Council Meeting Highlights 2012-10

This summarises the major discussions and actions from the BGA Council meetings 13th October and 2nd December 2012 and preceding discussions:

  • Membership is still dropping slightly - our membership churn appears to be too high, but more effort would be put into chasing up non-renewals
  • Some encouraging recruitment results had been seen by some University clubs, but more needed to be started, especially in locations with existing local clubs. The focus would be on developing University clubs in 2013
  • The club census has discovered some good practice which would be shared with other clubs
  • The Online Team League was successful, but the Ladder had been stillborn and the Individual League would be terminated as it had not reached a critical mass
  • Online teaching was discussed and investigation as to help from KGS or Pandanet was to be made
  • Council and committee mailing lists would be automated and a Strong Players one set up (to be used for Training days information etc.)
  • Some youth training materials were under production, but progress was slow
  • Volunteers for helping with Youth activities were needed
  • Our participation in the WMSG in Lille had been warmly received by the IGF, with the prospect of Rio de Janeiro for WMSG 2016
  • Toby Manning was our representative at the Korean Prime Minister's Cup as the previous nominations were unable to play and he was next in the points table
  • A consultation on some suggested changes for KPMC selection would be launched
  • It was agreed that Francis Roads would be the preferred WAGC representative for 2014, subject to other conditions
  • The Strong Player event in November was fully subscribed
  • The Nihon Ki-in plan for two professionals to visit the UK in March/April 2013 has been agreed
  • Council specially noted:
    • Sterling efforts by Andrew Simons in his Thursday night sessions and the care he puts into them
    • The boundless energy and breathtaking enthusiasm of Martha McGill (and her efforts in organising the London Open)
  • Jil Segerman's directions for the Newsletter were agreed
  • The Small Board Championship would not be run in 2012, but locations were solicited for 2013
  • The Levy would be waived for ALL players at their first tournament
  • Priorities for 2012 were reviewed and three were agreed for 2013:
    • Recruitment & Retention
    • Outreach
    • Youth Development
  • The following Dan promotions were recognised:
    • Vanessa Wong to 6 dan,
    • Martha McGill and Dylan Carter to 1 dan

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