Turnips against the Swedes

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
15 February 2011

A pretty bad disaster today: we had major troubles trying to get a team together on the Tuesday night that the Swedes insisted that we play on. (The rules entitle them to do so.)

So we came up one board light and to avoid deduction of two Board Points rather than one, Jon played as Board 1 and we left Board 2 empty: Swedes 1:GB 0 before we started.

It's Paul's first match and he had major troubles with getting in and finding the Playing Room, but he eventually got going.

Then Jon got in an unfortunate fight, lost quite a few critical stones (probably with a number of misplays) and couldn't recover by killing another group. So Sweden 2:0.

Sadly, the other two games weren't very favourable either, with the Swedes cruising to easy wins in both, so a comprehensive defeat 4:0. (sigh)

I guess it wasn't unexpected as they outclassed us on grades, are best in the Division and we didn't put out our best team, but nevertheless...

Full details and game records at BGA Euroteams page

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