Roella Tops UK Go Challenge

UK Go Challenge Finals
St Mary's Priory RC Junior School, Harringay, London
10 July 2010

UK GO Challenge Finals

Roella Smith from Milton near Cambridge won this year's UK Go Challenge Finals. 29 of the best players from 5 school heats and other youngsters took part. Roella was also top girl. She beat the top boy, Barney Shiu, into second place by a half-point win in their game.


U14 Boys  - Peran Truscott (Cambridge)
U12 Boys  - Thomas Meehan (Solihull)
U10 Boys  - Barney Shiu (Bristol)
U8 Boys   - Mark Slatter (Milton, Cambridge)
U12 Girls - Angel Jobson (St Mary's, London)
U10 Girls & Top Girl - Roella Smith (Milton, Cambridge)
U8 Girls  - Kelda Smith (Milton, Cambridge)

Runners Up:

U14 Boys  - Linden Ralph (Cambridge)
U12 Boys  - James Lee (St Ann's, London)
U10 Boys  - Vijayant Pannu (St Mary's, London)
U8 Boys   - Anthony Ghica (Kettlefields, Newmarket)
U10 Girls - Samantha Castrillo (St Mary's, London)

Overall place winners:

1st - Roella Smith
2nd - Barney Shiu
3rd - Peran Truscott

On 5/7: Jason Prince
On 4/7: Filip Nykiel, Alexei Pierre-Davis, Gabriel Olatokun 

Challengers' Tournament - Ernel Bodi (St Mary's, London)
Champion School - N/C
Champion Primary School - St Ann's 
Challengers' School: St Mary's

Section winners and runners up won cash prizes, thanks to Winton Capital Management.
All section winners also got a framed certificate showing their achievement.
Roella also got the puzzle-solving prize. Janet Olatokun got the fighting spirit prize.

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