffiths & Tony Atkins (3.5 kyu), Nicola Hurden & Shawn Hearn (10 kyu).

13x13 Novices (9 players - a non-medal event): 1st Tom Cooper (13 kyu 5/5), 2nd Vojtech Hrabal (16 kyu 4/5), 3rd Lene Jakobsen (2/4), Youth Lasse Jakobsen (4/6).

13x13 (22 players): Gold - Guo Juan (5/6), Silver - Lee Dong Hwan (aged 13 on 5/6 equal on SOS), Bronze - Lee Hyuk (4/6), 4th - Moon Il Do (4/6), 5th - Kim Seong-June (3/6 best SOS). Prizes for 4/6: Tatsutomi Hiroyoshi (1 dan Japan), Bill Streeten (3 kyu), Stephane Nicolet (7 kyu Swiss). Novice prize: Vojtech Hrabal (Czechia).

Computer Go: First with 10/10 was Professor Chen Zhixing's GoeMate. Dr. Michael Reiss's Go4++ was second, its only losses were to GoeMate, one of them by only half a point. Go4++ is sold as Go Professional 3. Yamashita Hiroshi's Aya was third, losing its games to GoeMate and to Go4++ and losing one game to Bruno Bouzy's Indigo.

19/08-21/08 British Championship Final Held at the MSO: Matthew Macfadyen beat Des Cann 3-0.

Northern 02/09/00-03/09/00

48 players. Winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan) on 5.5/6, second Y.Wang (4 dan Bradford) on 4.5/6. Prize for 5/6 - Will Segerman (20 kyu Manchester), and lowest graded 4/6s: Jil Segerman (10 kyu Manchester) and Philip Ward-Ackland (15 kyu Barmouth).

European Results

115 players took part in Hamburg Toyota Tour Tournament and the result was a repeat of Amsterdam of a week earlier: Du Jingu won and Guo Juan was second with 6/6 and 5/6 again. Stefan Budig (4 dan) only lost to the top two to be third. Fourth was Egbert Rittner (6 dan) and fifth was Benjamin Teuber (4 dan), also on 4/6.

The fifth Toyota Tour event was held as part of a week-long Russian Go Congress in Moscow ending on the 9th July. 119 players took part. Alexei Lazarev finished first by 1 SOS point ahead of Alexander Dinerstein, both on 5/6. Third was Andrei Kulkov (still only 17), fourth Mikhail Galchenko and fifth Roman Gatallin.

European Go Congress 29/07/00-12/08/00

This was held in Strausberg near Berlin in Germany. Winner of the 501 player Main Tournament was Lee Hyuk (7 dan Korea) with 10/10. Second was Alexander Dinerstein (7 dan Russia) with 9/10 and third was Zhao Pei (6 dan China) with 8/10. T.Mark Hall (4 dan) was placed 55th and Francis Roads (4 dan) was 60th with 5/10. Natasha Regan (3 kyu) won 4/5 games. The Weekend Tournament was won by Kim Se Hyun (7 dan Korea) with 5/5. On 4/5 were Alexander Dinerstein (7 dan Russia), Lee Hyuk (7 dan Korea) and Du Jingu (7 dan China). Of the British entrants, Ian Meiklejohn (2 dan) came highest at 133 out of 403 players, and Pauline Bailey (14 kyu) had the most wins on 4/5. The Rapid was won by Andrej Kulkov (5 dan, Russia); Francis Roads came 45th out of 195.

US Open 05/08/00-13/08/00

The 16th US Go Congress was held at Denver University in Colorado. 238 players took part. Top British hope was Piers Shepperson who had chosen to play in the 4 dan section. He won his first four games and ended up second in the section behind young Eric Lui. The main Tournament winner was Ted Ning who finished ahead of Thomas Hsiang and Jong Moon Lee. The Lightning winner was Piers Shepperson who beat Ned Phipps in the final.


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