British Go E-Journal: January 1996

Issue 8. January 1996

Hitachi London Open 29/12/95-01/01/96

140 players, 40 percent of whom were from overseas, attended the annual four day tournament over the new year period in London. Mr Imamura from Hitachi presented the prizes including the camcorder presented to Matthew Macfadyen for winning the lottery. The event largely went well, run by Harold Lee and his team of helpers, apart from the first day when late registration and a software error on the computer delayed the first round.

In the lightning competition the winner was Miyakawa (6 dan F) who beat Zhang (6 dan UK) in the final. Marcus Keinappel (7 kyu) was third by beating Matthew Cocke (4 dan UK).

A rengo competition was won by the 4 dan strength team A: Rupel, Kashevnik, Rickard, Shepperson and Willems. At 13x13 the prizes went to Tom Blockley (9 kyu UK) for 10/13 and to Emil Nijhuis (4 dan NL) for 5/5.

In the main event after 6 round the Grand Prix points were awarded to: Guo, Zhang, Miyakawa, Gerlach, Colmez, Macfadyen, Laatikainen, Danek, Shepperson and E. Nijhuis in that order. The top four players then played knockout to determine the winner. Guo and Zhang survived to an exciting final which Shutai Zhang (the Chinese doctor from London) won despite losing their earlier match to Guo Juan. Three players were awarded joint third Miyakawa, Laatikainen and Danek.

The only player to win all his games was Jamie Harrod (22 kyu Brakenhale). S. Hurschka (16 kyu D) lost only one. Prizes for 6 wins went to T. Roth (18 kyu D), Richard Mullens (7 kyu UK), S. Kohonen (4 kyu SF), K. Poggenklas (4 kyu D), G. Bertram (4 kyu D), S. Duhr (1 dan F), S. Dilger (2 dan D), C. Nijhuis (3 dan NL) and to Martin Solity (4 kyu UK) for 5.5 wins.

Tournament News

Swindon 26/11/95

60 players attended the Allied Dunbar club, plus the players involved in the Title Match upstairs. Winner was Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead). Prizes for 3/3 went to: Harold Lee (4 dan London), Jay Rastall (2 dan London), Jonathan Chin (1 kyu Reading), Charles Bockett-Pugh (4 kyu West Surrey), George Haig (12 kyu Swindon), Pauline Bailey (16 kyu West Surrey), Jamie Harrod (25 kyu Brakenhale), Carl Bate (31 kyu Brakenhale) and Karen Graham (33 kyu Brakenhale). Oxford's Herman Marxer (1 kyu) won the 13x13.

West Surrey Handicap 03/12/95

On the day after the West Surrey Teaching Day is held the traditional handicap tournament. 51 players attended. Winner was Jay Rastall (2 dan London) who beat Alison Jones (2 dan Wanstead) in the final. Elinor Brooks (9 kyu Swindon) and Gerard Farrimond (30 kyu Epsom Downs) also won all four games. After a disputed result Suryan Stettner (10 kyu London) and Francis Weaver (14 kyu Brakenhale) were awarded prizes for 3.5. Eight other players won 3 games: Tony Atkins, Clive Wright, France Ellul, Roger Daniel, John Johnstone, Thomas Blockley, Steve Ashing and Claire Boxall. In the 13x13 prizes were won by Messers Atkins, Ings, Hamilton and Dowling. In the guess the baby photograph competition Colin Williams spotted the most familiar go players and John Johnstone was second (though he was one of them).

Fujitsu Finals 09/12/95-10/12/95

Matthew Macfadyen lost in the semi-finals to Guo Juan, who then beat Rob van Zeijst to win the trip to the Fujitsu Cup.

World Amateur Pair Go

Matthew Macfadyen and Kirsty Healey lost their first round game to a team from Osaka by one point. They went on to win some games in the handicap section though. The American couple did surprisingly well lasting for several rounds.

Irish Handicap 18/11/95-19/11/95

This was won by Tony Goddard (5 dan Belfast) on 6/6. Second was Paul Donnelly (Belfast) and third was Steve Flinter (Dublin). This was the first time the English let the Irish win the top prizes)!


British Championship

Shutai Zhang, the Chinese Doctor from London, played challenger Matthew Macfadyen for the 1995 British Championship. In the final deciding game on 26/11/95 at Swindon, Matthew got off to a good start, but mishandled an attack and fell a few points behind. Despite playing desperately to catch up Matthew was forced to resign allowing Shutai to hold on to the title. As Shutai is still ineligible Matthew will be representing us at the World Amateur in Omachi Japan in May.

Taiwan World Computer Championships

This tournament had the same result as the one in Tokyo. It was won by Handtalk by the Chinese programmer Chen (not Ken Chen). Second was Michael Reiss from London with Go4++ and third was Go Intellect.


The BGA has promoted the following: Toby Manning - 3 dan, Antonio Moreno - 3 dan, Alex Selby - 2 dan, Jo Hampton - 2 dan, Matthew Holton - 1 dan.

Niek van Diepen

Niek has suffered a minor heart attack and has given up his EGF responsibilities to Martin Finke until he recovers.

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