33rd World Amateur Go Championship

It appears that there has been some serious mis-communications and Matthew Macfadyen, who had been invited to play, turned down the invitation some time ago.

Unfortunately we only discovered this yesterday after seeing the list of players entered.

Francis Roads had been told that he had been nominated as our representative in the event that Matthew wasn't going to play, since he was 2nd in the points list, so we've apologised to him already. However, there is insufficient time before the event (8 days) for Francis to re-arrange his life, get a visa etc, even if he were to be permitted to play, since we've passed the IGF deadline for submission of names (15th March). We have asked the IGF whether it's still possible for us to provide a player, but have had no response yet.

Without committing Council in the future, we've indicated to Francis that he would be nominated for next year, when we get the invitation from the IGF, but he understands that this is not a definite commitment.

We'd also like to apologise to our members for this error and will be taking steps to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

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