Council Meeting Highlights 2012-03

This summarises the major discussions and actions from the BGA Council meeting 11th March 2012 and preceding discussions:

  • Draft accounts were presented for 2011, with a significant loss reported. Alison Bexfield was producing the accounts for 2010 from paper records, which would be available by the AGM.
  • A subscription increase was approved for submission to the AGM, with a consultation about concessions on bga-policy. A levy increase of 50p in each category was approved with effect from 1st September.
  • A substantial proportion of funds would be placed into fixed-term accounts, in order to increase interest and improve controls.
  • David Carter would be approached to take over David Ward's more general sponsorship role.
  • The club survey was now complete and a written report was presented. It was agreed, as a result, that we should target University and Colleges for a membership drive in the Autumn.
  • Some issues regarding the Online Leagues were discussed, and the new season would start as soon as possible.
  • A document on the requirements for a new membership system had been drafted and had been submitted to Quentin Wright.
  • It was noted with approval that Andrew Simons was giving lectures on KGS.
  • David Carter was taking over as organiser for the London Open.
  • The Priorities 2012 document was discussed and a number of actions were approved as a result:
    • Improved marketing in various online servers to be investigated
    • Creation of a club starter pack
    • Set up DDK grand prix
  • A location at Butlins, Bognor Regis had been visited as a possible location for the European Youth Go Championship 2014. There were some issues with lighting and air conditioning, so it was not perfect.
  • Draft of electronic newsletter discussed.
  • Alex Kent was approved as 2 dan.

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