British Go E-Journal: May 2001

Issue 40       May 2001

UK Tournament Results

Coventry (Tile Hill) 08/04/01

Matthew Macfadyen went back to his winning ways to win his own tournament again. He was also part of the winning Leamington Beards team, who squeezed fellow beards by 3% with 67. Best of the other 76 players were Eddie Smithers (1 dan, Leicester), Ivan Watling (10 kyu Bradford), Pauline Bailey (14 kyu West Surrey), Lasse Jakobsen (21 kyu Epsom Downs) and Oscar John (30 kyu Cambridge) all with 3/3, and Niall Cardin (2 kyu Oxford Uni) with 2½. Nicola Hurden won the 13x13.

Thames Valley Team Tournament 16/04/01

8 teams from the tideless Thames Valley took part at St Paul's, Bracknell. Winners were Royal Standard (Beaconsfield) beating Bracknell in the final. Second was Reading, 3 High Wycombe, 4 Berks Boys, 5 Bracknell. Players on 3/3 were Clive Hendrie, Paul Clarke, Shawn Hearn and Tony Atkins. On the 10x10 board Continuous winners were Tony Atkins with 9/14, Shawn Hearn with 6/9 and Theo Elliott with 4/5.

British Go Congress (Cardiff) 20/04/01-22/04/01

73 players took part in the British go Congress at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

40 players took part in British Lightning. In the fifth round final Matthew Macfadyen beat Simon Goss. In the extra play-off Matthew beat Michael Charles who had also scored 5/5. Also on 4/5 were Phil Beck, Simon Shiu, Jim Clare and Francis Roads.

Matthew also won the Open with an unbeaten 6/6. Second prize went to T.Mark Hall (4 dan) for 5/6, third Des Cann (4 dan) for 4/6, fourth was Dan Micsa (2 dan Reading) with 4½/6. Roger Daniels (3 kyu London) was the outstanding kyu player with 5/6; the same score was achieved by Bill Streeten (4 kyu Wanstead) and Ian McAnally (10 kyu Manchester).

The Nippon Club Cup went to the Wanstead team. Winners of the various non-go side events were Bill Streeten, Pauline Bailey and Barry Chandler.

Terry Stacey GP was won by Francis Roads (ahead of John Rickard and Seong-June Kim). The Weak Knee Dan trophy was won by Alan Thornton.

London International Teams 29/04/01

Seven teams of six players took part. Winners on 19 were Reading. Second CLGC 17, third equal Korea and Samkox 16, Cambridge 13, Wanstead 13, Nippon Club 11. Players on 4/5 were Dan Micsa (2 dan), Alex Rix (4 dan), John Fairbairn (3 dan), Seong-June Kim (6 dan), Jaehyun Yen (4 dan), Xiang Dong Wang (4 dan, who beat Seong-June Kim), Mike Charles (2 dan) and Henry Segerman (1 dan).

Bar-Low (Cambridge) 06/05/01

Over 100 people took part in the Cambridge MSO, which included the Bar-Low and British Shogi Championships. Seong-June Kim won 3/3 at 4 kyu in the latter. William Brooks got a prize for best result in several events. 28 players took part in the Bar-Low. Winner was Mike Cockburn (1 kyu St Albans) on 5/5. Second were Natasha Regan (1 kyu London) and Rob Jack (3 kyu London) on 3½/5. Prizes for 4/5 went to Lene Jakobsen (22 kyu Epsom) and Lasse Jakobsen (19 kyu Epsom).

Challenger's (qualifiers only) 04/05/01-07/05/01

The new Challenger to Matthew Macfadyen's title will be Young Kim (5 dan London) who won 6/7. Second was Des Cann and third Matthew Cocke (both 5/7). Fourth was David Ward and fifth Charles Matthews (4/7), sixth was Quentin Mills (2/7) and seventh Tim Hunt and T.Mark Hall.

Overseas Tournament Results

Velden 25/03/01

The Austrian Toyota Tour event was attended by 54. Joint winners on 4/5 were 6 dans Victor Bogdanov and Vladimir Danek. Third by SOS was Radek Nechanicky and fourth was Gabor Szabics. Christian Nentwich scored 2/5.

Irish Open, Dublin 31/03/01-01/04/01

The 12th Irish Open was attended by 16 players. Winner for the second time was Gerry Mills, 1 dan Wales. He won 4/5 and had a better SOS tie-break than Noel Mitchell (2 dan Ireland) who was 2nd. Third was Alistair Wall (4 dan England), one of Gerry's victims, and Tony Atkins (2 dan England), who was the only player to beat Gerry.

European Pairs Bosnia 06/04/01-08/04/01

Seven Pairs, mostly from east Europe took part. First was Martina Simonkova from Czechia (5/5), second Liliana Iacob and Iulian Toma from Romania (3/4), Ann and Jan Lubos from Poland (3/5), fourth Natasha Regan and Alex Selby of UK (2/4).

Paris TT Finals 14/04/01-16/04/01

204 players from 7 dan to 20 kyu took part in the last event of the first Toyota Go Tour. First was China's Hui Fan (7 dan) with 6/6, second Du Jingyu (7 dan 5/6) and third Miyakawa Wataru (7 dan 5/6). On 4/6 were Koji Watanabe, Jean- Francois Seailles, Diana Koszegi, Jean Michel, Victor Bogdanov, Frank Janssen, Gabor Szabics and Julien Roubertie.

Toyota Tour Placings 2000-2001

First was Victor Bogdanov with 103.83 from 7 events. Second was Vladimir Danek with 100.16 from 9 events. Others in the top ten were Du Jingu (78), Diana Koszegi (60.5), Guo Juan (58), Matthew Macfadyen (40), Fan Hui (38), Miyawaka Wataru (30), Radek Nechanicky (29) and Geert Groenen (28.56). Seong-June Kim was 14th with 24. Other UK places: Shepperson 46, Wang 48, Rix 51, Hall 52.

Milan FJ Qualifier 21/04/01-22/04/01

57 players took part in the 7th Mauro Brambilla Memorial. Winner was Czech 6 dan Vladimir Danek with 5/5, Russia's Victor Bogdanov scored 4/5 and Dejan Stankovic (5 dan Yugoslavia) was third with 3/5.

Bled FJ Qualifier 28/01/01-29/04/01

62 players (10 graded 5 dan or over) took part in the top Slovenian event. Winner was Czech 6 dan Radek Nechanicky with 6/6, second was Danek on 5 and third Bogdanov with 4.


"Japan 2001" Japanese Festival:

We are hoping to attend many festivals around the country starting in Hyde Park on 19/05/01 and 20/05/01. In the autumn there will be a visit by 2 professional go players, with team of amateurs, playing matches in London/Bristol/Cambridge.


It is unlikely there will be a Mind Sports Olympiad in London this year. However The Central European MSO is in Prague from 01/07/01-08/07/01.

Small Ads

French Go Camp

The Go summer camp 2001 organised by the French Go Federation will take place in St Pierre La Mer, on the Mediterranean coast, near Narbonne, from 07/07/01 to 21/07/01. As usual, they will have the participation of professional players plus lots of activities. To get full information on this event, see their web site. Note that the deadline for low price registration is until 31/05/01. Contact: Veronique Lamour.

European 2001 - Help required

The BGA is helping to run the European Go Congress in Dublin later in 2001. Volunteers are needed to help run tournaments and so on. The tournament runs 22/07/01-04/08/01. Sponsorship is being provided by Fujitsu-Siemens Computers.

Go Tuition

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminar days and a scheme to teach by email or post.

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