Round 1 of European Team Championship

European Team Championship
Pandanet IGS
17 September 2013

The European Team Championship started on Tuesday 17th September. Our first match was against Greece.

Greece's team entered was quite a bit weaker than ours, so this was a match we really needed to win if we were to hope for promotion again to the B league after being relegated last season. Thankfully our team came through, and we got off to a great 4-0 start. The game records are available below in the 'sgf' links.

Our second match is against Switzerland on 22nd October, 8pm UK time. Please do come along and support the team if you're around - always nice to get support and the matches are high quality. You can find the matches in the European Team Championship room on Pandanet IGS.

Board 1: Sandy Taylor (black, afar, 2d) vs Panagiotis Baroutas (AjiStone, 4k) - B+R - sgf

Board 2: Paul Taylor (white, wicket, 2d) vs Dimitrios Satkas (notevenbad, 7k) - W+R - sgf

Board 3: Henry Manners (black, Henry1987, 1d) vs Giorgos Diakidis (Saeki, 7k) - B+R - sgf

Board 4: Chris Bryant (white, SimbaRules, 1d) vs Dimitris Arampatzis (jimibanez, 15k) - W+112.5 - sgf

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