British Go E-Journal: July 2001

Issue 41       July 2001

UK Tournament Results

Bracknell 12/05/01

Only 45 people got to play the Bracknell on 12th May this year, held confusingly like the last two years in Wokingham. The rumour was that this was caused by Toby Manning choosing the same day to get married.

Young Kim (5 dan London) won for a second time. Also winning 3/3 were London's Roger Daniel (3 kyu), local girl Nicola Hurden (11 kyu Berks Youth) and young Lasse Jakobsen (18 kyu Epsom). Lasse also won a tie-breaker to win the Continuous 13x13 prize. The paper folding / Go problems set by Ian Marsh was won by Brian Brunswick (1 kyu Epsom), who managed a neater solution than Steve Bailey; junior winner was Ian McAnally.

Pair Go 04/06/01

The Pair Go Championships was held like last year at the Foxcombe Lodge Hotel at Boars Hill near Oxford. Winners of the championship group were Kirsty Healey / Matthew Macfadyen. They beat Natasha Regan / Matthew Cocke in the final. Also on 2/3 were Sue Paterson / Granville Wright and Helen / Martin Harvey. The Handicap Group winners were Nicola Hurden / Shawn Hearn. Prizes for 2/3 went to Lene / Mogens Jakobsen and youth winners Melissa Hearn / Lasse Jakobsen. Emma Marchant / Simon Goss were the best dressed pair.

Leicester 09/06/01

45 players entered Leicester. Overall winner was Simon Shiu (4 dan Bristol) with 2/3 wins and a SOS of 11. The joint second placed players with 2/3 and SOS of 10 were Young Kim (5 dan London) and David Ward (3 dan Cambridge). Winners with 3/3 were Gerry Mills (1 dan Monmouth), Phil Beck (1 kyu Cambridge), Frank Englemann (16 kyu IGS player from Germany) and Paul Blockley (22 kyu Worcester). The team prize went to Epsom with 50 percent. The 13x13 Continuous maximum wins prize went to Lasse Jakobsen (15 kyu Epsom Downs) and the joint prize for maximum games played went to Frank Englemann and Claudio Bartolini (16kyu Bristol).

Orient-West Match 17/06/01

The last Anglo-Japanese match to be held at the Daiwa attracted a total of 16 players. We should call this the "Oriental" versus "Western" match as we had a mixture of Korean, Chinese and 1 Japanese players, with some westerners loaned to the Oriental team. There were 4 rounds with results per round being: Oriental 6 5 4 3 Western 1 2 4 5 So the Oriental team won 18 to 12 Only Xiang Dong Wang achieved 4/4. Players on 3/4 were Kiyohiko Tanaka, Michael Zhang, Alex Rix, and Bill Streeten who floated between the Oriental and the Western teams.

Welsh Open 23/06/01-24/06/01

43 players enjoyed the Barmouth sunshine for the Welsh Open, though there were 45 entries on the list as two fitted in extra games. Matthew Macfadyen continued his dominance of the event with a straight five wins. Second on 4/5 was David Ward (3 dan Cambridge) ahead of Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead), Bob Bagot (2 dan Devon) and Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead). Tom Widdicombe (3 kyu Devon) was the only other player unbeaten. Peter Fisher (4 kyu Leicester), Ron Bell (4 kyu Reading), Shawn Hearn (9 kyu Berks Youth) and Mogens Jakobsen (10 kyu Epsom) all won 4/5.

Overseas Tournament Results

Budapest TT (Hungary) 12/05/01-13/05/01

69 players played in Budapest, the first Toyota Tour of the new cycle. Winner of a tie for first was Czech Vladimir Danek ahead of Pop, Florescu and Pocsai.

Zagreb TT (Croatian Open Championship) 19/05/01-20/05/01 The top 3 places went to Hungarians. First Tibor Pocsai (5 dan) with 4/5, and joint second was Gabor Szabics and Pal Balogh. Fourth was top Croatian player Zoran Mutabzija and fifth Russian Viktor Bogdanov. 46 players took part.

Amsterdam TT (EGCC) 24/05/01-27/05/01

As expected Guo Juan (7 dan) won her local Toyota Tour event with a clean 6/6. Fellow Dutch with 5/6 were Michael Eijkhout and Emil Nijhuis. UK's Piers Shepperson (5 dan) won 3/6. 121 players took part.

Hamburg Affensprung TT 02/06/01-04/06/01

Guo Juan (7 dan) won this, the top German event with 6/6. Second was Du Jingyu and third Christoph Gerlach, both with 5/6. 144 took part.

World Amateur, Hyuga Japan 10/06/01-15/06/01

Des Cann of UK won 3/8 to take 39th. He lost to Bisca of Romania, beat Peru (Alberto Kohatsu), lost to Harry Taari of Sweden and lost to Vesa Laatikainen of Finland in Round 4. Round 5 he beat Hatame Araki of Morocco. Round 6 was lost against Leonid Entin of Israel, but in round 7 he beat Fernando Manrique Ochoa of Columbia. Round 8 was a loss to Radek Nechaincky (Czechia).

Brian Gallagher of Ireland also win 3 to take 47th but beat Jose Teles de Menezes of Portugal, Mandish Singh of India and also Columbia.

Top clash in round 6 was Japan v China. China survived and Dai Chun Li won the championship with a straight 8. Kanazawa of Japan ended second on 7/8. The next seven players all won 6/8. Third was Liu of Australia, 4 was Ko of Korea, 5 was Lazarev of Russia, 6 Yu of Canada, 7 Wang of Hong Kong, 8 Lin of Taiwan and 9 Fernando Aguilar of Argentina. The countries on 5/8 were in order Luxembourg (Heiser), Czechia (Nechanicky), USA (Kim), France (Roche), Hungary (Koszegi), Netherlands (Eijkhout), Ukraine (Yatsenko), Austria (Huttler), Germany (Dickhut), Romania (Bisca) and Poland (Giedrosz).

Warsaw TT (Poland) 23/06/01-24/06/01

Danek was again the winner of a TT event. Second was Gheorge Colne Burzo (5 dan Romania) and third was Tobor Pocsai (5 dan Hungary). Piers Shepperson was 10th out of 80 players.


Japan 2001 Go Friendship Matches

In the autumn there will be a visit by 2 professional go players, with team of amateurs, playing matches in London 21/10/01, Cambridge 22/10/01, Bristol 23/10/01, Oxford 25/10/01. Strong kyus/dans will be needed to play the team. There is also a London area match at the Gunnersbury Matsuri on 08/09/01 in Gunnersbury Park.


There will be a Mind Sports Olympiad in London this year designated as the second part of MSO 5. The Central European MSO is in Prague from 01/07/01-08/07/01 has been designated MSO5 first part. The London venue is South Bank University, near Vauxhall station.

Central London / Nippon Club

The CLGC will be leaving the Daiwa Foundation after 14th July. The Nippon Club has also stopped its tournaments and meetings. They will possibly reopen as combined meetings at a new venue in August.

Small Ads

IGS-PandaNet Mail Magazine

The IGS-PandaNet Mail Magazine is a new service in which commentaries given by Professionals, on games that subscribers play on the IGS-PandaNet, are sent by email to all subscribers. Each month several games will be selected completely at random from the games played on the IGS-PandaNet. Top Japanese professionals will analyse them in detail. These commentaries will then be sent by email three times a month (two games with each mailing) for 500 yen (about three pounds). Professionals giving commentaries: Michael Redmond 9-dan, Yamada Kimio 8-dan, Takao Shinji 7-dan.

Swedish Go Camp 11/08/01-12/08/01

Hjulback (Siljansnas/Leksand) at Lake Siljan. 5 round tournament, maybe with professional player.

Ibero-American Tournament

This is in Buenos Aries 11/10/01-13/10/01. Up to 500 dollars in prizes.

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