Online League Season 5 now under way

Online League
22 March 2013 - 31 December 2013

The fifth season of the BGA Online League is now under way.

To balance the divisions out, I have moved Belfast and Billericay up to division 1, Glasgow up to division 2 and then done the draw for matches in each division.

As last year there are two matches between each pair of teams, a notional "home" and "away" match. Please try to complete at least one match if you can't fit in both matches. If you do play both, please try to field a different set of three players for each match against the same opposing team if possible.

If you have any problems and difficulties please don't hesitate to ask me or an "old hand" if available.

I hope everyone enjoys themselves this season and we look forward to seeing some interesting games!

John Collins

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