British Go E-Journal: September 1995

Issue 6. September 1995

Tournament News

Devon (22/07/95)

20 players attended the first tournament held in a very sunny Totnes. Alistair Wall (4 dan) travelled by train from Wanstead to win the event. Also on 3/3 was local 12 kyu Rick Brennan.

European Go Congress (22/07/95-05/08/95)

Held at Tuchola in rural Poland. Its motto was "Go in Nature". Only about 10 British players attended. Maybe Polish public transport put others off (Francis Roads has a tale to tell). Winner was Dutch 7 dan Miss Guo Juan. 2nd was Miyakawa from Paris and 3rd Sumikura from Japan. Britain's Matthew Macfadyen was 7th. Alex Selby (1 dan Cambridge) won 4/5 in the second week. The weekend tournament was won by Kai from Japan. Matthew Macfadyen was fifth. Alex Selby again won 4/5. Simon Shiu (3 dan Teesside) was in the last 16 of the lightning and Wanstead got to the Teams semi-final.

Go Isle of Man (19/08/95-26/08/95)

The third biannual Isle of Man Go Week was a success. 48 players attended the main tournament and others played in the Pair Go and 13x13. Andrew Jones (3 dan Wanstead) surprised the reigning champion and club mate Francis Roads (4 dan) by beating him. Andrew went on to win the title despite losing to Tony Atkins (2 dan Wokingham) in the final round. 1. Jones (4/5) 2. Roads (4/5) 3. Atkins (3/5). Francis Weaver (22 kyu Brakenhale) won all five games. Players on 4/5 were Paul Smith (1 dan Cambridge), Claude Burvenich (1 kyu Belgium), Bart Fondour (2 kyu France), Paul Clarke (8 kyu Swindon) and Edward Marshall (16 kyu IOM).

Francis Roads managed to hang on to his afternoon title. Others win 3/3 were Bill Streeten (3 kyu London), Dave King (8 kyu Swindon), Paul Marshall (25 kyu IOM). Paul Hankin (1 kyu Cambridge) won 2.5/3.

In the handicap a four-way tie on five wins was resolved as weakest player wins: Francis Weaver (22 kyu) from Mark Harrod (10 kyu Brakenhale), Paul Donnelly (1 dan Belfast). Alison Jones (2 dan Wanstead). Pair Go champs were Paul and Andrea Smith who beat Colin Adams and Paul Hankin in the final. The Team Champs were the Wall Of Paul 2: Donnelly, Margetts, Barnard and Hankin. 13x13 Mike Charles (2 dan Stevenage) beat Jo Hampton (1 dan West Wales) and the play-off for the Continuous Lightning Mark Harrod beat Jo Hampton despite Jo winning more continuous games and beating Mark twice already. Note that all handicap games were Manx style with handicap plus one and 7 komi/grade if over 9 stones.

The social event this year was a coach trip and walk to the official go club cafe on a remote headland. The Wanstead Mushrooms won the quiz despite sitting in a dark conservatory. The day out saw trips to Peel and St Johns (official) and to Snaefell, Castletown and the southern cliffs (unofficial). Professional player Saijo Masataki was present until the Tuesday and worked very hard on teaching games, analysis and in lectures to the players. Our thanks go to the Isle Of Man players for a successful week and extending a warm welcome to any go players that drop in at any time.

Anglo-Japanese (26/08/95)

Japan beat the London locals 33-9, only three British players could manage two wins and none three.

Northern (Manchester) (02/09/95-03/09/95)

T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol) beat John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) in the last round to finish ahead of the latter on tie-break to win the Red Rose Shield. Young Tom Summerscales (16 kyu Culcheth) was the only player to win all six games. Those on 5 were: Robin Hobbes (7 kyu Manchester) and Tony Pitchford (8 kyu Chester); Paul Hankin (1 kyu Cambridge) got 4.5. 51 players attended.


British Championship

Shutai Zhang, the Chinese Doctor from London, is now playing challenger Matthew Macfadyen for the 1995 British Championship

Shutai won the first game and will play again on 23/09/95.

Battersea Park

Thanks go to all who turned up to help teach go on a hot July day at the Anglo-Japanese festival.

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