British Go E-Journal: March 2001

Issue 39       March 2001

Tournament News

Furze Platt 20/01/01

80 players took part at Hitachi's headquarters in Maidenhead. Seong-June Kim (6 dan Oxford) was the winner for the second year. On 3/3 were Tim Hunt (2 dan Milton Keynes), Kevin Drake (1 kyu Bournemouth), David Denholm (6 kyu Maidenhead), Dave Arun (10 kyu Unattached), Phil Clark (12 kyu Reading) and Mogens Jakobsen (15 kyu Epsom Downs). On 2½ were Malcolm Hagan (5 kyu Winchester) and Paul Kersey (5 kyu Unattached). Thanks to the sponsor, all on 2/3 won a bottle of wine. The Mighty Milton Keynes won the team prize and Nicola Hurden (Berkshire Youth) won the 13x13.

British Youth 21/01/01

22 children took part at Fitzharries School, Abingdon. Overall and under-16 winner was Jimmy Mao (1 kyu Bristol). All the other age group winners were from Cambridge: Under-18 Ben Morris (10 kyu), Under-14 Tom Eckersley-Waites (11 kyu), Under-12 William Brooks (8 kyu), Under-10 Oscar John, Under-8 Ben Parker. Overall runner up was Tom Eckersley-Waites, Under-18 Peter Fisher (20 kyu Fitzharries), Under-16 Shawn Hearn and Under-14 Gary White (both Berks Youth), under-12 Lasse Jakobsen (Croydon) and under-10 Luise Wolf (Putney). Bloxham won the Castledine Trophy as the best school. In the 13x13 most wins were by William and best percentage by Gary. In the puzzle contest Alice White of Longwell scored 9/18 to win, being still below 30 kyu. A prize for 5 wins went to Oscar John, and for 4 to Lasse, Gary, Jimmy, Tom, Ian McAnally (11 kyu Manchester), Simon Parker (35 kyu Cambridge) and Paul Blockley (23 kyu Worcester). Prizes for 3/5 went to Ben Hill-Tout and Matthew Burstein of Cambridge.

Nippon Club Monthly 28/01/01

Fourteen players from 6 dan to 20 kyu participated in the first Nippon Club Monthly Tournament of 2001. Games were 30 minutes with even games, but komi to the weaker player and a double knockout system. The higher ranking players prevailed despite the komi. Uno lost his first game to S-J Kim, but won next 6 to reach the final with David Ward who only played 5 games but won all of them. Kim lost his second game against Tanaka. Jiri Keller ended up third although he was ranked the third from the bottom. Final Result 1. David Ward (5/5), 2. Uno Shigehiko (6/8), 3. Jiri Keller (3/5), 4. Tanaka Kiyohiko (3/5).

Cheshire (Crewe) 10/02/01

25 players from 23 kyu upwards attended the 4th Cheshire held alongside the Crewe Chess Championships. Winner of the 8-player Open section was Kunio Kashiwagi (1 dan Bradford) with 3/3. Second was Eddie Smithers (1 dan Leicester). Handicap section winner by 1½ SOS points was Richard Moulds (2 kyu Manchester) with 5/6. Second and Youth prize winner was Ian McAnally (11 kyu Manchester) also with five wins. Young Paul Blockley (23 kyu Worcester) won the 10x10 prize.

Oxford 17/02/01

90 players took part in Oxford at St Edmund Hall. Winner was Seong-June Kim (6 dan) with 3/3. Also on 3/3 and receiving book prizes were: Tony Atkins (2 dan Bracknell), Dave Artus (1 dan London), Phil Beck (1 kyu Cambridge), Wenbo Mao (1 kyu Bristol), Tom Cooper (8 kyu Worcester), Mogens Jakobsen (14 kyu Epsom) and Chris Pooley (18 kyu Oxford).

Nippon Monthly 25/02/01

Three players scored 3/4: Kimura Kazutoshi, Suzuki Akihiro and David Ward. Fourth was Tanaka Kiyohiko.

Cambridge Trigantius 04/03/01

The 77-player 25th Trigantius was not won by Seong-June Kim as he lost in the last round to winner Des Cann (4 dan Leamington). Prizes went to Mike Charles (2 dan St Albans), Matthew Selby (4 kyu Epsom), Erwin Bonsma (10 kyu Ipswich) for 3/3 and to Andrew Spray (9 kyu Cambridge) for 2.5/3. Best kyu player prize was shared by Phil Beck (Cambridge) and Mike Cockburn (St Albans). William Brooks won the continuous 13x13. Best Team was Epsom Downs.

8 players took part in the Beginners' Tournament. Best Junior was Matthew Burstein (28 kyu Cambridge) and best adult was Paul Taylor (22 kyu Cambridge).

Candidates' Tournament 17/03/01-18/03/01

18 players of those qualified took part in the first stage of the 2001 British Championship, at the Daiwa Foundation in London. Unbeaten winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan); also qualifying on 3/4 were Quentin Mills (3 dan), David Ward (3 dan), Tim Hunt (2 dan) and Charles Matthews (3 dan). John Rickard (4 dan) also scored 3/4 to be first reserve.

Barcelona FJ Qualifier 17/02/01-18/02/01

Winner of the 63 player Barcelona was Miyakawa Wataru (6 dan) who lost to fourth placed Mikaki Masaru. Close second was the 1 dan pro from Korea, Kim. Heading the group on 3/5, in third was the Czech Vladimir Danek. Also in the 3/5 group were David Ward and Alistair Wall.

European Youth Poland 01/03/01-04/03/01

A huge number of children plus their teachers and families went to Ustron in south-west Poland for the European Youth Goe Championships. 65 took part in the under 12 section. Ilie Chikchine (2 dan Russia) was the winner on 6/6. Second was Jan Prokop (4 dan Czechia) on 5/6 and third was Mykola Gluschenko (1 dan Ukraine). Under 18 winner was Pal Bologh (4 dan Hungary). Second by a small tie-break score was Diana Koszegi (5 dan Hungary), also on 5/6. Ondrej Silt (4 dan Czechia) topped the list of 4/6 winners. A tour party from Japan lost a match.

Ing Cup Amsterdam 09/03/01-11/03/01

24 of the top European players were selected to take part in the Ing Cup. No player was unbeaten but the winner on tie-break was Alexander Dinerchtein (7 dan Russia). Losing the tie were Guo Juan (7 dan NL), Laurent Heiser (6 dan Lux) and Christian Pop (6 dan Romania). Best of the 57 players in the open event was Geert Groenen (6 dan) ahead of Filip van der Stappen (5 dan) and Wijnand Hijkoop (1 dan) all from the Netherlands.


"Japan 2001" Japanese Festival

The first event involving the BGA now is the Cambridge Oriental Games weekend, featuring the Barlow (see below). We are hoping to attend many festivals around the country, starting in Hyde Park on 19/05/01 and 20/05/01. In the autumn there will be a visit by 2 professional go players, with team of amateurs, playing matches in London/Bristol/Cambridge.

Mind Sports Olympiad

Volunteer(s) are wanted, to help plan and organise the BGA event at the MSO 2001 in London. Contact the BGA Secretary.

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