In the Dark? Trusts, Funds and Supporter Schemes

Castledine-Barnes Trust

This trust is the only trust fund supporting travel and equipment costs of needy youth Go players. All queries and donations should be directed to one of the 3 trustees - please see the page on the Castledine-Barnes Trust. Prior to this trust's formation by merger in 2001, there were two separate trusts supporting equipment and travel respectively.

Brian Castledine was 3 dan and president of the BGA. He died whilst walking near cliffs near Brighton in 1979. In his memory, the Castledine Trust was set up to promote Go among young people. It supported the first British Schools' Championship in 1980 at Northampton, where the Castledine Trophy was first presented.

Sue Barnes of Epsom Club was one of the few women players of the 1970s, and reached the dizzy heights of 1 kyu. She died as the result of a car accident in Zimbabwe in 1983. In her memory the Susan Barnes Trust was set up, to give awards for travel to young players.

Friends of Go

Friends of Go is a fund set up as part of the BGA accounts for donations from members to support promotion of Go in the UK. The fund is especially used for promotion amongst children. A typical use is the purchase of cardboard 9x9 sets to give to beginners. Any donations should be sent to the British Go Association, care of the treasurer.

Friends of the London Open

The Friends of the London Open is a fund set up by the Central London Go Club for donations to cover accommodation of Eastern European, students or other needy players who otherwise could not afford to take part in the London Open. Prior to the tournament's move to the International Student House, free floor space was available at the Highbury Roundhouse venue; now only more expensive rooms and dormitories are available. Any donations should be sent to London Open Go Congress care of Bill Streeten.

Pair Go Promotion Partners

Pair Go Promotion Partners (PGPP) is a scheme run by the Japan Pair Go Association, to get players to commit to popularising Pair Go. A red "passport" is issued to PGPP members, listing the principles of Pair Go: enthusing about spreading Pair Go, valuing Pair Go etiquette, and appreciating the pleasures of Go. All those who play in the World Amateur Pair Go Championships are encouraged to join. The main supporter of Pair Go in Japan is NKB, the company that also owns Pandanet (IGS).

British Pair Go Promotion Partners

The British PGPP is an extension of the PGPP scheme run from Japan. As well as agreeing to the aims of Pair Go, a donation of £50 is given to support the costs of running the British Pair Go event in a pleasant hotel environment and gives a free entry to it. The fund was swollen in 2000, by a donation from the Japan Pair Go Association.

Ing Fund

The Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation provides grants to America and Europe, to help promote Ing Rules and Go among children. Part of the grant is Ing sets and timers. The European grant covers the cost of the Ing Chang-Ki Memorial (Ing Cup), European Youth Goe Championships and part of European Congress. Part of the grant is also available to support projects in different countries. The BGA has had various grants, and in 2002 received support for the Hampshire Schools Project.

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