Waiting for relegation...

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
16 April 2013

Another poor result leaves us still in last place in the second division. This time we didn't lose, but only drew against Belgium - our third draw this season and still no win.

Andrew Simons played on Monday, but as he said "Forgot to eat beforehand, didn't concentrate, didn't read, didn't win." Really careless...

Bei Ge's opponent didn't turn up or something, so he won by default.

Jon Diamond got into a poor position early in the middle game, creating some outside thickness for his opponent. Struggling to compete he made a reasonable fist of it, then having cut some stones off just failed to kill them (could he have done so?), ending up with a ko for seki and a significant loss. When his opponent cut a few more stones off as compensation the margin was just too much.

Des Cann retrieved some of our pride, capturing many stones (it felt quite easily). He says that he played quite badly, but still won by resignation.

So we need to win our last match against Italy to avoid automatic relegation. Help!

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