Di Wu wins the Scottish Open

Scottish Open
25 May 2013 - 26 May 2013

After 14 years away from Glasgow, the Scottish Open returned to the congenial setting of the University’s Gilchrist Postgraduate Club, and featured 25 players. Proceedings kicked off on the Friday evening with 6 players from Glasgow and Skye playing simultaneous games against Di Wu (4 dan Durham).

Di also won the tournament with a perfect 6/6, followed by David Lee (3d Dundee) on 5/6. The only other player to record 5 wins was Gary Craig (15k Glasgow). Prizes for 4 wins were taken by Martin Harvey (5k Manchester), Greg Cox (10k Dundee) and Carel Goodheir (11k Skye). The final prize went to third placed Jurriaan Dijkman (4k Skye). Thanks to the sponsors, everyone took home a bar of natural soap from www.caurnie.com, and also a bottle of Monkey Jump ale, courtesy of the Skye Go Cub.


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