British Go E-Journal: March 1996

Issue 9. March 1996

Tournament News

Furze Platt 20/01/96

80 players attended the tournament held at Hitachi Europe's headquarters in Maidenhead. Winner was Harold Lee. Thanks to the sponsor, all got prizes, but those with 3/3 were: Simon Goss (1d Bracknell), Steve Bailey (2k W. Surrey), Bill Streeten (3k CLGC), Wayne Walters (4k Wanstead), Joe Beaton (6k York), Jed Hoile (8k High Wycombe), Tom Summerscales (12k Culcheth), Ged Farrimond (15k Epsom Downs), Tom Webber (23k Culcheth), Sam Hughes (25k Brakenhale), Oliver Edwards (35k High Wycombe). Furze Platt won the team prize. 9x9 prize winners were David Knight (Epsom Downs), David Bennett (Culcheth), Sam Hughes and Ged Farrimond.

Schools/Youth 21/01/96

Brakenhale hosted this again this year and won the Castledine Trophy and the lightning competition unchallenged. Youth champion was local 1kyu David King. Age group winners/runners-up were: U18 David King/-; U16 Anna Griffiths/Tom Summerscales; U14 Emma Marchant/Jamie Harrod; U12 Thomas Blockley/Sam Hughes; U10 Sophia Ellul. Handicap winners were Francis Weaver & Neil Ings (5/6) and Graham and Alistair Brooks (4/6). 13x13 prizes went to David King and Daniel Dowling for 4/4 and David Bennett for 7/9.

Wanstead 03/02/96

This did not clash with the go skiing trip this year so Alison Jones was able to organise the 66 players. Winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6d Leamington). Others on 4/4 were Francis Weaver (13k Brakenhale) and Andrea Smith (23k Cambridge). Those winning 3 were: Alistair Wall (4d Wanstead), T.Mark Hall (4d London), Paul Smith (2d Cambridge), Simon Goss (1d Bracknell), Helen Harvey (1kyu Chester), Baron Allday (1k W Wales), Dave Artus (1k CLGC), Tony Warburton (1k Cambridge), Steve Bailey (2k W Surrey), France Ellul (3k High Wycombe), Richard Mullens (6k Stevenage), Thomas Wolf (8k CLGC), Emma Marchant (11k Brakenhale), J.P. Schille (15k Chester), Daniel Dowling (16k Brakenhale), Sam Hughes (21k Brakenhale). Two Brakenhale teams shared the team prize. Sam Hughes won the 13x13 and the best results in the lunch time youth exam were Sam Hughes, Francis Weaver and Carl Bate.

Oxford 18/02/96

Freud's Cafe, a former Victorian classical church, provided a unique venue for the Oxford Tournament; entry included five pounds of food vouchers. Also unusual was the paired entry of Matthew Macfadyen and Kirsty Healey and the use of Handtalk program to make an even number. Also unusual was the jigo in the final round between the top players Piers Shepperson (5d Slough) and Edmund Shaw (5d Reading); the organisers said this was not good enough for either of them to win and awarded the first prize to Andrew Jones (3d Wanstead) who started below the McMahon bar. The organiser later apologised for his slight error. The best of the 98 players were: Alan Thornton (2d Stevenage), Henny Groop-Lipman (1d Reading), qualifier Baron Allday (1k W Wales), Nick Allday (4k Oxford), Richard Mullens (6k Stevenage), Paul Rogers (8k CLGC), Francis Weaver (11k Brakenhale), Simon Brooks (12k Swindon), Andrea Smith (20k Cambridge), Richard Trefler (25k Oxford) and Henry Braun (25k Oxford). Paul Margetts and James Harrod won prizes for 13x13. All those on zero could claim a booby prize if they could understand the German announcer.

Cambridge 24/02/96

Two events were held on the same day at the University Centre. The first was a beginners event with 16 players. David Vandy won 6/6, Patrick Ribbands 5/6, Frank Visser and David Good 4/6, but all these were deemed too old to win prizes so these went to Jonathan Artus 4/6, Loiuse Good and Adam Eckersley-Waites 3/6, Carl Bate and Tom Eckersley-Waites 2/6. In the main event 64 players competed for the Trigantius title. Cambridge Club cleaned up the prizes. The Cambridge Untouchables won the team prize; John Rickard (4d) won the title; Mark Dalgano (7k), Matthew Woodcraft (10k), Andrea Smith (18k), Sean McPhail (20k) and Ralph Beckett (20k) all won prizes. They did allow Simon Goss (1d Bracknell), Alan Williamson (4k Burgess Hill) and Richard Mullens (5k Stevenage) to win a prize and awarded the kyu player prize to Gary Quinn (1k Teesside). 13x13 winner was Nick Wedd (1k Oxford) with 4 wins.


Go Tuition

[ This service is no longer available. ]

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen is running private seminars at weekends in Leamington during 1996, cost 40 pounds/session. Shutai Zhang is running afternoon sessions in London for about 10 pounds. The European Go Centre initiated BGA Training will be starting shortly.

Kisei Match Amsterdam

Cho Chikkun is rechallenging his vanquisher of the 1995 Kisei, Kobayashi Satoru. Game 1 was played in the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam in January with a video link to the European Go Centre in Amstelveen. With the help of professionals, including Iwamoto, the game could be analysed through a discussion tournament and lectures. The title game was played very slowly - several hour-long thinks - and Cho resigned on move 85 shortly before entering overtime on day two. He was not obviously losing; perhaps he had the worse jet-lag.


The BGA has promoted the following: 1dan Tony Putman, Paul Barnard, Paul Donnelly, Paul Hankin; 2dan Paul Smith; 7dan Shutai Zhang (following official European recognition of this grade).

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