We lose to Israel

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
13 December 2011

Yet another loss in the Pandanet European Championship...

The two newcomers to our team did not have a good time - Bei Ge losing a very close game on the first board against the top Israeli Ali Jabarin, actually playing from Korea where we think he's undergoing some Baduk training, and David Ward on last board struggling with using Pandanet for the first time, also losing.

Jon Diamond screwed up again, first playing at a wrong point and his opponent then unable to Undo the move (poor user interface perhaps?) and finally missing an obvious snapback when in a good position.

Unfortunately Andrew Simons was unable to recover the situation on his own but did win his game, just like last year. So a 3:1 loss, just like last year...

The full season's results and games are here.

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