Junior Grading List

We have tried to list everyone under the age of 18, who has played in a tournament in the past year or two, with a grading of 30-kyu or stronger. Please let us know (via the webmaster - see bottom of page) if we have got any of your details wrong (name, rank or club), or you are not on the list but think you should be (or vice versa).

Kyu grading diplomas are available for schools and clubs to award to juniors. Here is the kyu diploma in Word format; alternatively you can order some from the Youth Development Officer.

Jacob Zhang 3d St Paul's
Yuji Chen 3d Oxford
Daniel Yang 1d Birmingham
Jayden Ng 1d Bromsgrove
Ryan Zhang 1d London
Isabella Qiu 2k Wimbledon
Scott Cobbold 2k Wanstead
Edmund Smith 3k Cambridge
Gene Wong 3k Fern Hill
George Han 3k London
Sam Barnett 3k Cheadle Hulme
Lea Wong 4k Fern Hill
Alexander Hsieh 5k Cambridge
Guoguo Liu 6k Cambridge
Jonah Burnstone-Cresswell 8k Bishops Stortford
Yanyi Xiong 9k Cambridge
Alexander Timperi 10k Imperial College
William Zhibo Wang 10k Cambridge
Caleb Monk 11k Epsom
Rowan Borrow 11k Cheadle Hulme
Theodor Calota 11k St Albans
David Baldwin 12k Letchworth
Amy Upton 13k Cheadle Hulme
Jan Kudla 13k Edinburgh
Oliver Bardsley 13k Sir John Lawes
Rahul Surapaneni 13k Cheadle Hulme
Robbie James 13k James Gillespie High
Wenzhou Mei 13k Cambridge
Hilary Bexfield 14k Letchworth
Dominic Valiukas 15k Huntingdon
Hanga Eory 15k James Gillespie High
Joseph Curtis 15k Cheadle Hulme
Julia Volovich 15k Cambridge
Lizzy Pollitt 15k Cheadle Hulme
Lukasz Kudla 15k James Gillespie Primary
Megan Upton 15k Cheadle Hulme
Rohan Neelala 15k Manchester GS
Adrian Kabashi 16k Letchworth
Andrew Volovich 16k Cambridge
Lueming Yang 16k Oxford
Taher Anjari 16k West Cornwall
Hanna Kudla 17k James Gillespie High
Lytton Yao 17k Edinburgh
Matthew Jackson 17k Cheadle Hulme
Theo Chui 17k Cambridge
Zoe Walters 17k Cambridge
Ben Levy 18k Cheadle Hulme
Elliot Barlow 18k Cheadle Hulme
Emily Oliviere 18k Harpenden
Eden Stanbra 19k Cheadle Hulme
Edie Trevor 19k Sir John Lawes
Leander Patterson 19k James Gillespie High
Luke Garner 19k Letchworth
Ellis Martin 20k Sir John Lawes
Iona Goodman 20k William Farr
Karl Patterson 20k James Gillespie Primary
Katie James 20k James Gillespie High
Lawrence Baker 20k Oxford
Liann Wong 20k Fern Hill
Velko Trifonov 20k Harpenden
Yifeng Yang 20k Oxford
Daniel Thomas 21k City of London
Nassim Younes 21k City of London
Owen Hughes 21k Cambridge
Stanley Olejniczak 21k Huntingdon
Yavor Alexandrov 21k City of London
Auden Oliviere 22k Harpenden
Morgan Pittaway 22k Cheadle Hulme
Tylor Li 22k London
Louis Gringras 23k City of London
Monty Ives O'Brien 23k Harpenden
Trixie Ives O'Brien 23k Harpenden
Ben Rodger 24k Sir John Lawes
Odysseas Jones-Roumeliotis 24k Cambridge
Abdul-Ghani Farooqi 25k Cheadle Hulme
Aidan Nip 25k Ilford
Annie Walters 25k Cambridge
Darius Rahmati 25k Aston
Dayn Odei 25k Harpenden
Ehsen Shah 25k Ilford
Sumant Bobbili 25k Ilford
Jacob Rubert 26k Cheadle Hulme
Keira Haden 28k Harpenden
Josh Gorman 2k Glasgow
Abdirahman Abdi 30k Aston
Amy Parker 30k No Club
Cyrrus Hi Him Shek 30k Robert Burns Academy
Darin Odei 30k Harpenden
Digby Ives O'Brien 30k Harpenden
Gabriel Wright 30k No Club
Isaac Mort 30k Lincoln
Jiarui Xu 30k Cambridge
Josiah Tse 30k Ilford
Kaylyn Owusu 30k Harpenden
Rakeen Hossain 30k Ilford

List date 2020-01-01

Last updated Wed Nov 17 2021. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.