Draw with the Danes

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
16 October 2012

Our second match of the season was against Denmark and ended in a 2-2 draw.

On board 1 Chong Han's game soon plunged into a fight when he pushed into the centre, presumably expecting his opponent to block before connecting on the edge, but Jannik Rasmussen resisted and disconnected the groups. The ensuing fight spread across the board and although all the groups survived Chong didn't have enough territory and resigned.

Jon Diamond also lost on board 2 against Uffe Rasmussen. He meant to play 131 at 132, but something happened in the client software when he played his move. He thought it was played (with 2 presses), but apparently it didn't take in some fashion and then played at a different point. After Uffe played at 132 he was too enthusiastic in pressing his attack shouldn't have played at 133; a further fight arose which he lost...

Andrew Simons fared better on board 3 against Torben Pedersen, who played a novel attachment in the recently popular "micro" Chinese opening to build a large (almost) territory early on. Later on Andrew managed to create a ko inside this and got enough compensation from losing it to win by 7.5 points.

The assigned Danish player for board 4 didn't show up so Des Cann played their captain Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen. As Rasmus is only 6 kyu Des killed most of the board and won by resignation.

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Mini Chinese

Actually the mini Chinese hasn't been popular 'recently' in games. It's already a bit yesteryear.