Tournament Levy Form

This form allows you to submit details of your tournament levy online. See the policy page for more details of the levy and exceptions to these rates. Please contact the Treasurer if one of these exceptions apply:

Payment by cheque: Alternatively you can print this page, and send it with your cheque, made payable to British Go Association, to the Treasurer at 7 Beatrice House, Bonham Road, London, SW2 5HH.

Note 1: Charges for members of foreign National Associations, e.g. the Nihon Ki-in in Japan, are levied at BGA-member rates.

Note 2: Multi-day tournaments - Where a player does not take part on one or more days of a multi-day tournament, the levy payment should be reduced proportionately. Please do this by artificially reducing the number of players.

Note 3: Tournament Code - Optionally enter the EGD code for the event here or ensure the year is shown with the name of the Tournament.

Tournament Code
Tournament length
First time tournament players @ £0.00 per day
British Go Association (BGA) members or
members of another National Go Association
@ £0.00 per day
Other Players @ £5.00 per day
No Equipment Discount @ 50%
Levy Amount (£)

Clicking on Pay Now will send an email with this information to the Treasurer and take you to the Payment page. Electronic payments are made through Paypal: you can either use your own paypal account or, if you do not have one, a credit/debit card.

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