Another win! This time a clean sweep against Slovenia

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
20 March 2012

We followed up last month's first victory of the season with a 4-0 win against Slovenia.

Chong Han on board 1 was again the first to finish, beating Leon Matoh. Chong captured some key stones early on after cutting a 2-space jump, though Leon did get some compensation. Unperturbed, Leon made the same 2-space jump soon after and Chong cut it in the same way again to build yet more thickness. He extended his lead through a series of attacks (though at one point attacked without first defending a weakness, but was lucky Leon missed the empty triangle tesuji which exploited it) and won by resignation once two desperate invasions of his territory were cleanly killed.

Des Cann also played a thick game and although he failed to kill a rather wobbly group the resulting wall was enough to turn large parts of Gregor Butala's moyo into Des's territory. There was a scare towards the end when the game got rather more complicated than it need be, but finally he won a semeai by one liberty.

Alex Selby continued the thick style on board 3, picking up profit here and there from his attacks against Tamar Cefarin (and sacrificing a bit where necessary). He won by resignation after cutting off a few too many stones in the yose.

Jon Diamond departed from the style of the evening with several weak groups of his own, but with those of his opponent Andrej Kralj to keep them company much fighting ensued. Once the dust settled everything was alive and Jon had destroyed much of Andrej's territory whilst keeping his own. Counting was avoided when a group unexpectedly died in yose.

Fingers crossed our good form continues for the final two games against Slovakia and Denmark. Promotion seems to be impossible, but a 3rd or 4th place looks within our grasp.

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