Council Meeting - August 2010

There was a meeting of BGA Council on 14th August 2010.
Here are the highlights:

  • The Treasurer presented draft accounts for 2009. Cash position is okay although tournament levies are significantly down.
  • Gerry Mills will be standing down as bookseller and is irreplaceable, so Council is investigating outsourcing the bookshop service, with consideration being given to availability of a broad range of titles, discounts to members, and possibility of continuing presence at tournaments.
  • A programme on Go broadcast on Radio 4 in May generated substantial interest.
  • The Online League is behind schedule, with many unplayed games, and so the season has been extended to the end of November. Updates to the schedule are to be announced. Based on the lessons that have been learned, there are likely to be some significant changes to the running of the League next season.
  • Plans for the Tromp/Cook computer/human Go challenge match due to take place at this year's London Open are well underway,  with a press release due in September/October.
  • The BGA has, in the past, sponsored competitors at the European Student Go Championship. To decide the representative this year, Council selected the highest ranked player who had expressed interest. A more formal system for future ESGC sponsorship is being prepared.
  • Following some comments about timely provision of information, Council agrees that the newsletter and the website are the two main routes for time-critical items. The Journal provides a permanent record, and is also used for less urgent matters. Mechanisms such as mailing lists or social networking sites may additionally be used but are secondary.
  • A new version of the "Play Go" booklet is now being distributed.
  • An inexpensive 9x9 introductory Go set has been designed and will soon be available.
  • Geoff Kaniuk will not be standing for Council next year, and will no longer run the London Open. If your club would be willing to take over responsibility for this event, please contact a member of Council.

As always, members may request copies of the full minutes from the Secretary.

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