UK-China Youth League 2021

Tournament Name
UK-China Youth League 2021
Tournament Date
Sat, 13 Mar - Wed, 21 Jul 2021

Starting in mid-March, through to July, a league was being played containing 7 young UK players and 7 players from the Chinese team we played against in the China Match 2020, 李昂奕道 "Li Ang Yi Dao", organised by Go teacher Li Ang.

The games were played on KGS in the British Room and were 1 hour + 5 x 1 minute, with Chinese rules.
Normally games were at 10:00 UK time on Saturday, but some games were at 10:00 or 11:00 on Sunday.

The Teams were:

Jayden NgLi Yuze
Sam BarnettYou Lexi
Daniel Chun YangZhang Zhexuan
Scott CobboldYan Haoyu
Gene WongChen Qiwei
Isabella QiuNie Bochen
Lea WongChen Muwen


Round 1Round 2
Gene beat Qiwei by 43.5Scott beat Lea by 18.5
Daniel beat Zhexuan by 159.5Gene lost to Haoyu by resignation
Scott lost to Haoyu by resignation Lexi beat Qiwei by 3.5
Sam beat Yuze by 6.5Bochen beat Muwen by 20.5
Isabella lost to Bochen by resignationIsabella beat Daniel by 89.5
Lea beat Muwen by 9.5Zhexuan lost to Yuze by 54 (2 st)
Round 3Round 4
Haoyu beat Qiwei by resignation Lea lost to Qiwei by resignation
Lea lost to Gene by resignation Scott lost to Yuze by 4.5
Bochen beat Scott by resignation Bochen beat Haoyu by 78.5
Daniel beat Muwen by 93.5 Sam beat Zhexuan by 55.5
Yuze beat Isabella by 157.5 Isabella beat Lexi by 10.5
Lexi lost to Sam by 26.5 Gene lost to Daniel by 0.5
Round 5Round 6
Qiwei lost to Sam by 43.5Qiwei lost to Isabella by 2.5
Scott beat Daniel by 23.5 Muwen lost to Zhexuan by 39.5
Gene lost to Bochen by 8.5Scott vs. Sam
Haoyu lost to Lea by 40.5Gene beat Lexi by 15.5
Zhexuan lost to Lexi by 59.5Lea lost to Yuze by 46.5
Muwen lost to Yuze by resignationBochen beat Daniel by 30.5
Round 7Round 8
Haoyu lost to Daniel by 49.5Daniel beat Lea by resignation
Lea lost to Bochen by 5.5Lexi lost to Scott by resignation
Gene lost to Yuze by resignationSam beat Muwen by 20.5
Isabella lost to Sam by 24.5Zhexuan lost to Isabella by 61.5
Qiwei beat Zhexuan by 43.5Bochen beat Qiwei by 12.5
Muwen lost to LexiHaoyu lost to Yuze
Round 9Round 10
Zhexuan lost to Scott by 81.5Gene beat Zhexuan by 77.5
Daniel lost to Qiwei by 34.5Lea beat Lexi by 8.5
Sam vs. GeneDaniel lost to Yuze by resignation
Isabella beat Muwen by 38.5Isabella vs. Scott
Lexi lost to Haoyu by resignationQiwei beat Muwen by 125.5
Yuze beat Bochen by 50.5Sam beat Haoyu resignation
Round 11Round 12
Scott beat Muwen by 6.5Qiwei lost to Scott by resignation
Isabella beat Gene by resignationGene lost to Muwen by resignation
Zhexuan lost to Haoyu by 73.5Lea beat Zhexuan by 63.5
Lexi beat Bochen by 1.5Bochen lost to Sam by 72.5
Sam vs. LeaDaniel beat Lexi by 10.5
Yuze beat Qiwei by 60.5Haoyu beat Isabella by 155.5
Round 13
Sam vs. Daniel
Isabella beat Lea by 13.5
Scott beat Gene by resignation
Lexi lost to Yuze resignation
Zhexuan lost to Bochen by 82.5
Muwen lost to Haoyu by resignation

Those shown as "vs." were not played - one point awarded for two byes.


Jayden played three games before having to withdraw through exam pressures.
Jayden lost to Lexi by 21.5
Jayden lost to Muwen by 2.5
Jayden beat Zhexuan by 147.5

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