European Youth Team League (Trial Edition) 2021

Tournament Name
European Youth Team League
Tournament Date
Sat, 13 Mar 2021

Marc Rieger from Germany is setting up a European Youth Team League for town teams.
The prototype event is just involving German and UK teams as is being played as a knock out.

Games are being played on OGS with teams of three.
Games are 13x13 and the players play twice - once on even and once with the "Cambridge Handicaps".
Time limits 10 minutes + 3 x 30 seconds.

On 14th February a qualification round saw Düsseldorf beat Cheadle Hulme B 5-1.

The quarter final stage started the event proper from 13th March.

The final of London vs. Frankfurt was on Saturday 15th May at 14:00 (UK time).


DüsseldorfShizhao LiRyan Sun Jiaxi Liu
RLPEmanuel Schaaf Alexander Korf Jannik Jacoby
Cheadle Hulme ASam Barnett Amy Upton Rahul Surapaneni
LondonGene Wong Scott Cobbold Lea Wong
BerlinArved Pittner Isabel Donle Adam Dottan
EdinburghRobbie James Jan Judla Hanga Eory Lukasz Kudla
FrankfurtFeiyang Chen Shukai Zhang Zhiyi Zeng
CambridgeEdmund Smith Julia Volovich Andrew Volovich Jonah Burnstone-Cresswell


  • Düsseldorf beat RLP
  • Cheadle Hulme A lost to London 1-5
  • Berlin beat Edinburgh 3-3 (won more even games)
  • Frankfurt beat Cambridge 4-2
  • Düsseldorf lost to London 2-4
  • Frankfurt beat Berlin 3-3 (won more even games)

Final: Frankfurt beat London 4-2

  1. Gene lost on 2 stones handicap to Feiyang Chen by 2 points (4 komi)
  2. Scott beat on 3 stones handicap Shukai Zhang by 5 points (6 komi)
  3. Lea lost on 2 stoneshandicap to Zhiyi Zeng by 6 points (4 komi)
  4. Gene beat on even Feiyang Chen by 9 points
  5. Scott lost on even to Shukai Zhang by resignation
  6. Lea lost on even to Zhiyi Zeng by 3 points
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