British Go E-Journal: September 2001

Issue 42       September 2001

UK Tournament Results

Scottish Open Edinburgh 07/07/01-08/07/01

Held at Pollock Halls in Edinburgh was a three-way tie (on 4 wins out of five) between John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge), Quentin Mills (3 dan Wanstead) and Dan Micsa (2 dan Reading). Quentin was declared the winner because his opponents had won more games, and he thus retained the Scottish Open title for a second year. Dan was second and John was third. Of the kyu players, Jim Taylor (3 kyu), Roger Daniel (3 kyu London) and Gordon Reid (8 kyu) also scored 4 out of 5. Jim was adjudged the best kyu player by SOS tiebreak. John Rickard won the subsequent 10-player Lightning Tournament with a perfect 3.

European Go Congress 21/07/01-04/08/01

The 45th European Go Congress was run jointly by the Irish Go Association and the British Go Association at the Teacher's Club in Parnell Square, Dublin. 16 professionals and around 400 players enjoyed up to two weeks of go. The record number of 132 boards was ten percent over the UK record set in Canterbury in 1992. 325 players from 26 countries took part in the main event.

European Champion is Andrei Kulkov (5 dan from Russia). Second was Kiyoshi Fujita (6 dan Japan) and third Christoph Gerlach (6 dan Germany) and fourth Emil Nijhuis (5 dan Netherlands). Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan) was fifth and Dan Gilder (2 dan) also won 7/10. Matthew Cocke was fourth and Macfadyen fifth in the Weekend Tournament, won by Ishida Kazuma (6 dan Japan). Tony Atkins won the Joker Go. Irish Rapid winner was Cornel Burzo (5 dan Romania) and Irish Handicap winner was Yoshiyuki Uemura (3 dan Japan). Full results on the Irish/BGA web sites.

Mind Sports Olympiad

Go medal winners in the 5th London Mind Sports Olympiad were as follows:
MainMatthew MacfadyenSeong-June KimAlex Selby(28)
LightningSeong-June KimPiers SheppersonFrancis Roads(17)
YouthShawn HearnAdam Eckersley-WaitesTom Eckersley-Waites(4)
13x13Masashi SugiyamaFrancis RoadsSeong-June Kim(8)
RapidSeong-June KimAlex SelbyFrancis Roads(14)
Pair GoSylvia Kalisch & Seong-June KimJackie Chai & Francis RoadsNatasha Regan & Alex Selby(7 pairs)
Beginners (no medal event)Bruce Birchall, Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell, Charles Kerr

Go players also won in other games, e.g. Matthew Selby Bronze in the Decamentathalon.

Northern, Manchester 01/09/01-02/09/01

55 players attended the Northern. T.Mark Hall (4 dan) was the winner with 5 wins and a jigo (draw). Second was Huddersfield's Min Yang (4 dan) with 5 and third was Piers Shepperson (5 dan) with 4.5. Next placed on 4 wins were David Ward (4 dan Cambridge), Ruud Stoelman (2 dan Bradford), Andrew Morris (1 kyu Lancaster) and Mike Cockburn (1 kyu St Albans). On 5/6 was Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey) and 6/6 was Philip Ackland-Ward (8 kyu Barmouth). Martin Cook (10 kyu York) was the best double figure kyu with 4 wins

Overseas Tournament Results

Helsinki 30/06/01-01/07/01

Matti Siivola, European Secretary and local organiser, won the Finnish Toyota Tour event, including a win over second placed Viktor Bogdanov. There were 22 players in what must be the smallest Tour event so far.

CEMSO 01/07/01-08/07/01

The Central European Mind Sports Olympiad was a new event held this year in Prague. Tibor Pocsai won the 62-player main event. Fellow Hungarian Gabor Szabics won the Lightning. Julian Toma of Romania won the Handicap (group A) and Radek Nechanicky won the Czech-only Championship. Pair Go Champions were Kamila Holeckova and Martin Valek, and Petr Nechanicky won the two small board events.

European Team Championship 06/07/01-08/07/01

The infrequently fought European Teams was in held in Moscow, Russia. First was the Russia-2 team from Tatarstan with 9 points out of 10. Second was Russia-1. Third was Ukraine, fourth was United Asia, fifth was Germany, then the Russian Juniors, Slovakia and lastly Finland.

Sarajevo Open Bosnia 14/07/01-15/07/01

This 19-player event was won by Yugoslavia's Mijodrag Stankovic (5dan); his only loss was to Bosnia's Dragan Baraiac (5 dan).

US Go Congress 22/07/01-29/07/01

The seventeenth US Go Congress was held in York, Pennsylvania. The American Go E-Journal reported that 255 players entered the main tournament from American and around the world. Also 14 professionals were there to provide teaching and there were many side events of course. The Congress Champion was Yongfei Ge; Ke Huang won the American Ing Cup. Thomas Hsiang and Debbie Siemon won the Pair Go and Eric Lui the Junior Handicap.

A party of Russian and Ukrainian players attended on their way to the World Youth Goe Championships in Hawaii. Victor Bogdanov was third in the 6 dan section of the Championships and Sergei Ouspenski, Dina Bourdakova, Ilia Chikchine and Mykhalo Koslov all won at least one prize.

World Youth Goe Championships

In Maui, Hawaii, Korea won both sections of the WYGC. Under-18 winner was Kim Hyung-Hwan and under-12 was Kwon Hyung-Jin. Russia's Ilia Chikchine was third under-12 and 8 year old Curtis Tang of the USA was fourth. Unfortunately the Chinese could not get Visas. Next year the event will be in Thailand.


Japan 2001 Go Friendship Matches

In the autumn there will be a visit by professional go players Magari and Haruyama (both 9 dan), with a team of amateurs, playing matches in London 21/10/01, Cambridge 22/10/01, Bristol 23/10/01, Oxford 25/10/01. Strong kyus/dans will be needed to play the team. There is also a London area match at the Matsuri on 08/09/01 in Gunnersbury Park.

Central London

[ This venue is no longer used. ]

The CLGC has a new venue at the Crosse Keys, Gracechurch Street (near Monument) from 12:00 to 19:00 on Saturdays.

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