British Go E-Journal: November 2000

Issue 37       November 2000

Tournament News


Correction: placed 2nd was M. Yang (4 dan Huddersfield), not Y. Wang.

Cornwall Lightning Handicap 09/09/00

1st John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) with 5/5; Runners Up Mike Harvey (2 dan Winchester) and Dirk Henker (14 kyu Leipzig) with 4/5. 18 players.

Cornwall Tournament 10/09/00

1st (retaining the Devon Go Stone trophy) Tony Atkins (2 dan Bracknell); 3/3 Mike Davies (11 kyu Rotherham) and Dirk Henker (14 kyu Leipzig); Youth prize Jake Finnis (18 kyu West Cornwall). 24 players.

Milton Keynes 17/09/00

56 players. Prizes for 3/3 to Damir Nola (2k CLGC), Bill Streeten (3 kyu Wanstead), Richard Thompson (5 kyu Leicester), Nicola Hurden (12 kyu Berks Youth), Matthew Woodcraft (1 kyu Cambridge) and Konrad Scheffler (1 kyu Cambridge). Young Kim (5 dan CLGC) won his first two but lost in round three to John Rickard; John had earlier lost to Des Cann but had beaten Xiangdong Wang (4 dan CLGC), who had beaten Seong-June Kim (6 dan Cambridge). In the ensuing tie-break John Rickard was adjudged the winner, by 1 point of SODOS, ahead of Wang, Kim Y and Kim S-J.

Wanstead 14/10/00

44 players attended this 6 round rapid play event. Winner was Seong-June Kim (6 dan Cambridge). Second was T.Mark Hall (4 dan London) with 5/6. Also on 5 wins were Natasha Regan (2 kyu epsom Downs) and Shawn Hearn (10 kyu Berks Youth). Annie Hall (34 kyu Berks Geriatrics) won the novices prize with 2/6 at her first tournament. Kyu players with prizes for 4/6 were Wayne Walters (4 kyu Wanstead), Guy Footring (6 kyu Billericay) and Philip Bourez (5 kyu West Surrey).

Geoff Kaniuk was awarded a set of mice for operating the computer, and youngsters Nicola Hurden, Gary White and Shawn Hearn were recognised for running the registration. Peter Kimme (1 dan Berlin) had a prize for furthest travelled. The new format was meant to attract kyu players, but attracted a large proportion of dan players; the event also had introductory sessions for the local public.

London International Teams 15/10/00

Five teams of six battled over four rapid rounds to decide who was best. Yet again it was Cambridge who scored 18, aided by perfect fours from Seong-June Kim (6 dan) and David Ward (3 dan). Alan Thornton's 4/4 helped London come second with 12. Wanstead and Reading scored 11 and Nippon Club 6 (a player short).

Wessex 29/10/00

92 players attended the 31st Wessex. Berks Youth won the team prize with 65%. Jake Finnis (18 kyu Cornwall) won the Fred Guyatt Cup for 13x13. Tournament and Division 1 winner was Seong-June Kim (6 dan Cambridge), Division 2 Tony Atkins (2 dan Bracknell), Division 3 Gerry Mills (1 dan Monmouth), Division 4 Geoff Kaniuk (1 kyu CLGC), Division 5 David Killen (2 kyu Cheltenham), Division 6 Roger Daniel (3 kyu North London), Division 7 Ron Bell (5 kyu Reading), Division 8 Daniel Shiu (8 kyu U/A), Division 9 Simon Jones (15 kyu Berks Youth) and Division 10 Alan Cameron (17 kyu Winchester).

European Results

Obayashi Cup

202 players took part in the 9th Cup at the EGCC in Amsterdam. Four players from Britain took part: Sally Prime (7 kyu Oxford) and Christin Meiklejohn (2 dan London) won 2/4. The top 16 players (3 or 4 wins 3 dan to 7 dan) proceded to the knockout. Danek knocked out Guo, but lost to van der Stappen. Dickhut knocked out Kuin, Janssen and van der Stappen. Du Jingu knocked out Roebertie, Zhao, Colmez and Dickhut to win the first prize.

Praha TT

98 players. Won by Leszek Soldan on tie break from Viktor Bogdanov and Diana Koszegi. Fourth was Martin Kuzela and fifth Radek Nechanicky.

Bucharest TT

63 players. First was Cristian Pop with 6/6, second Dragos Bajenaru and third equal Victor Bogdanov and Vladimir Danek.


First was Diana Koszegi with 5/5, second Tibor Pocsai, third Ondrej Silt and Vladimir Danek.

Brussels TT

66 players. First Guo Juan on tie break from Vladimir Danek, Emil Nijhuis and Geert Groenen all on 4/5. Fifth was Belgium's own Allain Wettach, sixth Filip van der Stappen and seventh UK's T.Mark Hall all on 3/5.

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